Portrait of Asil

Asil's Journey

Like many initiates drawn to the spiritual path, Asil’s journey began with the realization that the life he was living lacked meaning and purpose. Although he had reached a high level of professional success, he found himself unsatisfied and depressed. He began to question the meaning of life and existence, which spurred his journey of spiritual discovery.

After nearly two decades of spiritual dedication, six years ago his connection to higher forms of consciousness opened. Through this connection he found a deeper sense of self which led to the inner peace and fulfillment he always felt was possible. He has continued to personally transform, heal, and move into greater alignment. The natural extension of this state of being became his service to humanity.  

An Emerging Mission

Asil realized the most significant need for humanity’s evolution was the evolution of its consciousness, starting with each individual. This realization initiated a mission.  

Asil set out to ensure this loving energy and perspective was made widely available. What started as individual, small group sessions and visits to nearby sacred sites, turned into massive gatherings with thousands of people joining from around the world and expeditions to some of the most powerful energetic locations on earth.  

Asil being in state in front of a meditating audience
Outdoor team photo of Evolution One

Building a Team

Asil established the non-profit organization Evolution One to support this mission. A team of visionaries came together. A flourishing community formed organically. Events and training programs were developed to support the individual’s journey towards self-realization. 

As a result of these offerings, thousands of people have dedicated their lives to becoming “Pillars of Light” and living a life of greater alignment and service. 

Asil continues to serve in his role as a conduit of wisdom and energy as well as the visionary leader of Evolution One.

Asil Interviews and Clips

Cover image with Asil and the BATGAP logo
Asil on “Buddha At The Gas Pump”

Watch this interview with Asil conducted by Rick for Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Video cover image showing Asil and Katherine from the Living Tantra podcast
Heeding the Inner Call

Katherine Zorensky interviewed Asil on the Living Tantra podcast about the consciousness evolution of the individual.

Cover image from the Spiritually Inspired podcast featuring Asil on top of waves
Spiritually Inspired Show with Asil Toksal

Claudiu Murgan's podcast on spirituality interviews leaders and individuals that been transformed through an awakening process to serve as inspiration for others' journeys.

Asil on the cover image of the Alignment Within podcast
Alignment Within Podcast with Allen Saakyan

Allen has interviewed hundreds of leaders from all walks of life to document and present the extra-ordinary wisdom available to us.

Asil and Debbie Dachinger in online conversation
Channeling Angelic Guides From The Celestial Realm

Debbi Dachinger interviews Asil on the Dare to Dream Podcast about counseling evolution, channeling, and healing.

Asil featured on Old Souls & Seekers podcast
Collective Trauma Healing: Insights On Channeling And Guidance

In this enlightening episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, with Guy and Ilan Ferdman from Satori Prime, Asil dives deep into the realms of personal development, collective trauma, and the future challenges humanity might face.

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