Who are the Guides?

At Evolution One we work with energies and forms of consciousness from higher planes of existence who embody Asil, our host and channeler, most notably Elohim, Emmanuel, and Raphael. We lovingly refer to these celestial beings as the Guides. The collective wisdom and energetic alignments they provide are intended to assist in humanity’s collective awakening, delivered with the unconditional love that they have for humanity.


“We have assisted humanity as part of one of our creations in its evolution. We are the architects of this reality, of this world, of space and time, of the material experience, of consciousness.”

Elohim is a collective consciousness of the highest form and are considered to be the architects of this reality. They have established the design of many different realities in both material and non-material forms to allow consciousness to incubate and evolve.

Elohim is therefore perceived by us and many others to be a creator collective, a consciousness that is considered to be God in some traditions. They provide supervision, balancing, and continued observation of their own creations. 

As one of the original seeders of human consciousness, Elohim carries an important role in humanity’s existence and has chosen to support us at this pivotal time in our awakening and consciousness evolution.


”Our work encompasses physical, emotional and mental assistance as well as connecting you with higher layers of consciousness, so that you may have an easier time to continue on this path“

Emmanuel is a higher intelligence being, referred to as an angel by humanity. He has a presence of compassion, purity, and a deep love for the human experience.

He has incarnated in human form many times to truly understand the human experience from our perspective. He has lived under the same circumstances as any human would; forgotten who and what he was to fully experience the aspects of love and loss, pain and grief. And in these lifetimes he has gone through his own awakening processes to find his essence. This additional perspective has allowed him to be – similar to an ambassador – a perfect bridge between humans and higher planes of consciousness.


”One of the many appearances I provide is through individuals, like this host, who have cared, and dedicated their lives unto a certain type of purification and adjustment process. And so that the divine may utilize them as instruments of their work, of our work, and our work is the evolution of mankind“

Archangel Raphael has been known to humanity through millenia. Raphael is a being of immense power, also known as the Master Healer. He has devoted his existence to assisting all of consciousness and its evolution. 

He has not been in human form before. His existence allows for continuous support from a non-dual perspective. The service he offers is an unconditional gift that is given in honor and respect for humanity’s evolution.

The Angelic Realms

The Angelic realms are a set of high-frequency planes of consciousness, closer to the source of all creation. They were created to serve various forms of consciousness in their awakening and development. They have been identified by humanity as angels and archangels, known for their role as helpers and supporters of consciousness evolution, though they never refer to themselves as such.

Collectively, they have made the decision to return and assist humanity during this crucial period in human existence. Their support is offered to empower us towards spiritual autonomy. This contribution signifies humanity's next chapter and is provided with pure intentions and no conditions.

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