June 21, 2023

Summer Solstice from the Bosnia Pyramids


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In the transformation and the evolution of consciousness of the human collective, places like these will play a significant role. Your connection to the Earth is an important connection to consciousness, as the Earth's connection is equally a supporting mechanism as well as a bridge to this material realm, to the experience of the physical form.

The energy provided by this Earth, as well as her consciousness support, the energetic field provided by the Earth, aside from the ecosystems that provide for your livelihood, will play and continue to play a significant role in your evolution.

Certain places, nodal points on the energetic lines of this Earth, will be attuned to synchronize in frequency and collectively establish a higher frequency on this Earth. The field that human consciousness is receiving from will operate at a higher frequency to allow the consciousness of humanity to evolve at an accelerated pace.

The increase of this frequency will be held by energetic points, nodal points of these energy lines, creations of humanity, as well as established nodes on the grids by those that have lived before humanity on this material form, beings of other dimensions, beings of other physical places in this universe.

Many interventions that have been authorized and not authorized, have been delivered to the Earth itself and to humanity itself. Some of these nodal points, like this one, received interventions by civilizations off Earth, and the imprint and technologies provided served a specific purpose, the proliferation, the acceleration, and the evolution of consciousness. And at first, the established structures provided a bridge and a connection point for those that had made the journey to Earth to establish these structures, to provide the baseline and a seed they could plant; a presence.

Yet beyond these seeds planted and the self-serving aspect of their own evolution, this nodal point will now serve humanity at large, consciousness at large, the evolution of humanity as a collective.

Technologies of any kind — Earth technologies, off-Earth technologies, technologies of higher dimensions — can all be combined to deliver a specific frequency, united and synchronized to support one goal, the ascension of humanity.

And while the purpose of this transmission is to bring you all closer to each other, to humanity, and to an evolutionary milestone, the secondary aspect of this gathering will be the attunement of places like these. As through your attunement, through this grid, other places around the Earth will receive the wave of energy, the wave of transformation.

And you will notice that your presence and your transformation as a collective will impact other individuals and humans around the world. As a collective you are interconnected and interdependent. As a collective you are truly one, merely experiencing the illusion of separation in the physical form. As a collective, you and the Earth have been one for a long time.

Humanity has received tremendously, and continues to receive from this umbilical cord to the Earth. And in the evolution of your consciousness humanity will continue to be a child of this Earth until its ascension is truly complete.

Envision yourself as a child of this Earth, receiving the beauties, receiving the loving energy, and envision yourself receiving the energy of this Earth with the interconnected energy of sites like these, a special and specific flavor.

And as you receive both the Earth directly through you, and the Earth indirectly through a site like this, both support you in your evolution, in your healing, in your alignment, and in your synchronization as a community, as a society, and as humanity.

We will now commence with the energetic adjustments so that you may receive the benefits fully within your being, and within all of you as a community, impacting the fabric of reality on this Earth.

[Adjustment work done]

And witness the synchronization within your being. Witness the connection to all individuals present. And witness the expanded connection to all of humanity. Witness the light passing through you, through this field generated by this group, by the intention, and by the opening created on this Earth on this particular day.

And the purity of this light moves across the plane of the Earth with ease, with grace, with unconditional love, touching many souls, clearing stagnant energies, uplifting places of trauma, bringing a new and fresh energy to those that have not seen and received this kind of light in a long time, those that have felt alone, those that have felt sick, those that have felt in pain, and unloved. And not just humans, but all forms of consciousness on this Earth in material kind — the animals, the plants, and all supporting ecosystems — and the non-material forms of consciousness supporting this human experience, receive this light equally, generating a powerful uplift for all of this creation.

And anchor this feeling of possibility within your heart, within your mind. Anchor this level of presence within your yourself. And recall this presence and this energy at any point if you choose to, and if you require assistance. Remember the potency that is generated by the collective and by the many sacred sites of this Earth, of this planet.

Thank you for listening to our words. This transmission is complete.

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