September 21, 2023
Understanding the Pathways

Attuning to Higher Frequencies


Greetings. We are Elohim.

As you have started to experience what it feels like to operate in the non-dual state of consciousness, you have witnessed a state of being that truly can provide for a state of peace, a state of being that naturally expands towards alignment, a state of being that will naturally provide a greater state of wellbeing. An alignment, established internally, a movement of energy, a movement of the energies of this plane and other planes of existence that your consciousness can reach will naturally provide for an alignment of the mind, an alignment of the heart, an alignment of the body, and an alignment of the energetic-spiritual construct that you hold.

And as all parts of your being start to align naturally, the movement of energy comes with ease. The capacity of this energetic vessel of yours increases; the flow of energy and the increase of this energetic current will move through your vessel without obstructions. And some of you may feel these increased currents, these increased flows of energy and increased currents of higher energetic frequencies as electricity, as warmth, as heat.

Sensations of many kinds may come through you, sensations you're familiar with as you have walked this human form. Some of you may even experience a visual light, some of you may experience a sense of belonging, a sense of oneness. You are merely opening this vessel of yours to this energetic frequency and that you are capable of reaching at this moment in time.

And as the energy moves through this human vessel of yours, you receive the benefits from this movement. This energy is not stored within your being; it naturally moves, and as it moves, it transforms all that it touches. Every aspect of your being is touched by this energy. Every aspect of your being is transformed as you are receiving this energy.

Energy in itself is neither positive or negative. Energy itself is non-dual in its nature. It is the energy, the same energy, that provides for the manifestations of this dualistic reality. All physical form is energy manifested into matter. Therefore, the energy that you are connected to is the creative force of this creation.

We have referred to this energy as the love of creation. The love of creation operates in many different strengths and frequencies. And based on your ability to connect with your consciousness to the appropriate flow of energy, you will receive different frequencies and different strengths of this love of creation. Your vessel is capable of receiving a significant amount of this love of creation in its purest form, in its highest frequency available to this creation.

As the energy is equally moving through the stars of this universe, through the planets of this universe, it is capable of moving through you. The movement of this energy is truly a beneficial element to your life, to your journey in your continued transformation and evolution, as well as to your journey on your path to service. A greater ability to receive higher frequency energies will allow you to face the circumstances and the situations of life with greater ease, with greater trust. Feeling this love of creation consistently in unlimited form, in its highest frequency form available to you, will allow you to be present with this energy in any circumstance, in any relationship, in any of your creations.

At first, you may require assistance, just like this energetic space that is established, for you to feel and to sense the possibilities of your vessel, the ability to receive the higher frequency energies at this potency. And over time, as your consciousness is capable of reaching these states by yourself, you will no longer require that assistance as you have established the bridge and the extensions of your consciousness by yourself and within yourself.

In this human form, in this material form, you will always be required to operate and to adhere to the circumstances that this material form is established within. And while operating in this human form, you can hold, you can receive and transmit, increased levels of higher-frequency energy. Your presence will be palpably different, viscerally different to you and others in your environment. Those experiencing you might even sense a new light emanating from you.

Some will translate this energetic presence that you have to a greater sense of your love for them. Some will translate it to your ability to assist them and to serve them. Some will translate it to your ability to find a greater alignment and a greater wellbeing within yourself. And this connection that is now within you, intrinsic and naturally established, will move without effort.

As you connect to yourself, as you find a sense of silence, a sense of presence, as you allow your consciousness to expand to even higher frequencies as you find yourself in a non-dual state, witnessing the power, the currents of this creation, as you allow yourself to be a conduit for this energy.

And this energy naturally moves into your being, through your consciousness, through your energetic spiritual construct, into your mental construct, into your emotional construct, into your physical construct. And as all parts of you are affected by this energy, as this energy moves through all parts of your being, you are aligned and realigned. You are emitting a new sense of presence.

And at first, this new sense of presence may be temporary. And you may find these states in collective gatherings like this. You may find these states in nature. You may find these states as the environment is perfectly established for you to reach these states.Yet over time you will notice that you can reach this expanded state, the flow of these higher energetic currents through your vessel at any time, anywhere, in any circumstance.

You will notice that living life from this place of alignment, from this place of possibility, everything flows. Things are created with ease. Circumstances, relations are impacted with this flow of energy. And you become a vessel of service, providing this abundant source of energy through your vessel to all of those around you.

This attunement, this connection, this expanded ability of your being, is truly a new way of being. It is truly a new source of energetic capacity, a resource for service, a resource for love, a resource for abundance.

You will notice that this energy has no limits that you can witness, that this energy is freely available to you unconditionally moving through your vessel, that this energy can be shared generously. This is the power that is given to you. This is the power that is intrinsic to all human beings.

Those that practice this alignment, this expansion within their being will be able to receive these energies with grace and naturally utilize these energies for their own health and wellbeing, for their own alignment, and eventually for the alignment of others and their environments. We are providing the directions and the guidance to reach this state of being. A state of empowered existence, a state of being that you can now hold and share, a state of being that is yours and will always be yours.

Intrinsically, you will know and understand the benevolence of this energy. Yet at times the power that comes along with this energy may bring thoughts of responsibility and concerns if you are capable to hold this power, if you deserve to hold this power, if you are capable to hold this power. This is the mind and the ego-construct, evaluating the circumstance.

Witness any fears that arise from an increased sense of power, an increased sense of responsibility that comes with this power. And allow yourself to hold this energy, these increased frequencies and the concerns, the doubts, the fears that come along. Allow yourself to consistently relax into this expanded state of being. Remember that your connection to this Earth is significant in this exercise, in this expansion, as the energy that enters your being through your consciousness, through your energetic-spiritual construct, will move through your mind, your heart, your physical form returning back into your energetic-spiritual construct and into this Earth.

Therefore, the energy is never stored permanently in this form. It is temporary, like every movement of energy through this vessel. Even this physical form consistently transforms and transmutes, is consistently deconstructed and reconstructed, receives consistently energy, and exudes energy.

Yet now you have the ability to receive an energetic source of refined nature, an energetic source derived from the same energy that fuels this universe in its highest non-dual form, the love of creation, as the force that permeates through this existence, that provides for this existence, that transforms into matter, that returns into energy.

The greater your capacity, the more you can receive. The more you can receive, the more you can share. The more you share, the more your ability to create consciously your life, your immediate environment, and collectively, as a community of conscious creators, impact humanity at scale.

The benefits are manyfold. First, you will witness the benefits of peace, the resonance of alignment, the resonance of wellbeing. You will witness this energetic capacity fueling and restructuring your physical form to provide a greater wellbeing, a greater balance. You will witness the restructuring of the mental construct, creating a greater balance, an expanded sense of perception, recreating and adjusting the emotional construct, restructuring the emotional understanding of this reality, balancing naturally and harmoniously how you feel about yourself, others, and this reality, deepening a sense of trust and confidence as you walk this life.

Eventually you will notice that this energy is available to you abundantly. And it will naturally move through your vessel, into your creations, into your thoughts, into your words, into the expressions of your emotions. And every expression of your being will carry a stronger current of energy, a recognizable difference in potency.

You are on the path of becoming a conscious creator, a vessel of service. This journey is the one that you have taken as a soul that is awakening in a time of great transformation, in a time where humanity will require individuals like yourselves — attuned, aligned, and abundantly providing, displaying an alignment within themselves to support others in finding their alignment, moving through this reality and through life with a greater sense of peace, trust, and confidence.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.
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