Magnitude of Gratitude

Join the Movement - Elevate Spirits, Transform Lives

Magnitude of Gratitude is a campaign where we unite through meditation and generosity. We invite you to join us in elevating our collective spirit and making a tangible impact. Together, we can transform lives, one meditation, one donation at a time.

Meditations to Raise The Vibration

Through guided meditation sessions, we will come together in unified collaboration to flood the world with the vibration of gratitude, and uplift our individual and collective consciousness. 

Experience the power of collective gratitude and its expansive potential to bring about inner peace, unity, and global change.

Why Gratitude? And how does it relate to giving?

Gratitude elevates our vibration and keeps us in alignment with the energy of prosperity. When we are in a state of gratitude, we are in a state of pure alignment and receptivity, open to all the blessings existence wishes to bestow upon us.

Equally, giving holds within it the seed of receiving. When we extend our generosity to another, it is a gift to the giver - the gift of sincere appreciation, the gift of making a difference, and of being in balance and harmony with the essence of reciprocity.


Your Generosity is a Catalyst for Change

In the spirit of the season, your donation, imbued with your love and your vision of an awakened humanity, will have a profound impact in sustaining and expanding our work in the world. 

Your financial contribution will allow us to continue to make an impact, to reach more individuals, to touch more lives, and to serve a global consciousness shift. 

Your donation becomes more than a gift – it becomes a catalyst for change.

Learn how your contribution empowers individuals and communities, nurturing a more conscious and connected world:

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Together, we can transform lives, one meditation, one donation at a time.

Empowering Transformation

If you have been touched by our work in the past or feel aligned with our mission, please consider contributing financially.

By supporting Evolution One, you're not just donating - you're actively participating in the evolution of human consciousness. Each contribution helps someone step onto the path of personal growth and transformation, which in turn serves collective transformation.

Together we can make a difference that ripples through all of humanity.

How would you like to support the cause?

❤ Donations up to $100,000 will be matched by a generous donor.
Magnitude of Gratitude

Support the World Energetically

Join us for three meditation sessions to raise the collective vibration together through the practice of gratitude. As we meditate together, we deepen our understanding of gratitude, not just as a feeling, but as a powerful force for positive change.

Meditation videos

  • Video #1 Guided Meditation with Asil
  • Video #2 Guided Meditation with George
  • Video #3 The Magnitude of Gratitude for Winter Solstice Elohim Transmission

Join In Our Gratitude Meditations!

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The Gift of Gratitude

Join us for a “21 days of Gratitude” practice. Studies have identified that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and effect positive change in one’s life. Let’s give ourselves the gift of positive transformation while flooding the world with our good vibes!

With your donation you will receive the gift of Evolution One's 21 Day Gratitude Journal to download. A beautifully crafted journal with uplifting daily affirmations and space for you to write your own reflections, and experience the magnitude of gratitude in your own life. 

Share the campaign with your loved ones, tell them what you're grateful for and why they should consider donating too. Let's amplify the energy of collective generosity.

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A preview of the Gratitude Journal
Impact Stories: See the change brought about by our programs
“I am more aligned in my service to humanity as a result of my relationship with Evolution One. I run a number of businesses and a foundation and as a result of my work with them I bring a transformational focus to all those entities - supporting environmental sustainability and building bridges out of poverty into abundance.”
“This work helps me to remember I can choose in this “now moment” to be a pillar of light under any circumstance.”
“With each turbulence, it becomes easier for me to shift into "observer mode" and see the place from a wider perspective. This shortens the duration and strength of turbulence tremendously, makes me much more adequate and compassionate, and brings me back into alignment more easily.”
Gratitude testimonials in front of the camera
“It feels as if I was granted a torch in a dark labyrinth”

Your Contribution is a Catalyst for Change.