Earth Keepers: Level 3 Guatemala scenery
Completion of Earth Keepers: Level 2 as well as individual approval by our guide Emmanuel is required to enroll into this course

Applications for Earth Keepers: Level 3 close on Feb 8th, 2024
Enrollments close on Feb 11th, 2024

We intend to do Earth Keepers: Level 3 once a year.
Deepen your bond with the Earth, embrace the mysteries of sacred sites, and activate your service as an Earth Keeper.

The long-awaited Earth Keepers: Level 3, is finally here. As the first of its kind, this uniquely historical moment promises to be a beautiful collaboration for all of us participating in this Initiation Level course. 

You will be part of the first wave of Earth Keepers initiated into Service - devoted practitioners dedicating themselves to elevate and align the frequencies that move through the energetic grid of the Earth, to support the evolution of human consciousness, and all of life on Earth

“The individuals experiencing this work and this initiation will be ready to explore the world of energetic fields and the world of sites of energetic significance from this newly gained perspective and this newly gained alignment within them. They will notice that a new opening will be present with them at these sites. They will notice that a new power, a new perspective, a new love will be present with them at these sites; a deeper connection will be possible, and they will witness any energetic field from a new level of detail, a deeper sense of perception”

What Awaits You:

Deeper Earth Frequency Attunement
Immerse yourself in the Earth’s frequencies, allowing you to receive the benefits, as well as the power and the energy that transmits from any sacred site on this network of energy lines.
Transmissions and Energy Adjustments
Refine your receptiveness and alignment to the Earth's nodal points and sites of energetic significance within her grid.
Enhanced Energy Mastery
Elevate your intuition, awareness and capacity to manage your own personal energy for connecting with sites like never before.
Guided meditations to lead you in attuning to, connecting with, adjusting and increasing the energy of a site.
Greater Reverence
Develop a greater sensitivity and appreciation, a deeper sense of reverence and sanctity for the beauty, the power, and the flow of energy that is provided by this Earth.
Initiation by the Elohim
Receive your initiation as an Earth Keeper in Service, and begin delivering your work to the world, in collaboration with the Earth.
Practices to connect to an energetic site, remotely or physically, empowering you to be part of the maintenance and support of the Earth’s energetic grid.
Dedicated Support
Receive steadfast guidance both during the course and after its completion.
“The greatest benefit of all will be the recognition of the intrinsic nature of the connection of all that exists. All life forms in physical form, as well as in non-material form, even inanimate objects, places, the energetic structure of this Earth, the energetic structure of this solar system and this universe, the energetic structure and connection to various planes beyond this Earth - the interconnectedness of all relations will become apparent and clear to the individual embarking on this journey.”

Embark on this Divine Adventure

Your path as an Earth Keeper in Service begins here. Step into your most sacred calling, the greatest potential that you hold to support all of humanity in its evolution process.

Join us for this momentous journey.


Course Timeline

Earth Keepers: Level 3 Online Schedule

  • Fri, Feb 9th Energetic Opening – 9 am - 9:30 am Pacific Time
  • WEEK 1
  • Tue, Feb 13th Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Feb 16th Talk & Practice – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
  • WEEK 2
  • Tue, Feb 20th Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Feb 23th Talk & Practice – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
  • WEEK 3
  • Tue, Feb 27th Initiation Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Mar 1st Talk & Practice – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
Additionally, adjustments start at 9am on every other day between the listed events Feb 14th - Feb 26th.
All times are listed in Pacific Time

Join us in Guatemala!
Lake Atitlán
Immersion Week

Dive deep into the last week of the Earth Keepers: Level 3 course amidst the unparalleled beauty of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, from February 26 - March 4th.

For those of you who are able to travel, we are offering the additional option to experience the potency of in-person transmissions on this sacred land alongside Asil, the Evolution One team and fellow Earth Keepers in Service, as we gather for exclusive group meditations, practices and site visits.

You will also be an integral part of our live-streamed Conscious Creators Weekend Workshop with our global community on Saturday and Sunday. 

Cradled by three ancient volcanoes, Lake Atitlán is a vortex of spiritual energy, one of the most magical, energetically potent and spiritually transformative places in the world.

Imagine a week of life-changing transmissions, group connection and spiritual retreat in the company of a sacred lake and volcanoes, rainforest, and indigenous Mayan communities. Our venue, Porta Hotel del Lago, is nestled on the shore of Lake Atitlán’s sapphire waters, offering breathtaking views of the impressive volcanoes surrounding the revered lake. 

Join us for this truly special, once-in-a-lifetime, Initiation experience in our Lake Atitlán Immersion Week.

Venue: Porta Hotel del Lago, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Earth Keepers In-Person Schedule

Initiation Week Immersion includes the Conscious Creators Weekend Workshop.

  • Mon, Feb 26th Arrival and Check-in from 3 pm, Welcome Dinner & Session
  • Tue, Feb 27th Earth Keepers Initiation
  • Wed, Feb 28th Integration, Practices and Q&A with Asil
  • Thu, Feb 29th Day Trip to Qʼumarkaj with Asil
  • Fri, Mar 1st Lake Atitlan Boat Session with Asil & Rest Day
  • Sat, Mar 2nd Conscious Creators Workshop
  • Sun, Mar 3rd Conscious Creators Workshop
  • Mon, Mar 4th Departure by 10 am

Pricing & Availability

The pricing includes the full online Level 3 course, 7 night 5-star retreat accommodation, 3 gourmet meals a day, our Earth Keepers live Initiation Transmission, 2 day trips, additional adjustments, meditations, in-person practices and discussions, and our special 2-day Conscious Creators Weekend Workshop.

  • Cost per person: $3888 USD (double occupancy)


  • Single room supplement: $600 USD, for a total of $4488 USD
  • Shuttle transfer from airport to hotel: $45 USD
  • Shuttle transfer from hotel to airport: $45 USD

We can offer monthly payment plan options depending on your date of registration.

Please email our support address if you have further questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to participate in Earth Keepers Level 3?

To participate in this Level 3 course, it is required that you have completed Level 1 (Foundations or Basecamp) and Level 2 (Earth Keepers Level 2 or Sacred Earth Evolution Level).

Additionally, as this is an Initiation Level course, you will need to be approved by our angelic guide, Emmanuel, before you can enroll.

Are there any vaccination requirements to travel to Guatemala?

There are currently no vaccination requirements to travel to Guatemala.

If now is not a good time for me for Earth Keepers Level 3, can I still attend just the Weekend Workshop in-person?

Yes! Space allowing, our Conscious Creators Weekend Workshop in Guatemala is open to everyone in the community. Click here for more information & signup.