December 2, 2023
Q&A with Emmanuel

Earth & Humanity as Mother & Child


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.

In today's perspective of life on Earth, you as a human being have conscious understanding of the effect of your choices to your environment on Earth; the Earth itself a home, a sanctuary, a field of experience and possibility for your evolution, for your experience, and for your life.

The Earth, more than just a space in which you evolve, but a true bond of consciousness, a guiding light, a protective and loving environment, an organism of itself, a consciousness of itself holding your collective consciousness throughout its own evolution.

In this evolutionary process on Earth, humanity will discover its capabilities as a consciousness designed and designated within this human form. Yet beyond this human form, a consciousness collective, waiting to mature, waiting to evolve, waiting to be unbound from this Earth, waiting to evolve beyond this Earthly experience as a human form.

And in every moment of your evolutionary process, in every experience you have as a human being, as a human collective, you evolve. Every interaction, every thought, every emotion, every realization contributes to this evolutionary process: your maturation as a collective consciousness.

The Earth is required until you have completed this maturation process and this evolution that you are experiencing. The Earth is the incubation space to provide the safe environment for this evolutionary process. Yet you have the capability, the power, and the influence to destroy life on Earth, including all life.

You have achieved a significant influence on Earth, an influence unparalleled to other species, an influence beyond your capability to hold this influence with grace, with alignment, and with maturity.

Yet as humanity has learned from its actions and those consequences, humanity will learn — one way or another. Consequences are felt on all levels of your being — mental, emotional, energetic-spiritual — and if all of those fail, on a visceral physical level.

Until the maturation of human consciousness is complete on Earth, your relationship with the Earth, your relationship with all life, all ecosystems of this Earth, must be re-established, re-nourished and re-aligned. Only when this bond between you and the Earth, between you and all ecosystems of this Earth, is aligned and providing for you and for the Earth, the maturation and the completion of life as humans on Earth can conclude.

Yet there is a possibility and a potential timeline that humanity continues its destructive patterns, its choices for greater comfort, for greater extraction, for the benefit of very few; choices beyond the full understanding or acceptance of the consequences of those.

These potential timelines display the destruction of life on Earth. Temporarily, the Earth will hold no other consciousness than itself and the most simplified forms. The Earth will rebuild its ecosystems and will start anew to become and to be the sanctuary for a new form of consciousness. There will be no other iteration of humanity on Earth.

Other forms, similar to the humanoid and the human experience will emerge in other systems of this universe. The Earth will serve a different form of consciousness and a different form of physical experience.

She will continue to be a Mother. She will continue to be a safe haven for the evolution of consciousness. Humanity's support, provided in these times of change, will increase as the acceleration and the increase of the energies on this Earthly plane will increase.

Humanity will find itself challenged — mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually — and will open itself to the support that it receives through the many avenues that are possible, authorized, and provided, just as this particular transmission, these words, this energy, is a form of support in a time of change, in a time of evolution.

Our unconditional love and presence, our unconditional support to the individuals ready to receive, to the individuals to walk this path of supporting other humans in their evolution and maturation, an unconditional love, an unconditional gift from us to you, from you extended to humanity, to all life, and to the Earth itself, so that your experience as humans on Earth can extend until the maturation of your consciousness is complete.

This is the journey of human consciousness evolving in the human form on Earth. Without a doubt, some of you will discover this path, will discover the power that they hold within themselves, will discover that they have influence, that they have connection, that they have love and support.

Some of you will walk this path before others do. Some of you will find the light even in the darkest moments. Some of you will discover alignment and realignment while others find themselves lost. And those of you that have walked this path will hold the light for others to find their way again, to find themselves again, to find the light, a possibility, an opportunity of living life in the most beautiful and expansive ways.

You are the ones to live this. You are the ones to assist others in their evolution, in their expansion, and in their journey to becoming the highest potential version of themselves, to rediscovering their bond with the Earth, to rediscovering the gift that they have been given, the unconditional love of this Earth for humanity, and all life supporting the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

Just as a mother loves her child, just as a mother supports her child, provides unconditionally its love, its life, its energy, you will be provided [for] as you rediscover this bond with the Earth.

With the rising energies of the Earth you will notice that this bond with the Earth will provide a significant influx of energy into your being, and those that are aligned will receive this influx of energy as a beneficial force. Those that are misaligned will receive this influx of energy as a challenge, as a disrupting and destabilizing force within their being. This is your process, and only in the evolution of your own being can you be an inspiration to others in the evolution of their being.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we rekindle the original spark of faith in humanity through nature as our divine reflection?

