The Self

The Self is so much more than who you may think you are. You are not only your body or your mind. You are an energetic and spiritual being having a human experience.

The self that identifies as who you are, is beyond the comprehension of the mind, understanding itself to be this current identity, this current personality, this current human form that you are. The self is comprised of: You, the soul container, experiencing the human form. You, the identity that currently lives a human life. You, that is a representation of the human collective. And, you that is a representation of all of consciousness.

Through walking the journey of self-realization, you will discover your ‘Self’ as an extension of a higher consciousness experiencing the individualized form to uncover your unique purpose here on earth. Hear the Guides share their perspective on the Self in the transmission videos below:

How can I discover my true self? How can I align all aspects of my being?

Discover and align your true self with a free energy alignment and explore our transmissions to receive beneficial energetic frequencies. Learn more from our host Asil in the video below. For a deeper understanding, take our introductory courses, Discovery and Foundations, which serve as the initial stages on the path to our transformative Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth Pathways. These comprehensive pathways encompass ancient wisdom, energy adjustments, and meditative practices, all aimed at nurturing your self-realization journey, empowering you to serve both humanity and the Earth.

What is an alignment?

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"You are the manifestation of the Love of Creation, as it courses through all of your cells, through all of your molecules. You are creation."

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