July 15, 2023
Special Workshop

The Spiritual Foundation for a New Era


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this transformational process that humanity as a collective is undergoing, you are not the subject to the changes that are occurring — you are the one that has requested, you are the one that is creating this reality as a choice of steps for the evolution of your consciousness, both as an individualized soul, as well as as a collective of souls, as a collective consciousness that humanity represents. You make the choice for the reality that is required to occur, and the timelines that are truly requested by the majority of souls comes into fruition, into reality, into the experience that you're having right now.

While truly all realities and all choices coexist, one reality carries a great significance in the evolution of its consciousness. You are experiencing this current reality, this current present moment that all of you, right now, share. In this current, present moment, all of you have chosen to mature collectively as a species, as a collective consciousness, as individuals walking this path, receiving the transformational power that is available on this Earthly plane. And the energies that were once available are returning, and even further increasing to levels never experienced before on this Earthly plane.

This energy, utilized, received appropriately, will be of great benefit to those that can transmute the energy into life force, into mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual energy. As energy is purely the raw creative love of creation, you are the receiver and the transmuter of that energy. The energy itself, once transmuted, becomes available and accessible, applicable to you. All aspects of your life receive that energy — your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body, your livelihood, your soul, your consciousness — all parts of you receiving the benefits.

Yet as most individuals and humans are the descendants of many generations where the energy levels on this plane were low, most individuals on this Earthly plane, in this human population, are not attuned and adjusted to the rising energies of this Earthly plane. The energetic system of your physical body, of your mental, of your emotional, and of your energetic-spiritual construct, are not capable of receiving this energy at the greatest capacity that you could; due to the traumas of the lineages that you have lived, the generations that have lived before, due to the environmental complexities that you're experiencing, due to the choices that you have made as humanity for food, for drinking, for consumption, for the mind, for education.

The alignment that is naturally available and accessible to you as you are born, requires significant realignment. The conditioning of society, the conditioning of many lives lived, the conditioning of the previous generations that have lived before you, has shaped humanity and has shaped who you are. Every choice that was once made, every aspect of life that hasn't been fully processed, every experience unrealized, is an element of misalignment seeking for greater alignment.

Your soul naturally is programmed and attuned to seek greater alignment — yet due to the aspect of the mind and the heart and the physical body being able to steer your choices in this reality based on the observations and the choices of the ego-construct, you can truly omit the naturally driven impulses of the soul. You can suppress these aspects of the soul.

Through the practice of seeking silence, the mind will find a moment of rest. The body will find a moment of rest. The heart will find a moment of rest. And in this moment of rest, you find yourself in a new state of presence.

And this present state will become more and more potent in its depth and in its quality. No matter the circumstances of your environment, the depth and the quality of your presence increases; and your consciousness, the totality of your consciousness becomes the present aspect of your being — your true self, your soul's voice, your seed of creation.

Beyond the voices of the mind, beyond the voices of the heart and the voices of the body, this voice has a truth that leads you to seek a greater alignment within yourself, to seek the greatest harmony and the greatest attunement to your environment. The environment of this reality, this Earth, this cosmology, this existence itself, provides — yet rarely, truly, in an aligned way, you and all fof humanity, receive.

The capacity of a human being to truly receive this love of creation at greater levels, is beyond your imagination. Being able to walk this human form, this human life without any sickness, without any aging, without any aspect of pain, with full openness, full ability to observe the power of being human with all its senses and the senses that you haven't discovered yet, this is merely a singular scope of what is possible in this human form.

Yet it is not for the possibilities of the human form that you will seek this path — it is for the natural unfolding that your soul will desire: a greater alignment in the human form, a greater attunement to the rising energies of this reality, a greater perception of life, of love, of creation itself. And the byproducts of this seeking of alignment, of this seeking of expansion and evolution of your consciousness, will truly fuel your health and your wellbeing, your relationships, and your path as a human being.

