December 1, 2023
Countdown to Initiation

Countdown to Initiation


Greetings. We are Elohim.

Have you witnessed yourself transforming through this process that you have chosen to participate in, a process that seemingly is accelerated, yet natural? The process of awakening, the process of alignment, the process of embracing the potential that is within you, the process of finding the naturally expanding service from within you to humanity, from within you to consciousness.

And in this particular way, humanity's design as a collective consciousness would include the exploration of life in human form, the exploration of relationship, the exploration of consciousness.

And in these steps of exploration, humanity would discover that sharing the beauties, sharing the gifts, sharing the journey and the realizations with others, would be a natural extension of their own discoveries. And in that way, the discovery of a new foundation within you, the discovery of the capabilities and the expanded capacities within you, the discovery of your service, is your gift to yourself and to humanity.

The intensity of this program and these courses are naturally increasing. The requirement to become an individual initiated, aligned, and in service is therefore a significant step for most humans. While seemingly you are on the receiving end, you are giving and providing your presence, your openness, your ability, and your willingness to change and transform. What you provide in this process of evolution is as significant as what we provide for your evolution.

Therefore, the co-creation of you becoming an individual in service is a gift from us, and from you, to all of humanity. A collaboration, a co-creation, an expansion of the potential within you so that you can become the light, so that you become the steward, so that you can become the alignment that others have not found yet.

And while it is not your obligation, commitment, or role to be the savior for others, in your service and your impact to other people's lives, to the greater balance on this Earth, you become an inspiration for those to walk a similar path. You inspire by empowering them, you inspire by displaying your ability to be in service.

Humanity is in challenging times. Humanity will require many individuals that hold themselves in this alignment, individuals that inspire through their actions and through their presence, individuals that have found a greater potential within themselves when no one else believed, not even themselves.

This alignment, and even a greater alignment, is possible for all humans. This level of presence, this level of inner stability and strength, resilience, capacity, is possible for all human beings. Yet first their soul must hear and call the voice from within, the call to awaken.

And among the noises of one's reality, the mind, the emotions, the physical body, the noises of the environment, of relations, of society, this voice of the soul must break through and will break through. And when the individual has heard this voice, this calling from within, it will naturally seek the support mechanisms for this awakening process.

The layers of the mind — belief systems, perspectives and conditioning — will prevent clear evaluation, as the judgments will be strong. Therefore, it is never a convincing, a rationalization, a logical step.

The pains, the wounds, and the unprocessed traumas of the past will taint the emotions that are attached. Therefore, it is never a convincing on an emotional level, by inducing a certain emotion.

The calling from within, the resonance of the soul, is a natural alignment and strength that is felt in choices that an individual makes. Therefore, your presence in the presence of another individual will feel right, will feel that it is strengthening both you and them.

This resonance is the guiding light in supporting another human being in their journey of evolution. And you may choose in which ways your service will unfold, shape. And at times your presence may be the gift itself, the service itself. And at times your listening, your voice, your touch, your creations, the extension of your being, may be the service that you provide.

We are here and supporting you to become aligned, and supporting you to expand your capacity, supporting you to hold this alignment consistently and in stronger capacities to receive and transmit through this alignment within you, and provide guidance on how to hold and continue to expand on this gift that has been expanded, extended to you. The gift becomes yours to hold, to nourish, to utilize, to share. It becomes your choice how you will hold and wield this power.

Thank you for listening to our words, and for your trust in this process. Many of you will receive in the next steps of this pathway, their initiation. Many of you will receive a new milestone within their journey of evolution, and these milestones will support you in the great transformation and the great awakening that humanity is undergoing.

We will now commence with the adjustments and the preparation for the upcoming initiation programs.
Thank you for receiving this. This transmission is complete.
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Countdown to Initiation

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