Conscious Creators

During this Becoming a Conscious Creator Workshop, live-streamed and recorded on March 2nd & 3rd, we explored the essence of becoming a conscious creator, the art of being an empowered human being, and the profound significance it holds for one’s own life and for humanity's evolution.

“At this great time of awakening in human form, you are the one that awakens first.  You are the one that chooses, that in all the ways that you have lived your life and your past lives, no longer serves the very moment that you're in.  A greater calling from within requests the empowerment of your entire being.”

What To Expect?

  • Activate your innate power for conscious creation
  • Expand your capacity to manifest an empowered life
  • Awaken and align with your highest potential
  • Deepen your presence, clarity, and trust in life
  • Elohim transmissions and impactful energetic alignments
  • Guided practices and meditations
  • Recorded Q&A sessions with Asil & Emmanuel
  • Lifetime access to replays

Access all 6 recorded sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible power that you hold when you master internal alignment and become a conscious creator of your own life and reality - when the soul within you is embodied, expanding the possibilities for your life and service in the greatest possible ways.



Recording Access: All 6 sessions are available in our dedicated 'Becoming a Conscious Creator' Mighty Networks space


  • DAY 1 Session 1: Elohim Transmission
  • Session 2: Q&A with Asil
  • Session 3: Guided Meditation with Asil and Q&A with Emmanuel
  • DAY 2 Session 1: Practice with George
  • Session 2: Elohim Transmission
  • Session 3: Q&A and Talk with Asil

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