April 8, 2024
Transmission and Q&A

Solar Eclipse - The Awakening of Conscious Creators


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In a moment of transformation, the human form will be challenged — the mind; the emotional center, the heart; and the physical vessel, the body; and the energetic-spiritual construct at its current state.

The moment of transformation is the accumulation of all the moments before that have not transformed, yet culminated to this very moment for a transformational process.

Some transformations require short periods of time to build up to the moment of transformation. And some transformational moments require significant cycles to build, to amplify, and to culminate into moments where celestial bodies and the circumstances of the energetic field that you are in are perfectly conditioned to fuel and spark this transformation.

Therefore, witness the circumstances more than just as a challenge. Witness the circumstances as a catalyst, as a spark for evolution and for transformation.

This moment that you're experiencing, the eclipses combined, offer such a powerful transformational spark for humanity, for you as the individual. Who you are and who you have been will not determine who will you be, will not determine who you will become.

In a moment of transformation, significant possibilities of the future unfold — beyond the possibilities we could have imagined, beyond the possibilities the mind could have predicted or projected into the future.

The mind will respond with fear, not knowing that its projections may not unfold as expected — the plans it has made, the promises given, the reliance and trust granted by others — may not be fulfilled based on its projections of the future.

This in itself will naturally unfold in thoughts and perception of self. Who are you if your future projections and predictions of yourself may not be what you wanted them to be, what you assumed them to be? What is the value, what is the element of trust that others can ensue and grant you? Who is the person that you're becoming that is required to be truly present? And how is this person judged by yourself, by your own ego-construct?

In this moment, all elements of the past, all elements of the future, do not exist. They are mere amplified thoughts, memories of the past, projections of the future brought to you in the present.

Therefore, the only reality truly experienced is the present reality. And who are you in this present reality? How do you receive the circumstances of your environment? How do you receive the emerging energies, the amplified energies, these catalyzing energies of reality?

Does your present moment receive the energies, expand, evolve? Does your present moment get challenged by the present energies?

Through continuous development of your being, of your energetic-spiritual construct, you will receive these energies with greater grace, with greater ability.

The energies themselves will provide both fuel and transformational potential: transforming thoughts, transforming beliefs, transforming the mental construct so you can find yourself in deep presence; transforming the heart, the emotions incomplete in their expression, the emotions suppressed, the emotions withheld, the emotions reduced.

As a conscious creator evolving, you will feel more. Your senses will develop even finer, more detailed nuances, a greater sensitivity. Yet with a great center combined with greater sensitivity, you will be able to hold that which you feel, that which you sense, without these sensitivities destabilizing your current state of being.

This energy has the potential to transform your physical body and the physical body responds to the state of the mind, the state of the heart, and the ability of the energetic-spiritual construct to receive the energies of its environment, to transmute these energies for the physical body to receive and to transform into life force. This life force fuels all cells, all functions, and the greater wellbeing of your physical vessel.

This is merely the beginning of what is possible as you have aligned, as you have expanded, and as you start to receive the amplified energies of this moment. Therefore, a great opportunity lies here in this moment. A great opportunity lies in other moments of inflection points, in other moments of celestial events, in other moments of rising energies.

More than just the perceived challenge or potential fears of the future, transformation always requires a sense of loss. The loss of being a certain way, a certain way that has served for many moments of the past. A service that has provided opportunities for learning relationships and personal, emotional and human development.

Many realizations occurred because of these elements of the past. Therefore, in a moment of transformation, in order to truly expand into the moments of the future, one must understand loss is a part of this process.

Are you ready to let go parts of your being that you have loved, that have loved you; parts of your being that have challenged you; parts of your being that you have found yourself attached to?

Releasing these parts of your being in this moment shall be no effort, shall require no intense processes, only an elevation of your frequency and expansion of your consciousness, the observation of this moment.

With this deep observational capacity, you see all that you are, all that you have been. And with true compassion, with a neutral sense of observation, you even witness from this perspective any attachments you may hold, you may have held, or you may still be holding. And this pure observational quality of your being is your place of power. In this moment of observation, there is no would, should or could; there only is.

In this observational perspective, no emotions, but a gentle sense of peace, a sense of being content, a sense of being held, a sense of being loved in an unconditional way, a sense of connection. Witness the attachments softening, witness the thoughts and beliefs of yourself, of the past and of potential futures, softening.

In this moment, in this state of being, you are perfect. You are whole; you are one. You are connected.

Through this state of being the energy that moves through this Earthly plane, through these celestial alignments, moves through you with grace, amplifies your entire being; clears that which needs to be cleared; releases and that which needs to be released; and transforms that which needs to be transformed.

So the space is created within you for a new you to emerge, to awaken; for the conscious creator within you to be embodied in this human form.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving this work, this transmission is complete. May you receive the benefits of this celestial alignment in the best possible ways for your evolution and the evolution of humanity.
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