December 21, 2023
Elohim Transmission

Magnitude of Gratitude


Greetings. We are Elohim. In this journey of awakening, you are not alone. All of humanity is truly awakening. Some awakening processes will present themselves as internal challenges, will present themselves as the pains of the past, will present themselves as the fears of the future. Yet all of these are opportunities to be transformed, to be integrated as learnings, as realizations, so that the quality of your presence rises.

The energy that moves through you holds a certain frequency. The frequency that is held is influenced by the thoughts and the mental operations: the emotions currently held; the state of wellbeing of your physical form; and the capacity and alignment of your energetic-spiritual construct. All parts of you impact the frequency you hold.

Additionally, the strength of the energy that moves through you is considered the capacity, or the potential, that moves through your vessel. This human form's complexity is beyond the mind's ability to fully understand, yet the sense you have when you are operating at a great capacity and at a high frequency, is the sense of possibility, knowing that everything is surmountable.

That all problems of the world, all problems of your life, all challenges present, past or future, can be faced with grace; knowing that you are, can be, and will be a beacon of light, an inspiration in human form. And that your presence makes a lasting, a transforming, impact in others; that the energy that moves through you truly touches those around you and assists in their realignment, in their clearing, healing, and uplifting process.

Just as you have been assisted and affected by others in high frequency states — motivated, inspired, trusted, and believed in, you have the same qualities that you can extend to others around you. Even holding a thought, a positive, uplifting perspective of another human being will truly assist in their evolution and in their process of expansion.

The emotions you hold towards others, the emotions you hold towards yourself, affect your frequency and therefore your present state for everyone. The emotions you hold within yourself, even if they're not felt in the moment, are affecting the overall frequency of your being.

Therefore, in states of deep gratitude, in states of deep presence, can you sense all emotions of regret, of remorse, of revenge, of anger, sadness, grief, desperation, hate and wrath? Emotions stored, often deeply, until the circumstances of life bring forth the unprocessed past.

As the emotions rise, the opportunity is ripe to transmute, to release, to clear, and to restore a higher frequency within your being. No longer hidden thoughts, hidden emotions; no longer subconscious and unconscious activities that create your reality, that challenge your ability to be present and in your power.

Ultimately who you are, how you show up in the world, is determined by your ability to clear all of which that hasn't been cleared yet within yourself. And you will notice as you process the elements of the past, the aspects stored in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of your being, all of your relationships, all of your communities, all of your actions will be impacted by this transformation. The process, the continued journey, to alignment.

Those of you that have chosen this path will be the first ones to assist others in their journey of awakening, in their journey of alignment. Many humans will be challenged by this awakening process that is occurring globally. Communities, networks, groups of individuals connected in person through, consciousness, will hold, will weave a web of frequency to hold all of humanity.

You are the ones that are holding this energetic web around the world. Through your connections, through your bond, through your collaborations, through your co-creations, through the presence, through the meditations that you do together and in synchronized ways, you support all of humanity.

The greatest challenges that humanity is facing and will face can only be overcome through the power of consciousness, the transformative power that is within you and that is accessible through the present moment, through expanded states of consciousness. This will be your power to transform, to face any and all challenges within humanity.

As the powerful emotions within you rise when faced with challenges, notice the shift of frequency within your being. Frequency requires no reason, no rationale, it just is. Therefore your anger, your sadness, no matter how justified it is, will bring you down in your frequency; and as you utilize your anger, your sadness, to amplify the energy that moves through you, you fuel the same chaos that is emergent. So how can change occur?

The battle that you are fighting is within you. The external manifestations of this battle are merely the collective reflection of the many unprocessed elements of the past within the collective. What are the battles within you? Where have you suppressed? Where have you avoided and resisted the deep pain that you have held, that your lineage has held, that your collective has held?

And what are the processes you will do individually and collectively to address, to unearth these parts of your being in a safe environment, in a way that allows the past to transform, to heal, to realign?

Your emotions will always be yours. As long as you are human, the full spectrum of emotions are available to you. Yet you will notice that an emotion that lingers, an emotion that is consistently present, is no longer a natural response to the immediate circumstance. It is a response to a long lasting, unprocessed, pain of the past.

