November 1, 2023
Understanding the Pathways

Becoming Earth Keepers


Greetings. We are Elohim.

Those of you that have recognized that the human form is intrinsically connected and is of this Earth have understood that you are part of the great balance of the great ecosystems of this Earth itself, that all life on this Earth, all consciousness on this Earth, is part of the ecosystem and intrinsically connected to the Earth.

The heartbeat of the Earth lives within you. Her breath, her life force, her connection to all of existence is part of your connection to all of creation. While you as a consciousness have truly your own individualized connections as well, the bond with the Earth itself plays a significant role in your evolution as long as you hold a physical form. All aspects of your being, your mental, emotional, your energetic-spiritual, and your physical bodies are fueled by this Earth. All aspects of your being can receive a significantly greater amount of energy, life force from this Earth.

Through the many years, decades, and millennia, humanity has learned to find greater comfort in their existence on this planet, creating infrastructures for greater survivability — its own ecosystems, its own world of reality — at times imitating nature, and at times defying and resisting the natural flow of sustainable ecosystems. In this self-created reality, humanity required to disconnect itself and its understanding of this bond with the Earth.

The Earth provides unconditionally. The Earth provides everything that is required to live on this Earth sustainably. The Earth provides for all life without differentiation, and for those that understand the energetic capacities of this physical human form, they will learn to receive from the Earth in unlimited capacity — not just the food, the air, the water that she provides, but the true love of creation that is her unique flavor, that is her unique life force flowing through your energetic body.

And as you receive the power of this Earth, you recognize that she truly loves, that she truly breathes, that she truly is alive. You recognize that your actions impact her, that all movements on this planet impact you, that truly all ecosystems are connected, and humanity has found itself in a circumstance of great impact.

Understanding this level of impact on an individual, on a societal, on a collective level, on the Earth and all its inhabitants — physical and non-physical existence and ecosystems — is a key to the evolution and the awakening of humanity.

Therefore, while the awakening is sparked within the individual, the connections to other humans, to other life forms, to the Earth itself, is a natural extension of this awakening within, a recognition of the bond you hold with all humanity, with all life, with the Earth, with the Sun, with all of existence. Awakening brings greater awareness, greater awareness brings greater understanding of the bonds that exist and the ability to strengthen these bonds and to receive the many benefits that these bonds bring.

The time has come for humanity to understand the power of the increased energies that are moving through this Earthly plane, the Earth itself, and through the individual, through all life forms. To recognize that this power is pure energy, that this energy can truly be received in a way that is aligned, in a way that is stable, in a way that is uplifting and enlightening, in a way that this energy can be shared, generously, lovingly.

And, humanity will recognize that within its own alignment, increased energies through a misaligned system, individually or collectively, will create destabilization. The individual as well as the collective will recognize the misalignments as the energies increase. Polarization, tension, conflict, and stronger duality within and without will be recognized. The individual and the collective will be tested through the challenge.

How does an individual, how does humanity not fall in the challenge? How does an individual receive the challenge and understand that it is truly a test of the misalignments existing, that it is truly an opportunity to evolve? It is not about being right or wrong. It is not about light or dark. It is about the recognition where your center is, and if you have found this alignment within you. And where the emotions and thoughts are overwhelming, moving you out of your center, the sensations and the energies, physical misalignments, will be more recognizable. Illnesses will come to surface at a pace unknown from prior times, and this will also be an opportunity to realign, to change lifestyle, to change how you operate this human form, how you operate on this Earth. Every aspect of your being will be subject to change, and it will be your choice, as always.

As an Earth Keeper, you will recognize the importance of the rising energies through the Earth itself and understand that the Earth is an ally to your evolution and your awakening, an ally to stabilize your alignment and to provide a great center within you so you may expand, you may find your greatest power within, so you may support other humans, other life on this Earth. You may assist in a great balance and harmonization on this planet.

The Earth itself has an energetic-spiritual construct. The access to this energetic-spiritual construct is enhanced and strengthened at certain points on this Earth — physical places that are truly enhanced connection points to the Earth itself, physical locations that have been recognized for millennia by many civilizations before, Earthly and off Earth.

These nodal points developed, established, and utilized to receive an extensive energy for awakening and expansion of consciousness, for healing and finding greater alignment within, for supporting all of humanity, the region, and humans on the entire planet. Through these creations, structures of many lineages and religions, and beyond the structures themselves, energetic structures established by some individuals in human form, and many collectives that have supported humanity and life on Earth.

In the intensification of duality, certain groups within humanity have recognized the power that these nodal points deliver, and recognized that utilizing this power will give control over other groups within humanity, control derived from past unprocessed experiences, control requested from a place of fear.

And the time has come [for] all of this infrastructure — all of these networks, energetic nodal points, the entire energetic infrastructure of the Earth — to serve all of humanity equally without limitations, without boundaries, without conditions established by specific individuals or lineages of present or past.

And for those that choose this path, you will find that this journey will be about alignment first: internally finding a center and releasing any personal desires, allowing your connection with these nodal points to assist you in your greater alignment, and for your greater alignment to assist these nodal points in their alignment and expansion.

Therefore, you will be served. The energetic grid of this Earth will be served. The region of this node will be served, and all of humanity and life on Earth will be served. Many steps will be required, yet you have proven yourself to be open, to be curious, to be ready to receive and to provide.

The journey of connecting with the Earth will at times require physically moving locations. And at times, you will find the ability to connect through your consciousness — as you are within the energetic field of this Earth — to the places that you choose, the places that request your attention and your presence.

And at times you will recognize the power of the collective, of many Earth Keepers combined, making a difference, in certain regions, in certain places of energetic significance. You may choose to walk this path by yourself, and you may choose to collaborate with the community that is created as Earth Keepers.

The empowerment is within you, as it is entrusted to you to carry with grace, with love and understanding that you are a vessel of the divine, serving humanity, serving Earth, and serving all life on Earth. The great harmonization of energy on this Earth will support the awakening and the evolution of humanity to find greater alignment within itself and receive the rising energies with greater stability and sustainability.

Thank you for listening to our words. The work that has started within you will continue to be fueled by the energies that are opening through the deliveries and the transmissions given. And your ability to expand, your ability to receive, your ability to deliver will be activated, and you will find yourself in a place of power, in a place of love, in a place of service. This transmission is complete.
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