Meet Our Team

Our team of visionaries are drawn together by our shared resonance with Evolution One's mission and our collective intention to serve humanity as conscious creators of an evolved global harmony.

Every member of our organization – from board member to core team, volunteer, and participant – walks their own path to their greatest potential while they have associated themselves in service to this great evolution.

Our Leadership

Host & Executive Director

Asil leads Evolution One as Executive Director. He also serves as the primary conduit for receiving and transmitting transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness. This benevolent energy and wisdom is an unconditional gift intended to support humanity’s evolution.

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Managing Director

Christel is a multi-faceted leader with extensive entrepreneurship experience and a passion for consciousness practices. As Managing Director of Evolution One, she leads all operational and financial aspects of the organization, including teams in the US, Central America, and Europe. She inspires others through leadership coaching and guidance, helping them achieve their full potential in times of transition and expansion.

Media & Special Events

Denise is a seasoned executive in digital marketing and communications, with 25+ years of experience scaling startups and tech companies. She's a leader in marketing, media, conferences and strategic alliances, using her consciousness as a Pillar of Light to raise the frequency and achieve the highest potential outcomes for the organization. She's deeply aligned with the team's mission and vision, channeling her energy to advance goals and foster growth and consciousness development for all involved.


Edward is an entrepreneur, designer, engineer, educator, and executive. He does strategy and network design, building and funding companies to help address the most significant and pressing challenges that we face. He has a portfolio of work spanning from robotics, to vehicle electrification, to movement building, to curriculum design, spiritual transformation, and cultural preservation. He advises and consults foundations and family offices on impact strategy.

Pillars of Light Leadership

George is a conduit of consciousness transformation for spiritual wisdom, awakening and mastery for those ready to embrace their journey towards being a vessel of the divine in their life. George has been committed to his spiritual path with over 20 years of experience and training in a variety of energy and holistic modalities in wellbeing, healing, yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and metaphysics. He is also a scholar with extensive knowledge in the fields of quantum physics, nutrition and information technology, leading to a unique passion in exploring higher consciousness.

Pillars of Light Leadership

Mathilde is a spiritual teacher, a Pillars of Light mentor, a mother and a catalyst for personal growth and self-realizations. Mathilde is a trained Doula and Childbirth Educator and serves a conduit for baby soul communication and reconnection, as well as supporting mothers with emotional release, fertility, loss grieving, trauma healing and processing birth.

Chief Technology Officer

Stof has over 20 years of experience with online and digital media encompassing design, development, information technology and leadership roles as CIO and CTO at various agencies and organizations. He is also a producer, DJ and composer with a deep love for electronic sounds of past decades (particularly the 1980s).

Board & Advisors

Board Advisor

Bill has been an entrepreneur and investor in the high-tech industry for 50 years. He is passionate about envisioning a new economics that is less extractive and more aligned to be in service to humanity and the Earth as our home. "Following a lifetime of entrepreneurship and multicultural exploration, now articulating and piloting next generation economic models. Yesterday's economics tended toward parasitic and coercive. Tomorrow's economics must tend toward autopoietic symbiosis supporting flourishing of all participants."

Advisory Board Member

John’s 35 year career in oil and gas exploration transitioned more than a decade ago to solar and wind-powered development and sustainable materials to align his relationship with the Earth. He is chairman of Algix, which turns algae into bioplastic. John and his wife formed the Pennies From Heaven Foundation to empower individuals and households in his community towards self-sufficiency through collaborative solutions. Says John, “Evolution One offers a radical extension of ‘we’ thinking, elevating human consciousness at the individual level to help humans transform their perspective from suffering to abundance to expansion and to the evolution of the entire human collective.”

Advisory Board Member

Nola is a biotechnology industry leader with over 45 years of experience in life sciences and venture capital. She was a co-founder and the first CEO of Sequenom, which pioneered detection of DNA. Nola shares, “I have been deeply touched by the work of Asil, and believe his energy work helps consciousness evolution in a very personal way.”

Board Member

Oleg has devoted his life to evolving his consciousness and helping others evolve theirs. As vice-chairman and co-founder of Evolve Ventures and Evolve Foundation, he helps people who are in a position to help others and he initiates and supports projects that are likely to contribute to the evolution and transformation of consciousness.

Advisory Board Member

Peter is a former nonprofit fundraiser turned funder. He acts as a sort of midwife between good things seeking to be born into the world, and those with the resources to assist their birth and emergence. Peter is a board member of the Giraffe Heroes Project. He has advised and served on the American Red Cross Corporate Advisory Council, the Contributions Council of The Conference Board, and Teachers Without Borders among others. Peter says, "The Evolution One community is a vital collective embodiment of humanity's journey from a sense of our powerlessness to our infinite power, from a sense of scarcity to one of radical abundance, from our sense of separation towards integration."

Our Global Team

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