October 4, 2023
Understanding the Pathways

Increasing Your Energetic Capacity


Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have discovered that this human form that you are experiencing changes at all times. The transformation of your being is an inevitable aspect of the human form. Yet at times you have wondered how much change can you receive, how much change can the environment that you have established around you can receive? How much change can you receive without abandoning your loved ones, or them abandoning you? So change has become an aspect of fear, fear of too much change, fear of too little change, and as a result, feeling stuck and stagnant in this life that you're living.

So the mind has defined the right amount of change for you based on the fears that have been established through the conditioning of your life, through the conditioning of society, through the conditioning of previous generations; the right amount of change that is perceivably okay.

It is time to break these boundaries that you have established for yourself, and the boundaries that have been established for you. The fears of change will no longer matter, as everything is changing in an accelerated way. Your environment, your loved ones, your relations, the Earth itself, the known universe itself, is changing at an accelerated pace. Therefore, a linear projection of your mind — how much change is appropriate — will no longer make sense, will no longer align with the accelerated pace at which all of humanity, the Earth, and this known universe is changing.

And this accelerated pace of transformation might truly initiate a fear, a feeling of losing control, a feeling of entering a future unknown, an unpredictable expansion of consciousness. If the future becomes unpredictable, unknown; if the past no longer can assist in understanding the future and planning for the future, the only thing that truly remains is the present moment, the present moment in which you can truly gather your power, your present energy, your potential to hold yourself in the greatest alignment. Without the ties to the past, without the projections into the future, you find yourself as a present human being, fully aware, fully aligned.

And in this present moment, no fear of the future exists. In this present moment, the fears of the past have truly passed. In this present moment, the power of creation, the love of creation, moves through you with ease. A great sense of trust emerges from within you, a trust in life, a trust in this existence, a trust in this human form, a trust in yourself, knowing that in this present moment you have everything that you need, in this present moment, you breathe, you function, your heart beats, your consciousness experiences the human form. In this present moment, you are whole. This is the premise to expand from. This is the premise to build upon.

And from this present moment, the expansion of your being becomes natural, driven by your intrinsic desire to expand as a soul — not driven by fears, not driven by the ego-construct, not driven by pressure, yet naturally emerging as an extension of your present moment.

Your energetic body has developed through this lifetime with the physical body that you have been given, and the physical body that has developed and conditioned to be in a certain state. The mental body, the emotional body, the energetic body itself, is a mechanism to serve all aspects of your being and all aspects of your being truly are impacted, as the energetic body is not fully developed, is not fully fueled.

While the energetic body itself is a self-regulating aspect of your existence, you can truly learn and practice to directly condition and expand this energetic body of yours, to gain greater alignment within your being, to gain greater resources, emotional capacity, mental capacity, physical wellbeing, a greater sense of strength, a sense of power, a sense of love. All functions of your being are fueled by this expansion of your energetic body.

While humanity has developed many methods to expand this energetic body, the methods that we recommend are a combination of traditionally known alignments through meditation, connection with nature, and silence, combined with the adjustments that we deliver through this host: energetic adjustments that will assist in expanding the capacity of your energetic body so that you can come into a greater sense of alignment and power in an accelerated way.

And as you start to embody this new alignment and this new power within your being, you will start to understand that there is more to this human form than you can have imagined, than you have known, than you have been told. And you will receive the benefits of this human form, despite the knowledge. You will receive the benefits of this expansion of your energetic vessel, yet understand continued practice, continued maintenance, continued silence and presence will support to keep this energetic flow and this capacity expanded.

And notice at first that through the expansion of this energetic body of yours, old wounds may emerge — wounds of the heart, wounds of the body, wounds of the mind — ready to be cleared once and for all. As an increased level of energy moves through your physical form, the traumas that your physical body has received will clear, and the energy that moves will initiate self-healing qualities of your physical vessel.

Fueled by this love of creation, the omnipresent energy of all of existence, the wounds and the traumas of the emotional body, unprocessed experiences of the past, of your life, and of the lives of those that have lived before you, your lineage, your previous generations, with a continued flow of an increased energy, these aspects of your past will be fueled and resourced to heal.

Equally, the mental construct that is established, based on the experiences you have had, complete and incomplete, based on the conditions you have received through education, through your previous generations, and through the experiences of this lifetime.

All aspects of your being subject to change, subject to accelerated change. Are you ready? Have you truly dropped all aspects of fear? Have you truly embraced the present moment as a moment of trust, as a moment of love, as a moment of abundance?

And from this place of the present moment, receive this energetic adjustment with great love, as it is an unconditional gift from us to you.
Thank you for receiving this work, this transmission is complete. Allow yourself to fully integrate this work by resting your mind, your body, and your heart for a while after this transmission. Thank you for receiving this gift of ours to humanity.
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