The original spark has always been there and is still is. It has been forgotten by the great evolutionary processes that consciousness has come to as human beings, the great infrastructures, the great conditioning, and the many unprocessed elements of the past. The mind has taken over. The original bond that consistently fuels you as a human being on Earth has been suppressed, has been de-prioritized, diminished.

Yet for some of you that recognize that the mental operations and the mental choices, the conditioning of society, and the choices of society, no longer support your well-being, a moment in nature will allow you to recognize on a visceral level that nature provides to you without asking anything in return, that the unconditional nature of the Earth itself is unparalleled within any human construct.

The mental constructs that are dominating the human experience will be challenged, and eventually will be dismantled. The structures that humanity has created for itself as a society are fragile, and will not withstand the rising energies on this Earthly plane. And as these structures that you have created, that you have relied on, no longer support you, what will you rely on?

You will return to your Mother. You will return to the bond that has served you since the inception of life on Earth, since the beginning of your life. Since the beginning of human existence, the Earth has provided unconditionally and lovingly, and she will continue to do so, even after your remembering and return to her love, after your return to her care. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I'm beginning to sense how I have restricted my ability to receive Mother Earth's life force which has resulted in over 15 years of chronic fatigue. How can I more effectively receive and utilize the life force energy that Mother Earth provides?

The direct connection with nature, untouched nature; the Earth itself as a grounding force, a direct touch; receiving the gifts and the food, the water of nature as purely, as unprocessed as possible. To sleep and to rest in nature, to receive the sun, the wind; to receive the air of the mountains, of the forests, of the seas.

Your body, in an environment like this will have no choice but to heal, but to realign, but to expand. That is the power of your connection with the Earth itself: that prolonged time and an immersion in nature will support your healing and growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Previously tragic events and their emotional impacts were confined locally. Now they quickly become global news, spreading sadness and grief worldwide. How does the rise in global communication and widespread sharing of emotions affect the Earth's evolution and its energetic grid?

Communication and the spreading of other human's experiences across the globe will allow an acceleration of learning. The potential to evaluate, to observe, and to come to realizations will be accessible to every human being, directly, on a mental, emotional, and visceral level. Therefore, beyond just or only your consciousness experiencing another human's experience, on all levels, you are affected by the experiences of others and you might find yourself challenged. You may desire to disconnect. You may desire to forget, to avoid the discomfort of the pain of others.

Yet as you allow yourself to fully receive, to feel what is emergent within you as you witness another individual's pain or suffering, as you learn to understand that all humans are one collective, that your pain is their pain, their pain is your pain, and therefore the healing is everyone's.

The realizations are everyone's. The unification of humanity will be supported by this effect of technology, by this increasing acceleration of the experiences felt. You may find yourself polarized within, and you may discover the polarization of society. Yet all polarization will lead to realizations. All polarization will challenge the mind, the heart, and consciousness itself, to force realizations to emerge.

Those that find the time to observe with great presence what is emergent within themselves will support the realization process on their own individual level as well as on a collective level. Therefore, groups and communities collaboratively observing, collaboratively realizing, assist the completion of these cycles with grace, and in a quickened way. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Dear Emmanuel, for those of us with a garden or a piece of land, how can we work with Mother Earth's energy grid to raise the energies for humanity?

Earth's energy grid is accessible from all places on Earth. Certain access points are more intense, are more activated, are more viscerally felt. A connection is immediate, the bond is strong. Yet as a consciousness, you have the capability and the capacity to connect to these energetic nodes on the Earth remotely, from wherever you are.

Your garden, the nature in your immediate environment, is a direct representation of nature itself, of the Earth itself. The energetic grid of the Earth is established as an additional piece to the Earth and its ecosystems. Therefore, your consciousness has the ability to directly connect to the energetic grid of the Earth and to the consciousness of the Earth.

The energy that moves through the energetic grid of the Earth is a significant, potent energy; supporting consciousness, supporting life on Earth, supporting humanity, so the bond that you hold within yourself, with the Earth, or with specific nodes of the energetic grid, you have access to this flow of energy. You may allow this energy to enter your body, your energetic field, your home, your garden. And so, you become an extension of the energetic grid, you become a node on the energetic grid of the Earth through your consciousness bond with the Earth

Your garden, the individuals around you, your city, your community, receives the benefits of your bond with the Earth, of the strengthening of this bond, of the life force that moves through you, that fuels you and your immediate environment.

