Completion of Foundations: Level 1 is required to enroll into Level 2 courses
Expand your consciousness, increase your energetic frequency and align your being for service as a Pillar of Light

Pillars of Light: Level 2 is an invitation into a deeper relationship with the Guides and the energies and the wisdom that they bring, as you continue to align yourself on your journey to becoming a Pillar of Light.

This course will serve as energetic preparation of your vessel for the third and final course in the pathway, when you will be initiated by the Elohim as a Pillar of Light in Service, and be authorized to deliver the energetic support and wisdom of the Guides as a vessel of the Divine delivery of this work.

Your journey, your transformation, and who you are becoming will impact many others. The presence and the frequency you hold in your being consistently, in itself will become a transformational force of this reality.

“The continuation of this work will go into deeper aspects of your being, a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of this reality of your existence and of your service. Trust us in directing and guiding you on this path of awakening and on this path of establishing your place and position, your role as a Pillar of Light”

What will I experience?

A greater depth of connection to the energy of the Guides and the celestial realms
An increase in the energetic frequency of the alignments and adjustments delivered by the Guides
A refinement of your ability to receive high frequency energy
Increased emotional and energetic capacity
Deeper presence and clarity
Greater alignment within and without
An unfolding of your gifts
A deepening into autonomous empowerment

You are meant to experience this life in its full capacity. You are meant to be supported by this life in your full capacity.

“This next level will serve as the preparation to build more capacity, as well as a deeper connection to the opening that we provide, to the energy that we provide, and the directions that we deliver. Trust will be a key element – a trust in us to provide exactly what is needed, for their journey in delivering the most potent connection observed on this plane”

Why is this work important?

In this current time of evolution and accelerated growth, those who are awakening to a deeper truth within, are the pioneers to walk this path.

You have chosen to be here in a time of great need — and maybe the most important time of human existence. The next stage for humanity’s evolution is an important aspect, not just for humanity, but for all consciousness.

Your self-realization is the key to this evolution. Through your self-realization journey, the evolution of humanity is catalyzed by you.

“Humanity's evolution will start with you, with the individual that consciously chooses a path of awakening, a path of preparation, a path of growth, a path of evolution. That is you. Do not underestimate the time, the energy and the resources that you assign for your evolution. Do not underestimate the power of the unfolding of this process. Do not underestimate the impact that it will have in your life, as well as in the life of others, and, in the grand scheme, in the life of all of humanity”

What's included in Level 2?

In this three-week online course, you will build on your new foundation and receive energetic and spoken transmissions as well as alignment work.

  • 3 Live channeled Elohim Transmissions
  • 4 Daily meditations 
  • 3 Live calls with Asil including group practices
  • 4 Opportunities to meditate in “The Field” daily
  • 3 Weekly practices to open your channel and align your vessel
  • Optional extra practice sessions with Ambassadors 
  • Weekly individual channeled energetic adjustments to support you
  • Dedicated integration support by a team of experienced facilitators
  • Dietary, exercise and breathwork recommendations
  • A vibrant community of awakening individuals to share the journey with
“During this process of this course, allow yourself to be taken on a journey of dismantling and re-creation of your emotional, mental, and physical constructs. Allow yourself to evolve faster than you can imagine, faster than you thought is possible. Allow this evolutionary process to carry you with grace”

Course Timeline

Pillars of Light: Level 2 Schedule

  • Fri, Oct 6th LIVE Lift-Off Zoom Call
  • Mon, Oct 9th Last day to enroll
  • WEEK 1
  • Tue, Oct 10th Opening Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Oct 13th Exercises, Practices & Discussion - 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
  • WEEK 2
  • Tue, Oct 17th Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Oct 20th Exercises, Practices & Discussion – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
  • WEEK 3
  • Tue, Oct 24nd Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
  • Fri, Oct 27th Exercises, Practices & Discussion – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Earth Keepers pathway?

Earth Keepers are individuals who connect to the energetic centers of the Earth and to find deeper alignment with her and the life force she provides us. The Earth Keeper pathway is meant for those who feel a strong calling to serve the Earth by energetically tending to sacred sites, energetic grids or sites of global trauma.

What is a Pillar of Light?

A Pillar of Light is one who has achieved a high level of alignment, self awareness, presence and has learned to tune into and harness the love of creation.

  • Our program is a pathway to becoming a Pillar of Light. 
  • Pillars of Light learn to embody the love of creation – to walk through life as an expression of that love of creation. 
  • Pillars of Light learn to shine their brightest light into the world. To embody their highest potential self in this lifetime. And to serve all of humanity in this expression.
  • Our course pathway will empower you to discover these abilities within yourself. With practices, wisdom and energetic alignments to deepen and strengthen your innate capacity.
Can I complete both Pillars of Light and Earth Keepers paths simultaneously, or do I have to complete one before starting down the path of another?

Evolution One designed a schedule that will allow for those who want to complete the path simultaneously to do so by ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts.

  • Pillars of Light: Level 2 starts on October 10th and ends October 27th.
  • Earth Keepers: Level 2 starts on November 7th and ends on November 21st.

Weekly transmissions are held every Tuesday and practice Zoom calls are held every Friday between October 10th and November 21st. These sessions all begin at 9am PT.

What are the requirements for enrolling into Level 2?

In order to enroll into our Pillars of Light: Level 2 or Earth Keepers: Level 2 courses, you will need to have completed our Foundations/Foundation Level or Basecamp course in the past.

If you did only Basecamp and want to do Earth Keepers: Level 2, we will provide you with the Foundations-Transmissions, so that you are receiving your preparation for the Earth Keepers Pathway.

Am I required to complete Pillars of Light before embarking on the Earth Keepers pathway?

The two pathways are complimentary. The Guides suggest that your journey as an Earth Keeper is enhanced when you undergo the Pillars of Light training. Stepping into the role of a Pillar of Light in Service, you'll carry an increased capacity to consistently hold a greater alignment, and an enhanced ability to hold and transmit energy with your presence, all of which are requirements for practitioners on the Earth Keepers pathway.

So while it is not required to complete Pillars of Light, it is certainly encouraged for your own benefit, as it will allow you to receive your Earth Keepers initiation to the fullest of your capacity. This will empower you to begin delivering your service almost immediately, as you will already have built the energetic capacity necessary to navigate spiritual and energetic fields, and work with sites of energetic significance.

“Our assistance, merely delivering adjustments that all along have been embedded within you, reminding you of that which has been known all along within you, bringing you the energies that have all along been available for you to access. It is for you to open yourself to the energies that are available, to the transformational potential that's available to you.”