Conscious Creator

Be Your Own Creator. Become a master of your own reality and your own creations.

“A conscious creator has left the desires, the wants of the ego, behind. The individual benefit no longer is relevant. Only the benefit of all, the benefit of the collective; collective evolution is the directing force to provide this gift, the power of creation to become active again.”

Most people don't realize they have the power to create their own reality. A conscious creator understands and masters this power, freeing themselves from societal constraints. We all have the potential to become conscious creators and evolve as individuals and as a society. Our offerings including transmissions and courses can help accelerate your process, which requires self-awareness, practice and dedication to align with one's highest potential. 

We invite you to explore the wisdom of the Guides in the transmission excerpts below about becoming a conscious creator:

How can I become a conscious creator? What practical steps can I take?

We are all on a path to becoming conscious creators. The evolution of self leads to conscious creatorship as an individual, and ultimately as a collective. While this process is inevitable, our offerings are intended to accelerate you on this path.

Becoming a conscious creator is a pathway of commitment and dedication to living a life of alignment to your highest potential. It begins with self awareness and self inquiry. Sign up for a free alignment along with our newsletter below. For a deeper understanding, take our introductory courses, Discovery and Foundations, which serve as the initial stages on the path to our transformative Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth Pathways. These comprehensive pathways encompass ancient wisdom, energy adjustments, and meditative practices, all aimed at nurturing your self-realization journey, empowering you to serve both humanity and the Earth.

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“The totality of all perspectives allows you to become consciously aware, and a conscious creator of your own.”

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