Collective Evolution

You are the key to humanity’s evolution.

The evolution of consciousness in human form represented by you, is driven by your conscious choices to evolve and learn, to realize. Therefore, your self-realization is the key to the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Hear the Guides share how your realizations and experiences play an important part in evolving collective consciousness by watching the transmission excerpts below:

How can I more fully participate in humanity’s collective evolution?

We invite you to watch our transmissions to experience an energy alignment. An energy alignment is like a meditation with energetic benefits. Energy alignments contain energetic frequencies intended for the betterment of your consciousness, evolution and self-realization process. They include both wisdom as well as energetic adjustments that work to uplift and balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual-energetic bodies. Hear Asil talk more about energy alignments in the video below.

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”Can you accept in this very moment that you're transforming, that the world as you know it is changing, as the Earth and all its population is in a transformative state of evolution. Therefore it is truly your collective evolution. No one will be excluded. No one is separate. It is your experience as a collective.”

Other Evolutionary Concepts

Opening hands creating an energy field
Conscious Creator
Determined looking woman with energy pulses coming from the eye
The Self
Nature scenery with a an abstract grid structure
Conscious Earth