October 7, 2023
Q&A with Emmanuel

In the Eye of the Storm


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. Through this lifetime and the many lifetimes in human form, you have experienced and you will continue to experience what you will consider a challenge: personal experiences equal or greater than your capacity to receive them, collective experiences equal or greater than your capacity to receive them as an individual or as a society.

These challenges are often villainized. The bigger the challenge, the smaller your capacity to receive them, the more intense the villainization of the challenge itself. The polarity is established: you versus the challenge. The challenge itself could be another individual, a circumstance in life, an emotion, a thought, or a general manifestation of reality. You experience life in this specific way for a reason, as the human form has been established to learn through challenges. The human mind, the human heart, the human body and the human energetic-spiritual construct are established to receive challenges, to learn, to adapt, and to evolve based on the challenges delivered.

Therefore, there is no human form without challenge. There is no human experience without the challenging experiences, without the duality of this form. The only thing that remains is your ability to face the challenges that emerge — to witness, to learn, to experience, and to realize and evolve from the challenges that have been given to you as an individual, as a collective. It is not the avoidance of the challenge yet the ability to witness, to observe, to receive, and to learn from the challenge that will make you a greater human.

Your ability to be truly present no matter what the moment brings is your superpower. It is not the ability of avoidance, of coping mechanisms, of establishing fear-based constraints and boundaries in your life. True strength and alignment will be established through the ability to observe, to surrender, to receive the benefits of the learnings provided by the challenge itself.

And in the intensity of the human vessel challenges will bring forth judgments, opinions, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations — including pain — to make the challenge visceral, to make the challenge as real as possible, and you will experience the challenge as a personal intimate experience.

You will be fully encompassed by the challenge, and it will take over your being for the moment. And you will feel the emotions. You will feel the physical sensations. And you will witness the emergent thoughts. And once the moment of intensity has passed, you will be required to reconcile the experience, to understand and observe what has occurred for you, to apply meaning and purpose to the experience itself, without truly knowing the core of the realization that is embedded in this experience.

This is the moment of highest leverage, the moment shortly after the intensity of the experience. In that moment you are able to create space for yourself. You are able to create an environment in which you can, in silence and in presence, reflect on what has occurred — not just from the perspective of the person that has experienced physical, emotional, or mental stress or pain — yet from a higher perspective as the soul experiencing the human form through you.

What is the learning? What is the gift? What will I receive? What am I receiving through this experience? And in this moment of silence, in this moment of expansion, you will receive an image, a sound, a sensation, a feeling, words, guidance, a realization. This emergence is a significant element to evolution, as the challenges received will become the milestones of your growth, the milestones of individual growth, and the milestones of collective growth.

At times, humanity will cycle through great challenges, over multiple generations. And while these challenges are perceivably insurmountable, within the challenge, the individual human experience is finite and broken into smaller experiences, and smaller challenges full of opportunities for realization. Therefore, an individual, or even the collective, need not wait until the all-encompassing challenge is complete for the collective. At every stage, at every wave of the experience itself, there lies the opportunity to witness, to expand your consciousness, to observe from this dualistic and non-dualistic perspective that you can hold.

Over time, you will understand that you have requested to be part of this human experience, that you have requested the challenges of your life, you have co-created with the entire human collective the challenges that the human collective is facing as part of a grand learning and evolutionary process.

With time, you will accept that this human experience is established perfectly, orchestrated in the best possible ways for the greatest possible learnings. With time, you will appreciate the storms of life, you will appreciate the intensity, the waves, and the ability to experience within the human form. With time you will appreciate life in human form — the circumstances established through the dualistic form, the universe itself providing you and this human collective with everything that is required to evolve as a consciousness.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
The Elohim mentioned that storms or cycles can be long or short, from milliseconds to millions of years. Must we consciously process a challenge in order to realize and learn, or can we trust that even the subtle storms can lead to subconscious micro-learnings, and our evolution, too?

Consciousness evolves and learns consistently through your experiences. The completion of cycles and learnings occur within the subconscious and the unconscious spaces. Yet your ability to choose to learn in a conscious way, applying your time, energy, and resources, your moment, and your attention, consciously, to the processing of these experiences, will benefit you, as you will accelerate in the realization process in your own evolution and will assist humanity's evolution as a result of your conscious choice.

