What is the Pillars of Light Pathway?

The world needs more people engaged in serving the transformation of humanity. The Pillars of Light Pathway is an energetic and spiritual training to align your whole being for service.

The Pathway culminates in your initiation as a Pillar of Light in Service, preparing you as receiver and transmitter of energy.

”This is your pathway of becoming your own master, establishing your own ecosystem for the needs that you have in order to provide your greatest self to humanity, your greatest service to humanity."
Watch Asil introducing the Pillars of Light Pathway
The Pillars of Light program has helped thousands of people transform from seekers into empowered change agents.

Transform yourself into a Pillar of Light!

What will I learn?

Accelerate your path of service.
Expand your consciousness.
Discover deeper layers of who you are.
Strengthen your inner alignment and energetic capacity.
Attune to energy fields and receive and transmit energy for the benefit of others and the Earth.
Embody your highest potential and truest self in human form.

How does this work?

Wisdom, energy and alignments will be delivered specifically to identify and shift energetic blocks, align to your higher self, and start consciously creating the life you know is possible. 

The Pathway includes three month-long trainings, which can be completed within a year.

As you progress on the path, your capacity for receiving higher frequency energy will increase, encouraging personal transformation as well as the ability to receive and transmit energy.

“Those that listen to the awakening call, to the call within, are the first ones to embark on this journey. Those that embark and continue on their self-realization journey will be the ones to assist many others on their journeys. Your transformation is therefore the key to the evolution of all consciousness on this planet.”

What do I receive?

We are intrinsically connected to higher realms of consciousness and the energy of creation. As stated by the Elohim, the architects of our reality, the original design of human beings contains embedded templates ready to be reactivated. 

Everything carries energetic frequency, and the frequencies delivered through this pathway open dormant and innate capabilities.

  • 3 month-long training courses to re-establish connection and align
  • 11 transmissions from the Elohim to prepare your vessel
  • Group Integration Practice Sessions with Asil and team
  • Key practices to strengthen your relationship with yourself and the divine
  • Introspective Journaling Prompts 
  • Three “Daily Energy Alignments” for each course (These channeled recordings carry a specific frequency to open your channel and align your vessel.)
  • Community platform to connect and engage with others around the world who are also on the journey of self-realization and service

Start your Pathway


Learn more about Level I: Foundations

What the guides have to say about the pathway:

"Thank you for choosing this conscious path of evolution, and trusting us to show you an expanded version of yourself, an expanded version of reality, the possibilities and the powers that are embedded in this human form, and in this construct, for choosing the pathway to become a conscious creator of your own, and your own reality."


This is what our previous program participants had to share:
“I absolutely enjoyed [the course] and was extremely pleased to be connected worldwide with like-minded people who care about the planet and consciousness... The course is full of pure love and compassion with an opportunity to grow and heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”
Brenda looking into the camera while giving her testimonial
“This course came along at the perfect time for me. I was seeking something to uplevel my connection to source and deepen my awakening process. I got all I was hoping for and so much more. It has made me a more compassionate, patient partner and given me a greater understanding of self.”
Roma looking into the camera giving her testimonial
“[The course] was a deep dive into the transmission of Asil. It unlocked stuck places in me and allowed them to move again. This happened on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual-energetic levels. I highly recommend this course for those interested in devoting themselves to the path of becoming a 'Pillar of Light' in the world. It was just what I've been looking for my whole adult life.”

Reported impacts:

feel more internally resourced to face challenges and realign since completing the Pillars of Light program.
feel their capacity to serve the evolution of human consciousness has increased since engaging in the Pillars of Light program
have been engaged or more engaged in serving the transformation of humanity as a result of the Pillar of Light pathway.
say this program has deepened their experience of/connection with the divine.
say this program has deepened their spiritual practice.
say it increased their capacity to observe triggers/emotional responses and change personal routines, and habits.
We gathered these survey results from hundreds of participants over the course of the past three years.

Pathway to Becoming a Pillar of Light in Service

Level I: Energetic foundation prepared

Level I: Foundations develops a stronger energetic foundation in each individual to allow for ongoing consciousness expansion. Deepen your connection to yourself, to higher consciousness, and the Earth. This process often includes a shedding of layers of trauma and adjustments that enable a greater alignment within.


Level II: Expansion and awareness of energetic vessel

Pillars of Light: Level II opens and expands your ability to connect to an established energetic field. Through four transmissions and weekly group exercises, you will attune to higher levels of energy to expand your consciousness and deepen your connection to the non-material plane of existence. This new energetic and conscious awareness prepares the participant for the final stage of initiation.

Level III: Initiation to receive and transmit energy

Pillars of Light: Level III initiates you as a Pillar of Light in Service with the ability to receive and transmit energy. A Pillar of Light in Service is one who has achieved a high level of alignment and can transmit energy for the highest benefit of all beings and circumstances.

Upcoming courses

2023/2024 Schedule

  • August 2023 Foundations Course
  • October 2023 Pillars of Light: Level 2
  • November 2023 Earth Keepers: Level 2
  • January 2024 Pillars of Light: Level 3
  • February 2024 Earth Keepers: Level 3, Guatemala InNitiation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pre-enrollment and approval process?

