February 2, 2024
Countdown to Initiation

Standards for an Earth Keeper in Service


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

You have continued to explore what it means to be an Earth Keeper, what it means to serve this Earth, to serve humanity through this Earth. The Earth's mechanisms to support life, to support consciousness and its evolution, are vast, beyond the capacity for a human mind to fully understand.

Yet through the expansion of your mind and through the evolution that you are undergoing, the complexities are becoming more understandable and visible to you. It is an understanding beyond the understanding of the mind. It is an understanding and knowing that emerges from consciousness: an inner knowing, an inner understanding, an integrative way of experiencing knowledge and wisdom, perception.

On this journey of becoming initiated to be an Earth Keeper in Service, you will witness that the complexities and the different circumstances that you will encounter will challenge you, your training, and will bring up situations and circumstances beyond your understanding or your preparation in training. Therefore, you will learn to navigate circumstances in the moment.

These Standards will support you until the connection supports you in the moment. These Standards are meant to hold you through the journey of service, allow you to expand, yet also be a supporting mechanism in moments of doubt or missing clarity, for you as a community to align on common understanding how to navigate this journey in service, how to support collectively through an aligned set of standards, an aligned set of understanding of service as an Earth Keeper.

The Standards of Connection: The connection you hold to yourself, to this Earth, to all of existence is a significant element of your present moment and of your service. The connection must at all times be present, at all times be aware of, and to be nurtured and supported.

The stronger your connection is to the consciousness of this Earth and to higher planes of consciousness, the stronger you will walk this path in service.

Therefore, as you understand the strength, stability, and the alignment of your connection, you will also recognize when this connection is compromised. You will recognize that this connection requires you to continue your routines, to continue practices, to establish your own set of routines, to keep your alignment, and to strengthen your connection.

A strong alignment will lead to strong connection. A strong alignment will allow to improve connection. Connection to Earth and to higher realms also naturally results in connection to self, connection to others, connection to nature, connection to all living beings.

As your alignment is compromised, your connection will reduce to the bare minimum. Therefore, alignment and connection go together. Connection strengthens as alignment strengthens.

When you find yourself challenged in connecting both to the land, to the place, or to the Earth underneath your feet; when you find yourself challenged in finding connection to higher realms of consciousness, to the wisdom of creation, to the energy and the love of creation, then you will reconsider any form of service.

You will take pause, and reassess the moment that you find yourself in. Reflect in silence, contemplate in presence, and allow this deep sense of presence to reestablish internal alignment and the connection that has fluctuated in the moment.

Certain places will require a stronger connection to the Earth and a stronger connection to higher realms to be present in order to be navigated, as certain places will hold an energy that will challenge alignment more than other places.

Polarized energies, chaotic energies, will challenge alignment and connection. Therefore, at every step of the way, walking in or projecting in to a site of energetic significance, you will observe the strength of your alignment and connection consistently.

And as connection is challenged and alignment is challenged, you will pause and witness if both alignment and connection can be reestablished. And if necessary, you will take steps back to find that strength and confidence within you, again. You may choose to re-atttempt this effort in service.

Standards of Care: The choice to be an Earth Keeper in Service requires deep care for yourself, for your loved ones, for all life on this Earth, for the Earth itself. The care must emerge from a place of unconditional love. The care must be unwavering to all living beings, to all humans, to all parts of the Earth.

You walk this path unwavering and in alignment, in a non-dual way. Therefore, your care may not be biased. Whichever place, whichever culture, whichever region, whichever part of humanity you bring your attention to, even the most destructive ways of humanity are to be seen from this place of non-duality, from this place of unbiased presence, a love that is greater than the actions that have been taken or are being taken. Only then will you deliver your highest and purest service. The care you hold for this work can only fully unfold in a place of non-duality within yourself.

Standards of Safety: Operating in the physical realm requires a significantly greater understanding of the environments that you operate in. You navigate this world in a human form and it requires an understanding of what is aligned to be safe. The perspective you hold may differ from each other, yet certain basics will be common to all of you.