Those that are conscious, those that align, those that expand, those that continue to fuel their connection with the Earth will receive the benefits of this bond, nd they naturally will share the benefits that they have received as gifts to all of humanity, to all of life on Earth. Thank you for your question.
Question #5:
I've been thinking about water and how it reflects what it is placed within it, like the water within me being programmed by what I observe with my senses. How can we program our water for purity and regeneration, and how long does this take? Thank you.
Any energetic current can re-align water, increase the frequency of water that is held within. Water carries both energy and information. Water itself can carry consciousness as well. It is therefore a conduit of many capacities. You, as an individual human being, are a current of energy, a current of consciousness. The current that moves through you holds a certain potency, as well as a certain frequency.

As you increase, as you consciously direct this current that moves through you to the water of choice, this water, the recipient of your attention, will increase in its frequency and in its potency. It will purify and it will hold a different energy. And as the frequency and the capacity of your vessel increases, the time and the impact of your attention towards water — or any other object, any other individual — will increase. The time is relative to the capacity and the frequency that you hold, and to the misalignment that the water that is subject to receive, carries. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you speak of the children born with advanced templates, and how best for humans and nature to nurture them?

Nature will naturally support all life, those with advanced and new templates equally as those without. The new generation of children are advanced souls carrying significant gifts from the start. Until they shape this reality, until they shape societal structures and the world that they are receiving, they will be required to be held with love, provided openness, care, support, provided a field of possibility, a field that is greater than the field that you had when you were growing up.

Yet in order for you to provide something that you did not have, you have to evolve, to hold a potential and a greater possibility for yourself and for all life, only then can you hold the same field to a new child, to the new generation. And in this field of possibility that is held, those souls that have arrived with these advanced templates will be able to unfold with grace and with ease. Those that are not held in these fields of possibility will seek these fields of possibility in the world — and will eventually find them one way or another. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Could climate change be part of a bigger process beyond what humans influence? Might Mother Nature be intensifying conditions for humans to prompt us to make more conscious choices, like a parent who guides with firmness and love?

Climate change is not the result of Earth's choices for humanity, or for life on Earth. It is a direct result of both the impact of humanity's actions on Earth, as well as the rising energies on this Earthly plane. The combination of both factors accelerate the conditions that are challenging the balance and the harmony of life on Earth.

The ecosystems challenged will reduce their capacity to provide for life in the way they have. Therefore, the variety and diversity of life will reduce, and fewer life forms will be available. Ecosystems that are challenged in this way will continue to provide for human consciousness, yet in very limited ways.

Climate change is indeed an opportunity to evolve. Climate change, as it is, has always been an expected possibility. Challenges have always been a catalyst for transformation and evolution in humanity's existence, and in some ways, the external threat to life, the external threat to comfort, has brought humanity to reconsider its actions, its choices, its creativity as a collective.

And in this process itself, humanity once again will find a new baseline as a collective, a new opportunity for evolutionary processes and realizations. Yet, will this maturation of consciousness occur quicker than the detrimental effects of climate change itself? That remains to be seen. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Could you please provide guidance on how to manage the emotions caused by witnessing the abusive treatment of animals and people?

In this Earthly construct, humanity holds a great power. A human holds power over itself and over another. This power itself is a mechanism of learning. How will a human hold power over itself and over another life? How will a human act? Will it create? Will it destroy? Will it support? Will it extract? Will it abuse?

And what will the human learn as a result of its actions? What will other humans learn, as a result of witnessing the actions of another human being? What will you learn about power? What will you learn about your own power? And what realizations will emerge within you, within the human collective, that then resultingly impact new actions?

Throughout these processes of these cycles of observation, action, and learning, you will have thoughts, you will have emotions, you will have judgments, you will have choices of action. It is not for us to take away the human experience that is designed in this particular way to provide for evolutionary processes and learnings.

Yet it is for you as a human being that is evolving, that is discovering how to live with the power you hold over yourself and over another. And in your learning, in your alignment, and in your actions, you influence others how to live with this power, how to act with this power.

And as you will learn to navigate the creative and the destructive parts within yourself, you start to become an example, an inspiration to others how to navigate this destructive part of your being, and how to hold this creative part of your being as a gift to humanity, as a gift to life on Earth.

And only through the changes you have within yourself truly embodied, will you inspire others to change. And only through the changes of the communities and the collectives on this planet will humanity change as an entire consciousness collective. The actions of those that are detrimental to life will cease to exist when all learnings of those actions have been realized. Thank you for your question.

Thank you, Emmanuel, thank you for your time.

Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for considering this perspective as a valuable addition to your life and to your journey as a human, and as a human collective on Earth.
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