What is the Earth Keepers Pathway?

The Earth carries consciousness and is intrinsically connected to our evolution as humanity. The world needs more Sacred Earth Keepers to support this process.

The Earth Keepers Pathway teaches individuals to connect to the energetic centers of the Earth and to find deeper alignment with her and the life force she provides us. The pathway is meant for those who feel a strong calling to serve the Earth by energetically tending to sacred sites, energetic grids or sites of global trauma.

”The entire globe of this Earth will require many individuals to be guardians, supporters, and transmitters.”

"These individuals that will subscribe to this task will be supported by us in their development: their own form of accelerated evolution.

Individuals that have subscribed to this path will learn to bring the connection, the altered state of their consciousness, the deep level of their presence to all locations, to all cultures, to all circumstances that they face."
Watch Asil talking about the Earth Keepers pathway

What will I learn?

Accelerate your path of service in collaboration with Earth
Enhance your perceptions of Earth’s energetic structures and ecosystems
Increase your awareness of sacred sites and powerful energetic nodal points
Assist in the alignment of Earth’s energetic grid
Align your personal evolution with Earth’s evolutionary process
Support the healing of the land and areas of global trauma

How does this work?

Wisdom, energy transmissions and alignments will be delivered specifically to strengthen your connection to Earth. As you progress on the path, you will learn to energetically support the Earth and the energetic grid.

"The current timeline of humanity's evolution requires the full capacity of this energetic network of this planet and of this plane to be operational at its highest capacity to allow the flow of energy, information, of love, and the correlating life-force to move equally and powerfully."

Why do this work?

It's never been a more important time to remember our sacred connection to our Earth. As the Earth’s energies are rising, now is a powerful time to expand your consciousness and find your alignment in the midst of the planet’s increased polarization, severe imbalances and rising frequencies. 

Because we are intrinsically connected to the Earth, and, as stated by the Elohim, the architects of our reality, the original design of human beings contains embedded templates ready to be reactivated. Everything carries energetic frequency, and the frequencies delivered through this pathway open dormant and innate capabilities to work with the Earth.

What's inside?

  • 3 month-long training courses to re-establish connection and align
    11 transmissions from the Elohim to prepare your vessel
  • Group Integration Practice Sessions with Asil and team
  • Key practices to strengthen your relationship with yourself and the divine
  • Introspective Journaling Prompts 
  • Three “Daily Energy Alignments” for each course (These channeled recordings carry a specific frequency to open your channel and align your vessel.)
  • Community platform to connect and engage with others around the world who are also on the journey of self-realization and service
This program has helped hundreds of people find a deeper connection to the Earth.

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Learn to open a continuous flow of energy through the Earth and in yourself

"Before service is initiated, the individual must find itself in full alignment, must find itself in deep connection to this Earth, as well as in deep connection to the higher planes of consciousness..."

"Therefore this form of divine service can only be executed if you have found your balance, your harmony, your alignment, and your foundation.

Our support will be to assist you to find greater levels of this aforementioned balance, alignment, and harmony."


This is what our previous program participants had to share:
“The Sacred Earth course helped me feel as if there is purpose to my life. It has helped awaken a part of myself and I feel passionate about making a contribution to the greater collective”
“I feel that my relationship with Mother Earth is growing stronger, so the effect of the course will only continue to reverberate more strongly. I trust in my relationship with the Divine and with my Mother Earth, and this feels remarkably loving to me.”
“The Sacred Earth daily meditations are deeply grounding, and are by far the most impactful and powerful of any of the courses so far. They take me deep, immediately.”
- M.
Photo of our testimonial Barbara
“Thanks to this course, I can draw energy from the Earth, to nourish my physical, emotional and mental bodies. I also understand how I can serve Mother Earth and all of Humanity through this path of being a Sacred Earth Keeper.”
- S.

Reported impacts:

say this pathway has deepened their connection to the Earth.
say this pathway has empowered them to know they can make a positive impact on the Earth’s evolution.
say that their awareness of Earth and Earth’s consciousness has grown as a result
We gathered these survey results from hundreds of participants over the course of the past three years.

Earth Keepers Pathway Stages

Level I: Energetic foundation prepared

Level I: Foundations develops a stronger energetic foundation in each individual to allow for ongoing consciousness expansion. Deepen your connection to yourself, to higher consciousness, and the Earth. This process often includes a shedding of layers of trauma and adjustments that enable a greater alignment within.


Level 2: Expansion and awareness of energetic vessel

Earth Keepers: Level 2 opens and expands one’s ability to connect to the Earth's energetic field. Through three transmissions and weekly group exercises, you will attune to higher levels of energy to expand your consciousness and deepen your energetic connection to the Earth. This new awareness prepares the participant for the final stage of initiation.

Level 3: Initiation for grid work

Earth Keepers: Level 3 initiates you as a Earth Keeper in Service with the ability to receive and transmit energy to support the Earth's energetic grid. A Sacred Earth Keeper is one who has achieved a high level of alignment and can transmit energy for the highest benefit of the planet and all beings.

Upcoming courses

2023/2024 Schedule

  • August 2023 Foundations Course
  • October 2023 Pillars of Light: Level 2
  • November 2023 Earth Keepers: Level 2
  • January 2024 Pillars of Light: Level 3
  • February 2024 Earth Keepers: Level 3, Guatemala InNitiation

The Earth Keepers Pathway and training courses accelerate your own evolution and awakening, to bring forth deeper gifts to help you serve humanity and the Earth.

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