Have you felt that there is more to the world – and to you as a human being – than meets the eye? Perhaps deep questions have arisen within, like “Who am I? What is the purpose of life and of existence?”

We invite you to join us on the journey of discovery for answers to some of these questions. We are excited to share this journey with you during this unprecedented time of accelerated awakening on Earth.

Welcome to the Discovery Series.

"Your internal resonance frequency will change the way you think, the way you act, the way you operate, the way you communicate, and the way you relate to this reality, to all human beings, to all living beings, to all non-material beings, and to all planes of existence beyond this Earthly plane.“
Watch Asil introducing our new Discovery Series course.
Are you ready to join a journey of personal and consciousness evolution, to discover greater aspects of yourself as you begin to realize the divine being that you are?

Discover your full potential

What to expect?

Learn to see reality and yourself through the lens of energy
Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, of life itself, and of consciousness
Explore how higher consciousness is available to guide you on your journey towards self-realization
Lay the groundwork for your self-realization journey
Identify your innate connection to our Earth and recognize her as a conscious, alive being
Receive energetic alignments delivered by the channeled guides to create a strong foundation for the being you are becoming
Daily meditations and practices to help you establish a strong foundation
Experience deep meditative states
Establish a stronger framework for your understanding of the human experience, including improved personal practices
Explore a safe and dedicated community space (on a digital platform as well as live group calls) to share experiences with like-minded peers on the journey.

How does this work?

Discovery Series: Aligning Self & Earth is a self-paced course with eight modules designed to guide you towards a deeper understanding of the self-realization journey – the journey towards becoming the highest potential version of yourself. Discovery will help you reach states of presence, silence and alignment as you connect with your true essence.

Receive transmissions, channeled wisdom, powerful energetic adjustments as well as daily meditations and exercises to help you self-realize and empower yourself.

“This process of awakening is inevitable; it is and it will be part of your life until the very end. You may choose to suppress, resist or ignore the aspects of yourself that are requesting to be listened to, yet this calling of the inner voices will only become louder. A part of you will require to surrender, to slow down and to stop, to listen deeply, to find space and time for silence and balance; a time for contemplation.”

Why do this work?

This course is designed to introduce you to the foundational concepts for the self-realization journey, help you to understand your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, and your innate connection to both humanity’s collective consciousness as well as to Earth and her consciousness.

Discovery Series aims to help you:

  • Understand the meaning and purpose of the human experience and the self-realization journey
  • Meet and align your four bodies
  • Reactivate your innate connection to all aspects of yourself, humanity’s collective consciousness and all of existence
  • Remember your innate connection to the Earth and her consciousness
Discovery Series is a powerful self-paced course for the self-realization journey

What do I receive?

Discovery Series was designed as an entirely self-paced course, with an array of opportunities provided to deepen your connection to yourself, to higher consciousness and to Earth.

Access to 8 transmissions, daily meditations, integration practices and exercises, as well as a global community of like-minded seekers.

In addition to online support, we offer online community video calls where we discuss and explore our experiences as well as receive guidance and support from Evolution One.

Within our digital course platform, we host everything from the transmissions to the course materials, including guided channel meditations for daily practice, suggested exercises, journal prompts and more.

The online platform was designed to create a safe and dedicated community space for participants to continue conversations and connect with one another and facilitators.

Join us as we deepen our capacities during this critical moment in humanity’s’ collective awakening.

Cost & Registration

We ask for a minimum contribution of $88. Please use the buttons in the form to select a suggested donation and sign up for the program.

Any contribution above $88 will be considered a donation.

Learn to align the four aspects of your being, to improve your energetic alignment, and to embody your connection with your true essence, higher consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth.

Align yourself for a deeper level of presence in your daily life

"The power that emerges from your level of presence is the fuel of your existence, is the fuel that brings forth your conscious creations, the unfolding of your potential through this very moment."