An understanding of safety is required. Safety is held beyond the trust that you have in existence, the trust that you have in your alignment and your connection. Operating this physical realm requires your attention and the operational parts of your being to be aware of your physical environment. Therefore, you shall never compromise your personal or others' personal safety, in order to be in service.

When doubts arise about safety, pause, return into alignment to witness where these doubts emerge from. If necessary, step back and return when appropriate and aligned, when it is deemed to be confidently and trustingly safe for you and others.

While the guidance will remain to be in service, you are the one that operates this vessel, and you are the one that will bear the consequences of this vessel being harmed, this vessel being challenged. While we remain in connection and support, you are the one having the human experience, and your choice and will to operate this vessel will remain always yours.

Standards of Conduct: You will request permission from any place that you project your intention, your consciousness, and even bring your physical presence to. The place itself holds a consciousness field. While the answer may not be a clear "yes" as you would get from another human, the feeling of being invited and allowed in will be clear. Your internal alignment will receive a clear yes or no. This is your guiding light to approach or to wait with your service at a particular site of energetic significance.

You will conduct yourself in appropriate measure to the local requirements of the place, of the current stewards and guardians, of the current cultures that hold their presence at this place of energetic significance.

Respect, honor, and appreciate whatever is present. While this place may have been stewarded by many other civilizations and cultures and humans before, what you are witnessing in the moment and currently is the reality you are operating in, is the reality you will respect and receive.

You will provide your openness, your presence, and your care and your love for this place; if necessary, with the stewards, the local guides and guardians, for them to feel your love for the places of energetic significance on this Earth, for them to understand the path you have chosen to serve, and the reasons of your presence there.

Even in moments of service where you project your consciousness, you may recognize, encounter, energetic intelligence, non-material consciousness, to be present at certain sites of energetic significance. These too are considered the local environment, the localized stewards, guardians, or inhabitants of this place. They too may require to inspect, to understand, and to evaluate your intentions and your presence.

In these moments, you will pause, you will strengthen your alignment, and you will present your intentions. If these intentions or your presence is greatly challenged, you will respectfully return to your place of origin and allow a new opening to emerge for you to provide your service at this place of energetic significance, be it physically or through consciousness.

While you may understand the importance of the service that you are providing in these places around the world, while you may have a perspective held greater than perspectives held by others, at times the pathways will be open, the time will be aligned to serve; and at times, the pathways will be closed, and the service will take another time to be delivered.

Relevant to all standards mentioned before, your service is not greater than anyone else's service — in this world, or at this site. Your service is one piece of all the service provided to all life. The evaluation of your service shall remain unbiased and unconditional. You shall hold your service in alignment, in care, yet never more or less than the service of others.

Your ego construct may start defining itself associated with the service you provide. Remain neutral, remain humble, and operate in this world with a clear and aligned ego construct.

Allow your vessel, this human body of yours, to be fully rested, replenished, nourished, and recharged whenever in service, before and after.

Receive the benefits, the gifts, and the rewards that may emerge from your service with humility and without expectations. Allow these gifts, the benefits, to integrate into your being. Allow these gifts to naturally improve your service, your life, your expanded states, and the emerging gifts within you to even find greater alignment for your service, for your love in this world.

You will experience many moments. Many stories will emerge. Some stories are to be kept for yourself. Some stories will allow others to understand your path, your journey, and the service that you have chosen to provide. You will determine internally, and through an internal understanding of the service that you have provided, what kind of story this moment was that you experienced.

Occasionally, you will walk this path alone, and occasionally you will walk this path together. Occasionally all of you will be required to collaborate. Many places of energetic significance require attention. And those synchronized, aligned and attuned in the same ways will serve greatly more than any single individual can in human form.
Thank you for listening to my words. These standards are meant to support, uplift, and guide you on this path of becoming an Earth Keeper in Service, of providing your service in healthy, aligned, and supported ways, until the completion of your service.
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