Although everyone is destined to awaken to their fullest potential, the timing or energy isn’t always right for everyone who pre-enrolls. For this reason, applicants to the course will be reviewed for approval by our benevolent angelic guide, Emmanuel. Acting in everyone’s highest interest, Emmanuel will review everyone on the list. When someone receives a “not yet” it is simply a message that the timing or energy is not right for you to participate in this particular course at this time. If this happens to you, we will direct you towards the most supportive offering and help guide you to preparedness for the pathway.

Will this energy really affect me? How will it feel?

Our programs are structured to be transformational, not just educational. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, everyone has a higher self and a deeper level of presence waiting to emerge.

We are all energetic beings. We all have our own energy channels. We all have innate channels that are either active in some capacity or lying dormant. These channels can be activated. 

As a result of modern times, and the resulting separation, most of us have forgotten these inherent designs within us all.

Many of us are still hearing the call within. The angelic guides we work with support us at this time in our evolution towards remembering and activating our energetic blueprints.

As the energy moves through you during the course and throughout your journey on the pathway, a variety of experiences are possible. People report deep levels of presence, increased awareness of emotional and mental patterns, heightened intuition and sensitivity to energies, increased vitality and heart opening, as well as sensations of discomfort as misalignments within one’s being or in relationship to others is brought to the surface. The process of alignment is different for everyone but energy is always benevolent and is directing you towards a greater version of yourself. We will be there to support you throughout the course.

How does this process work?

The guides have given us specific meditations, specific practices, specific energetic transmissions and have designed these programs as one-month long intensives to take you into a deeper alignment.

These intensives offer “infusions” of energy, quickening each person’s evolution. This would happen organically otherwise, but this program truly accelerates your transformation.

To be able to tap into higher frequencies, your vessel has to be prepared. Throughout the Pillars of Light Pathway, your vessel will be trained to contain an increased flow of energy as well as to reach higher frequency levels. Initially participants need someone like Asil to be a bridge to tap them into it. Once initiated (after Level 3), you will do it yourself as your own bridge to the energy. 

In this year-long duration of the program, we will support you in becoming a vessel with increased capacity, with greater alignment, and awareness, to be able to receive and transmit higher frequency energies, while embodying your higher self and a greater level of presence. 

The greater your alignment is, the greater frequency you can connect with and transmit, and the greater the potential you hold as a human being.

What is a Transmission?

A transmission is a transfer of energy from a higher realm of consciousness to a recipient. This energy is believed to contain specific frequencies, information, and spoken words of wisdom, as well as alignments and adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic constructs of the recipient. The energy being transmitted is called the love of creation, also known as the universal life force or universal love. This energy pervades the universe and all of existence, and we are all made up of and innately connected to it. We all have the ability to receive, embody and transmit this energy. 

The person transmitting the energy, in this case Asil, is gifted with the capacity to receive and transmit frequencies and spoken words from higher planes of consciousness. The transmission can bring about feelings of deeper love and heart opening, states of expansion, relaxation, and greater trust in life. These adjustments that are done are unique to each individual participant and are independent of location and time. 

Transmissions can also clear and purify existing and unnecessary constructs or blocks that exist within you as misalignments - these could be mental, emotional, physical as well as expressed on the energetic level of your being. Simply by opening yourself to receive the energy and the accompanying adjustments offered with each transmission, you will begin to clear these blockages, realigning your being. As you come into greater levels of alignment, you are able to process unhealed, incomplete and misaligned aspects of your past, opening you to receive higher frequencies of energy to support your transformation and your integration process of the past.

To receive the energy, one only needs to set the intention to receive, relax and open to the energy. You can do this seated or lying down, whatever is most comfortable to you. The way in which you experience the energy and the adjustments made to your being during the transmission are specific and personalized to you.

Ultimately, the only way to truly understand the concept of a transmission is by experiencing it yourself. We invite you to participate in one of our transmissions and discover the benefits first hand.

Where does the Pillars of Light Pathway take me?

As you become more and more aware of your energetic-spiritual self, you naturally begin to evolve towards a more aligned and higher potential version of yourself. And as you step more fully into yourself, you will discover the inherent power within your being to serve. 

And the light and presence that emerges within you, naturally affects the energy of others. In turn we all evolve together.

What is a Pillar of Light?

A Pillar of Light is one who has achieved a high level of alignment, self awareness, presence and has learned to tune into and harness the love of creation.

  • Our program is a pathway to becoming a Pillar of Light. 
  • Pillars of Light learn to embody the love of creation – to walk through life as an expression of that love of creation. 
  • Pillars of Light learn to shine their brightest light into the world. To embody their highest potential self in this lifetime. And to serve all of humanity in this expression.
  • Our course pathway will empower you to discover these abilities within yourself. With practices, wisdom and energetic alignments to deepen and strengthen your innate capacity.
What is the Love of Creation?

There is an omnipresent energy in the entire universe and in all of existence. Some call it universal life force, others universal love. You are innately connected to this energy, but there are ways to deepen this connection. You are the vessel through which this love of creation moves - an energy that is limitless, untethered, expansive, and continually available to you.

This energy it overflows naturally and moves to everyone around you - loved ones, families, cities, regions, countries - spilling out into the entire world. And this is possible with only one human being: You. It is your transformation. It is your evolution. It is you becoming a Pillar of Light in Service.

Change your energy, and you will transform your life.

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