Therefore, while not necessary, it is significantly impactful to an accelerated evolutionary process as a collective, and this acceleration for humanity as a collective is a necessary part of this time of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do you embrace the changes that are occurring but potentially not fast enough? What does potentially not fast enough mean?

‍An observant human being will reflect on the experiences and the cycles that are occurring in their own life as well as in the collective, and at times the desires and the wants of the individual may include a quicker realization for all of humanity, a quicker completion for some cycles and collective experiences to reduce pain, suffering. Therefore, it may emerge within the observant human being to desire a quickened completion, potentially to assist and share one's own perspective so that other perspectives may emerge, other realizations may be catalyzed.

The cycles within the human form — for the individual and for the collective — will take the time required for the realization to emerge and complete, for the learning to become an evolutionary stepping stone for consciousness.

Yet you as an individual, as a consciously evolving individual, have the opportunity to support consciousness in its evolution through applying yourself to the very moment, your capacity to observe, to receive and expand on the moment, as well as your ability to serve humanity and others in their capacity to receive the learnings and the opportunities given by the challenges of this reality.

This is a gift for yourself and for all of humanity, for all of consciousness. The impact and the benefits are exponential. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
In these chaotic times, how can those who are especially vulnerable and marginalized survive these times, with even more chaos apparently to come?

Humanity will have to rely on its own humanity, an increased level of compassion, understanding and love, care and support for those that are inproportionately challenged by the circumstances, will arise within the individual, within communities and within nations. Resources will be shared more generously. The survival of many, ultimately, is a desired aspect of human consciousness embedded within yourself. Naturally, life is perceived as sacred, your life and the life of others, the life of all life forms on Earth. In moments of stress, in moments of survival, humanity will drop into this embedded aspect of its being, not just its own survival as an individual, or small group of individuals, but the survival of as many individuals as possible.

Humanity will learn to take care of each other just the way it has in the past. Some individuals will lead with extraordinary perspectives, compassion and actions. They will open the doorways for other humans to open their hearts and their minds to act accordingly in service to all of those that are inproportionately challenged by the circumstances, leading the way to a new generation of humanity.

Therefore, as a community and as a collective, you are well established to receive and face any and all challenges if you truly allow yourself to feel this embedded and integrated aspect of your being, the true nature of collective consciousness, collective existence, and collective experience.

Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Which predominant beliefs does humanity need to release in order to become a conscious creator who is aligned with the natural flow of creation and destruction?

The beliefs to be held, and the beliefs to be dismissed: First, hold the belief and the truth within your being once you have discovered the resonance of this message. While you have an individualized form, an individualized experience, you are part of a human collective experiencing the human form together for your evolution as a collective, and for your evolution as an individualized soul. All experiences and all moments of life are divinely orchestrated and aligned to deliver the greatest possible learnings to you as an individual, and to the human collective as a consciousness. This Earth itself is a sacred ground for you to learn the human form, and to learn from the human form.

All ecosystems established — energetically, spiritually, as well as physically — are here to support you in your evolution and in your learning. Therefore, all ecosystems are to be perceived and maintained as sacred. This human vessel that you have been given is a sacred instrument, the vessel through which you will experience the human form. The more you understand and take care of this instrument, the more it will serve you in your experience of the human form.

In the human form, you will experience the full spectrum of emotion — some of which you will not like, you will not want, and you may perceive as negative or destructive — yet once you develop and connect into the higher perspective of your being, you will notice that the creative and the destructive aspects of human existence are a natural polarity required to have this human experience.

And therefore, as a human being, you will embrace all that emerges and you will understand that with every realization you have, that which emerges shifts and changes. The greater your resistance, the more intense the experiences, the more repetitive and persistent the recreation of these circumstances.

Therefore, create a space within yourself and outside of yourself that is conducive to receive the learnings, that is conducive for you to have the space and the time to internalize the learnings of this human experience.

The beliefs to release: That you are alone. That you must 'do' in order to be loved, in order to be valuable. That you have no value, no meaning, no purpose. That life is suffering. That in life, only duality exists as you are separate from everything else. That in this finite experience of the human form, resources are scarce, therefore only available to those that are the strongest, the most controlling, the most dominant, the most powerful. Releasing the understanding that you as a soul can only, and only operate the human form while being in the human form. That this reality in the physical form is the only thing that exists, and the only thing that you can experience as your consciousness.

