August 31, 2023
Understanding the Pathways

Connecting to Energetic Fields & Grids


Greetings, we are Elohim.

In this awakening process of humanity, the individual human being will understand the capacity and the powers that it was given, the great potential of the complex established vessel of the human form.

You will notice the greater levels of sensitivity — the expansion of your consciousness being able to navigate aspects of consciousness beyond this material world, understanding that this material world is a projection established from the non-material design of this world.

Therefore, first and foremost, the human form is an energetic body establishing itself in physical form. Equally, the Earth itself is an energetic being — an energetic body projecting to become the Earth as you know it. Equally, every other aspect of matter first exists in energy.

The structure of all physical existence therefore is established first in non-material form and projected to become matter. Some structures that are established will remain non-material, to hold the energetic field that is required for matter to operate within.

Therefore, the Earth, the Sun, all stars, the entire universe, is held in an energetic field; an energetic field that is consistently establishing the conditions for this universe to continue to exist. And, equally, the Earth itself receiving its appropriate share of this energy. And, every individual human being, operating within the fields generated within the fields of the field that is holding the universe as you know it.

As a single human being, the appropriate amount of energy that is required to operate this physical being is delivered to you through the energetic field of the Earth itself. And the Earth provides for all necessary functions of this physical form.

You, as a human vessel, can increase your capacity to connect to the Earth, and therefore increase your ability to receive from the energy that moves through the Earth itself. As an energetic vessel, this human form can expand to reach even higher fields that hold energetic currents, to receive energetic connection from higher fields directly.

Therefore, you can expand your capacity to receive from the Sun and other suns. You can expand your capacity to receive directly from the energetic field that fuels this universe. Yet, naturally, your energetic vessel is established to receive from the Earth, first and foremost, and that connection must be established to its full strength.

The grounding, the connection to the Earth as a consciousness and as an energetic being, as an energetic field, is therefore a significant foundation of being human, a significant step to expand into the greater powers that are possible within this human form, the ability to reach other higher and higher frequency sources of energetic current, and energetic fields.

On the Earth itself, an energetic grid that is established to fuel the Earth and its material creation fuels every operation on this Earth. Every physical and non-physical creation on this Earth is held by the energetic grid of the Earth. Every planet, every sun, has a similar energetic field.

This energetic grid of the Earth can be utilized to be expanded. Pathways can be established across this grid. Connection points can be opened to fuel the grid itself with energies from higher planes of consciousness; from other stars and star systems as well.

All life benefits from the energetic grid of the Earth, and therefore all life can benefit from the enhancements, adjustments, and improvements of the energetic grid of the Earth.

Yet first, you as an individual human being must understand you are the instrument to feel, to sense, to attune, and to enhance any energetic field that you're operating in, including the energetic grid of the Earth itself.

You must understand, as an energetic vessel, as an energetic instrument, you create an energetic field yourself, a frequency that is held by all aspects of your being — your mental operations, your thoughts, your past and your future projections, your level of presence, your emotions suppressed and expressed, your physical being, aligned and misaligned, your energetic capacity, your energetic alignment, your connection to all of existence.

All of these parts of you define the frequency, the potency, and the strength of the energetic field you establish as a singular human being — and this frequency changes, adjusts, transforms. With practice, with conscious awareness, and with conscious choice, you can impact the creation of this energetic field within and outside of you.

You can truly navigate the frequency that you hold, the depth and the quality of your presence, the connection that you hold to the Earth itself, the connection you hold to the Sun and to the many stars of this universe, to higher planes of consciousness, to the universe itself.

Through the appropriate enhancements of your being, you become an enhanced human vessel, an enhanced human being, merely opening to the possibilities that are already within the human form, truly utilizing what you were always meant to be capable of.

And at this time of change, at this time of awakening in [the] human form on this Earth, you as an individual, you as a collective, must understand the power that is within your being, the power that you hold as a vessel to connect to the energies of this Earth, to the energies, the energetic fields that are created for the Earth, for the Sun and the many stars, the universe itself. Navigating, being able to receive these energies, expanding your vessel to become attuned, to become aligned, and in result to attune and to align others and the energetic fields, the energetic grid of this Earth itself.

This is both an empowerment and a responsibility. The power of holding the ability to assist, to align, to serve, is opening up to you so that you can share this power with all life, with the opportunity for humanity to awaken, with the opportunity for humanity receive the benefits of your awakening, of your empowerment, so that you can become a Pillar of Light in Service, so that you can become an Earth Keeper in Service, so that you can walk this path as a human being to the greatest of your abilities, truly embracing, receiving, the support we provide to you, the support the Earth provides to you, the support this community and other humans provide to you.

And from that reception and integration, you become an extension of this support, an amplification of this support, and all life, all consciousness benefits from this choice of yours.

The Earth's grid that is established as the Earth was established, was extended and expanded multiple times by conscious beings, and eventually by the human collective itself. Various civilizations understood the function of the grid and utilized the grid for their benefit and for the benefit of their society. Other forms of consciousness of higher planes chose to utilize the grid to establish a bond, a connection to the Earth and to human consciousness.

The Earth's grid will play a significant role in the current time of the evolution of consciousness on Earth. The Earth's grid will play a significant role in your evolution as an individual, in your evolution as a society.

In this accelerated time of growth, in this increase of energetic frequency, the Earth's grid and established fields must align. The increased energy that moves through this plane must flow without obstruction, without resistance.

And you will understand what it feels like for you when energy moves through your vessel at an increased rate. And when energy is stagnant and internal resistance, internal misalignments, do not allow the energy to move, pain arises, destabilization arises, discomfort arises.

Therefore, your practice is the adjustment of your energetic grid as a human vessel, so that you can become a vessel that can receive increased energies and increased frequencies at any time, at any place.

And as a vessel of increased capacity, you assist in the energetic grid of the Earth, the adjustments required so that the Earth itself receives the increased energies and allows these increased energies to move without obstruction.

This combination, both your energetic grid, the Earth's energetic grid, adjusting and expanding to receive an increased frequency and increased potency of energetic flow, will allow humanity to receive the changes that are occurring on this Earth and the Earth itself, to adjust appropriately, to continue to provide the healthy and balanced ecosystems that are required for the propagation of life itself.

At times, you will find yourself lost in the moment. The story and the interpretations of the present moment that you experience will have your full attention and you will forget that you are an eternal energetic being having a physical, temporary experience. You will forget the capacity you hold in your consciousness to connect to the Earth in deeper ways, to connect to the Sun, to the many suns and to the universe in deeper ways.

And moments like these will be reminders that you are capable of being significantly more than you act to be in moments diminished to purely the human experience — the stories established to formulate great learnings. Yet you become a conscious creator by establishing your capacity to create the moments and the stories.

You expand into the greater capacity you hold so you can create the world that you all, as a human consciousness collective, choose. And at times you must withdraw yourself from the stories created before you, the stories that you're convinced of creating, the stories that you're convinced of being part of, for a moment of silence, for a moment of increased presence, so that you can feel the power that moves through you — the connection to this Earth, the connection to the Sun, to all celestial bodies, and to the universe itself, the non-dual nature of existence beyond the dualistic experiences of the human form.

This is the core of this path, to remember the power that is intrinsic within you. To remember that with this power, reality can and will be shaped. With this power, many can and will be served. And this power is extended to you into awareness, into conscious choice, and conscious direction.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
Thank you for receiving this work. This transmission is complete.
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