Hear what previous program participants had to share about the course:
“I absolutely enjoyed [the course] and was extremely pleased to be connected worldwide with like-minded people who care about the planet and consciousness... The course is full of pure love and compassion with an opportunity to grow and heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”
“I feel that all parts of my being have been reacquainted with each other. I feel ready to continue on my journey of evolution and feel a connection to myself, to higher consciousness, to community, and to the earth."
"Empowering. Each and every module I was working with unfolds a deeper level of understanding. My sense of alignment and well-being increased."
"The course was a deep dive into the transmission of Asil. It unlocked stuck places in me and allowed them to move again. This happened on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual-energetic levels. I highly recommend this course for those interested in devoting themselves to the path of becoming a 'Pillar of Light' in the world. It was just what I've been looking for my whole adult life.”
”I absolutely love the course! It has so much depth and is extremely well done. I can see myself revisiting it frequently!”

Reported impacts:

feel more internally resourced to face challenges and realign since completing the Pillars of Light program.
feel their capacity to serve the evolution of human consciousness has increased since engaging in the Pillars of Light program
have been engaged or more engaged in serving the transformation of humanity as a result of the Pillar of Light pathway.
say this program has deepened their experience of/connection with the divine.
say this program has deepened their spiritual practice.
say it increased their capacity to observe triggers/emotional responses and change personal routines, and habits.
We gathered these survey results from hundreds of participants over the course of the past three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the Discovery course ends?

We encourage you to pre-enroll in Foundations, the first level course for the Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth pathways and the perfect follow-up to "Aligning Self & Earth". As a four-week course, Foundations includes four transmissions and four successive group practice sessions each week to help you establish a strong energetic foundation as you expand your consciousness and embody your highest potential self.

If I have never meditated can I still participate?

Yes, there is no requirement to have previous meditation experience. The audio meditations contained in the course will guide you through the experience easily and with little effort, all that is asked of you is to make time for silence and hold the intention to bring your presence to the moment during meditation.

How long will the course take to complete?

We suggest that participants self-pace their learning journey with one module per week, or one to two transmissions per week, depending on the time each participant feels is necessary for their comprehension of the material, and for the integration after each transmission, which varies for each participant. We suggest you go as slowly or as quickly as you feel comfortable, and allow the pace of the course to unfold naturally for you – as there is no need to finish by a specific timeframe.

Is Discovery a prerequisite to other Evolution One programs?

While Discovery: Aligning Self & Earth is not a prerequisite for additional training, it is highly recommended for participants interested in Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth Pathways as it provides a strong foundation for either pathway.

A lot of this material looks familiar. If I have taken Becoming a Pillar of Light and Sacred Earth: Activation, am I just repeating what I’ve already taken?

If you have taken Becoming A Pillar of Light and/or Sacred Earth Activation Level, some of this course content may be familiar to you.

We do still recommend it, not only as a refresher of previous work, but as an entirely new offering. We have organized past material with new material in a way that brings participants through the core elements of Ascension One’s work in a way we have not offered before in a course.

The Discovery course material is presented in a new sequence and the transmissions are intended to provide a deeper level of alignment even to participants who have received them previously, as they are individually adjusted for each participant based on their current state of being.

We have created the course to thoughtfully guide participants through the foundational elements of our work and have included entirely new instructional content, lessons, practices, a new integration transmission and exercises to support what we consider to be our most fundamental and primary transmissions.

The curation of these transmissions and experiences into a 8-module course makes it stand on its own as something we are proud to introduce to our community. In addition, we offer dedicated support through monthly Discovery Integration calls on Zoom, facilitated specifically for Discovery Series participants and not available to the general public community not enrolled in the course.

Change your energy, and you will transform your life.

What the Guides Say About Discovery Course

"The impact and the benefits resulting from these alignments will be many-fold. Some of those alignments and its benefits will be subtle; unrecognizable to the mental or emotional concepts of the human body. Some adjustments will be recognizable and perceived [by conscious awareness] over time. Some adjustments will provide a shift of perspective, a greater capacity, both emotionally [and] mentally; a greater capacity physically and energetically.The continuation of this gift unfolds within you as you continue to reap the benefits of this transmission, our offering to you, with our intention of support, the expression of our love, the extension of our perspective, all for this very moment, all for the very important milestones in humanity's evolution."

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