May 21, 2024
Elohim Transmission

World Meditation Day


Greetings. We are Elohim.

Even though you may perceive this moment as a guided meditation, as a voice that will lead you into a quieter place within yourself, into a peaceful place, into an expanded place, into a place of possibilities, this is not a meditation. It is a transmission: an energetic delivery specifically dedicated to support you in your evolution, so that your meditations can truly bear fruit, so that your meditations find greater efficacy, potency, greater silence, greater love, greater expansions.

These forms of transmissions occur often alongside with a meditative state, and you find yourself in meditative states as a result of these transmissions. Therefore, you may perceive it as you wish.

The moment of silence that you dedicate to yourself, to your life, and to your evolution is indeed a powerful gift. Meditations, as a structured form to enter these moments of silence, have been for thousands of years a valued mode to learn, to quiet, to evolve; to find peace in challenging moments, to find alignment no matter the circumstances, as a meditative practice was available to you and would induce you into a state beyond the immediate problems, the immediate illusions of separation, the immediate challenges of the circumstances.

The practice was developed so that you would have the support that you required to become an aligned, a more loving, compassionate being; a human at peace with itself and with its environment.

In a moment of meditative peace, your consciousness finds itself in an expanded state, in an elevated state. Your consciousness allows the flow of energies beyond this Earthly plane: a movement of energy; receiving this love of creation is truly healing on all levels of your being, providing an overall alignment.

The potential of who you are in the moment expands as you are present. Future moments do not exist, neither are contemplated, neither are afraid of, or judged. Nothing exists beyond the moment itself. Elements of the past have truly passed. Even the aspects unprocessed are mere memories of the illusion itself.

Even with a significant purpose to remember the unprocessed, even with a significant purpose to fear the future, in this moment of true presence, you remember to be who and what you are: whole and complete, perfect, expansive, full of possibility and full of love.

All else — thoughts, emotions, perspectives, opinions and conditionings of the mind — dissolve. All that you are, all that you ever were, all that you ever will be, is here and now. All the potential you hold is no longer in the past, nor in the future. All the love that you can feel, all that you can see yourself to be, all possibilities and impossibilities, here and now.

From this moment, all other moments expand into being, and into reality. Nowhere to be, nothing to do. In this moment you are one with all and you remember this connection to all of existence. In this moment, you are yourself, all versions of you, all past and future versions, all parallel versions, and you are everyone else.

In this moment, separation, as an illusion, becomes subtle; a necessary condition to experience the individualized form as a human. As you enter a deeper state of silence within, the aspects that operate and perceive this illusion of reality are subdued. The sensation and the sense of a reality beyond, of a reality of oneness, becomes a natural state of being.

You are the observer and the observed. You are the creator and the created. You are the one that you see. You are the one that is seen.

And even the sensations of this body, the sensations, emotions of this heart, the thoughts and the operations of this mind, can only be an addition to all that you are, never defining who you are, never limiting your true self and identity, never limiting the true experience of life itself, of love itself and reality itself.

In this moment of presence, the possibilities as they emerge, the quieting as it integrates, the expansion of your consciousness as it solidifies, provides for the flow of energy that is supportive, that is regenerative, so that this vessel of yours, this mind of yours, this heart of yours, can naturally align all learnings to be had. All realizations to emerge are accelerated, so that truly, the unfolding moments beyond this one are expanded possibilities.

The mind will question, will doubt, will fear, will judgem and evaluate. The mind will form an opinion, an interpretation, a perspective of every observation. Yet, as you are the observer, can you observe the mind observing all that is seen and felt and thought, that part of you that is beyond the mind, the non-dualistic part of your existence, has no opinion, has no judgment, has no evaluation? It is a pure observer: The all seeing observer, seeing and feeling all that you are without judgment, allowing you to be who you are, who you were, and who you can be. The all seeing observer, observing all potential and existing timelines, past lives, future lives equally as beneficially, equally as lovingly, equally as a gift.

In this observational state of being, in this present state of being, allow yourself to dissolve even more. The barriers of self and other, the barriers of separation, become non-existent so that you can be you and all.

As you hold yourself in this meditative state, in this expanded state of consciousness and being, in this state of deep presence, we will deliver a gift of ours to you: energetic adjustments that, through this moment, will ripple through your being and through your life and impact the way you live life, the way you walk this human form, the way you expand into the greatest potential version of your being, holding infinite possibilities.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work done]

Thank you for receiving this work. This transmission is complete.
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