These are beliefs to be held, and to be dismissed, yet not with the mind, not through learning and memorization. It is through naturally emergent resonance of the message itself within you resonating truth and alignment upon which the belief itself is held, or another belief is dismissed naturally, without conscious effort.

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
In order to become a conscious creator, is it necessary to completely clear old stories and conditioning or trauma? Can we actively be conscious creators even though fears and internal misalignments arise in our daily lives at times when we are not in states of silence and presence?

Becoming a conscious creator is a journey. On this journey of becoming a conscious creator you will face and witness the depths of your being, the depths of your subconscious, your unconscious mind, the depths of your traumas, the depths of your past unprocessed emotions unexpressed.

Therefore, as you embark on this journey, you embark on a journey of greater alignment within yourself. And at times you will find a space and expansion and alignment that will allow you to create consciously from that place. And you will notice through a continued exploration that there are many more aspects of your being that require tending, your attention, and your realizations. And the more you continue this journey of alignment within, the greater your capacity, the consistency of your ability to create, to move through this reality.

A conscious creator is given a greater amount of power through this construct, as it holds a greater alignment within. The power to create reality from a place of conscious alignment and awareness requires a human being to have faced in extraordinary ways, its own being, its own life, its own lineage, its own heritage; the human form itself explored and witnessed in great detail, through which this alignment will provide the power to become a conscious creator in human form.

Yet every step on the journey to become a conscious creator will be valuable to you as every step towards alignment will bring greater health, greater wellbeing, greater trust and confidence, greater life force and love into your life, naturally fueling the human experience in a positive way, in a way that you recognize to be creative, uplifting and fulfilling.

Therefore, allow yourself to be on the journey of becoming a conscious creator — not for the sake of your ability to create the reality that you desire, but for the sake of holding a greater alignment in human form, for the sake of your ability to serve, for the sake of your ability to love in the greatest possible ways. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I often have dreams full of indications and meanings. I never know if my interpretation is correct. What happens when we dream, and what indications do you give us, and how can we translate them better?

The human experience itself will require moments to truly understand and process, to come to realization. The mechanism of processing life through the subconscious mind in dream and sleep states is an integrated way to allow consciousness naturally and automatically to process. It is not required for the conscious mind to understand the processing and the completions that occur within dream states, yet it may be beneficial to the individual to find conclusions, meaning, understanding, and interpretation in which areas of your life and experiences these processings and completions occur.

Our recommendation is to release the focus and the intention of trying to understand the visions or the dreams that emerge. Rather, focus, in the time that you consciously can associate yourself to the present moment, to the highest possible perspective you can hold in this moment. In this state of observation, your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, as well as aspects of your unconscious mind are processed, observed, and realizations will emerge.

Dreams will continue, as the human vessel has the natural capacity to process in dream states while replenishing the physical functions of the human form. Yet over time, an individual that finds deep alignment and connection, both to the Earth itself and to all of creation, will require less and less sleep for both the processing of the subconscious spaces of the human consciousness, as well as for the replenishing and the realignment of the physical body.

The connection to all of existence, the expansion of the conscious mind encompassing the subconscious and the unconscious spaces of human consciousness, will occur in these moments of silence, in these moments of observation, in these moments of deep connection to creation.

Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
We are all individuals and we are all connected, learning what we need to at the time we need to and for all to benefit. Isn't our goal just to live in joy, spread that joy with those around us and go for the ride with patience, understanding, love, and lots of humor?

That is a very acceptable way of living the human life. You will notice that aside from the actions and the emotions that you have described, the realizations that emerge as an individual human being living this life that you have described will be a relevant aspect and a significant element of your life.

The life of every human being will bring forth significant realizations that will fuel the soul's evolution, and the evolution of human consciousness. If you choose to live life in joy, in service, in sharing your love in the best possible ways, then your realizations will come along with those experiences. And those that live life in destructive ways, in challenging ways, in painful ways and in suffering, will also have their realizations. Therefore, every pathway of living the human form is equally valid and valuable.

One's choice as a soul to live life in a specific way, one's conscious choice through its will to live life in a particular way, therefore is to be accepted as their choice to live life in this way, to learn from life in this way, to have their realizations in their own way. Yet you may see that the choices that you make, the energy that moves through you, the love that is shared through you may impact others in choosing to live like you have chosen to live, and that will be your service to humanity.

Thank you for your question and thank you for listening to my words, the perspectives we share to allow you a new expansion of understanding, a new expansion of receiving this life in human form.
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