You are capable, and collectively you create energetic fields in moments like these, where all of you can witness each other and yourselves with this non-dual perspective, a truly unconditionally loving witness.

Within this field of the love of creation, you are held, you are loved, you are supported. All parts of you are — the dark, the light, and all in between. All that you have ever done and all that you will ever do, is held in this great love. And in this light, in this love, you can witness yourself. You can accept, you can embrace, all parts of your being.

And your consciousness, as a witness, allows the transformation to occur, naturally. Attachments release, naturally. Emotional and energetic charges release, naturally. In this consistent flow of energy, you are consistently clearing.

Your mental states realign. Thoughts clear. The lenses and the perspectives through which you see the world, expand and shift. Your ability to shift and manifest reality emerges. And overtime you become a conscious creator of your reality, of the realities around you, of the collective reality.

A conscious creator has faced all misalignments within; has faced all opportunities to transform the past; has faced all misalignments within, of the lineage and the collective, from within themselves.

A conscious creator is the individual that humanity will require in this great transformation, in this great evolution that the human collective is going through, a maturation of unprecedented nature. This proces of maturation will only accelerate, the unprocessed elements of the past will only become more visible and more intensely felt.

Therefore these moments are the safe spaces for you to touch upon that which has not completed yet, to hold yourself in this light of transformation and change, and to become this great aligned version of yourself.

As your alignment increases, your thoughts shift, your emotions shift, the frequency you hold shifts, your actions and reactions shift. You recieve challenges differently. You are consciously aware of the impact of the challneges on your beng. Your state of being is no longer destabilised by unstable activities and presence outside of you. You recognize the interconnected nature of the inside and the outside.

And as your internal stability strengthens the fields, the relationships and the spaces to which you are called to, will be affected by your stability, by your strength and by your alignment. This is the journey of those in service, of those becoming conscious creators. In moments of challenge, return to your practice of gratitude.

Despite all internal and external challenges, a part of you will always understand the concept of gratitude. Even the smallest aspect of your life that you are grateful for will be a door opener to shift your state of being, the frequency held within your being. And one piece that you're grateful for will lead to another piece in your life, and as this string of gratitude continues to grow and lead you to more elements of this reality to be grateful for, your entire being starts to shift.

It is therefore considered a significant and powerful practice to shift your state of being. It is not meant to forget the other aspects of your life that are currently challenged and require closer attention. Yet all transformative processes that you will go through, will be held with greater love and greater safety when within yourself, a sense of gratitude is consistently present.

Every breath and opportunity for gratitude, every heartbeat and opportunity for gratitude, every step you make, every touch, every sip of water, every piece of food, opportunities for gratitude. Every eye contact, every smile, every relationship in your life, an opportunity for gratitude; and from this place of gratitude, transformation, expansion and bringing forth this high frequency presence, magnetizing others, attracting alignment and abundance into your life is a natural effect.

Gratitude, therefore, is a key practice. Over time, it will require no practice as your being has adjusted to consistently witness life as something to be grateful for, every moment as something to be grateful for, and gratitude as an integral part of your being is just like the breath you take. Consistent, present, and always serving your wellbeing.

Thank you all for listening to our words. The transformation of humanity, your own transformation, is within your hands, within your hearts, within your ability; and it is the time for all of you to step deeper and further into this alignment process of yourselves so that you can be the aligned Pillars of Light of this world, the aligned conscious creators of this world.

Your choices will affect the choices of others. Your depth and quality of presence will affect how the frequency establishes in any field, in any relationship, in any community. This is one drop in the ocean, yet the power established of the waves of this drop will move across the entire globe, the entire sea: a wave of love, a wave of presence, a wave of care, a wave of gratitude.

We will now commence with the adjustments. Adjustments to assist you in finding greater alignment within, and a continued depth in your practice of presence.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.
May this inspire and uplift you for the coming moments, days, months, and years. Yet remember, you are the one that holds the power to live the life that you choose to live, to have the impact that you choose to have, to become the conscious creator that you want to become.
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