The evolution of your consciousness fuels the evolution of your being as a soul, all aspects of the lives that you have lived, all generations that have provided a reality for you, all relationships that you have developed — and most significantly: your relationship to yourself, to existence itself, to this Earth, and to all conscious existence on this Earth.

This evolutionary process that you are undergoing is inevitable. All of humanity, all beings alive and perceivably not alive, will receive the increasing energies of this Earthly plane. The Earth itself, as a conscious being, is evolving and is expanding in its consciousness. The evolutionary processes that have started impact all beings on this Earth, including the Earth itself.

You are affected by this change, by this increase of energy, and most of you have felt the change that is already emerging within you, within the environment, within the societies that you are part of. All of humanity will undergo this change. Yet how you receive the transformational power of this reality, will remain yours.

Can you truly open yourself, your heart, your mind, and your body to shed that which has been collected over many generations and lifetimes, through the realizations that will emerge within you, through the silence and the presence that you will seek? Can you allow the space to occur within your life for this transformation to happen? Can you make this conscious choice, now?

This is the first step, the conscious choice of your soul, of your mind, of your heart, and of your body; aligned to open yourself to a great evolutionary process; a process that will bring forth a healing, an alignment, an expansion, many realizations and a great evolution. And you will notice that this transformational process will change the ego-construct, will change the emotional-construct and the relationships established, the framework, the conditions and the constructs of the relationships that you have.

The physical body will receive the benefits, as the energy that is moving through your body without barriers will now be utilized by the body naturally to replenish, rejuvenate, regenerate. A great healing occurs in all aspects of your being. This is the spiritual foundation required for the emerging period in humanity's transformation.

You are the ones to walk this path. You are the ones to choose. You are the ones to receive. And as a result of your receptivity, as a result of your growth, as a result of your evolution, you become the ones to share — abundantly, lovingly, generously. An example of transformation will be set by you. An example of livelihood, of love, of alignment, of presence, will be set by you. You will embody the qualities of this new generation of human existence. You will embody the great potential of this human form: the power that is and has always been yours to hold and to wield.

In this transformation, you will notice that the challenges that emerge are mostly challenges within yourself. Your response, your reaction, is the greatest challenge to any circumstance that is emerging in your life and in your environment. Therefore, the first aspects of dismantling will be the mental construct that has learned to judge a certain environmental experience, a human experience, in a specific way — the comforts that have been established, the expectations that have been established of yourself and of your environment.

The dismantling of these constructs will be required so that you can learn to receive reality in a more open way, in a way that allows you to see reality with a wider perspective, with a clear understanding, and for you to observe the great possibilities of response and non-response. This is the potential of your mental construct as it is expanded into the nondual aspect of your consciousness. This is the power that you hold as a human being evolving into this new generation of human existence.

In this transformational process, as the acceleration is occurring and the energies are rising, the great accessibility of energy will be challenging to hold and to utilize. At first, an increased energy will feel challenging to the mind, and challenging to the heart. Emotions will be stronger than usual. Thoughts and judgments, opinions, perspectives, will be stronger than usual, leading to greater polarization within and without.

The practice of finding silence within yourself, and a deeper level of presence, will allow you to observe the energy as it is moving through you, to observe the emotions and thoughts as they're being amplified within you. And in this building of your capacity, you become a master of observing your reality. A master that can observe the movement of energy, the movement of thought, the movement of emotion, and the movement of your physical form with mastery.

And once you see more clearly, from a place of alignment, from a place of an extended, expanded perspective, you are given the gift of wielding this energy that moves through you, a creative force that is now at your hands.

What will you create? How will you use this power, this love, this creative force that moves now through you? How will you direct your thoughts, and how will you make your thoughts a reality? How will you extend your emotions into the relationships that you hold? How will you love yourself and everyone else? How will you treat this Earth as a result of the power that you hold? How will you treat all of life? These are questions that you will know the answers to as you continue this process of evolution.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments to support you on this path of evolution, on this path of establishing a new spiritual foundation within yourself.
Thank you for receiving this work. Our transmission is complete.

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