July 28, 2023

Lion's Gate 2023


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this transformational process, as an individual, you will recognize the challenges that you're facing are not new to you. You've experienced these challenges in this lifetime at a younger age. You've experienced these challenges by recognizing them in others and their experiences. You've experienced these challenges in other lifetimes before this incarnation.

Yet the nuances of the challenges make the challenge itself a unique subjective and a powerful learning opportunity. Yet learning opportunities are not recognized by the conscious mind naturally. The human mind is designed to observe the observable reality, to observe thoughts and emotions that arise, yet allow the processing of the learning and the realizations to occur subtly, in the sub- and unconscious layers of this mental construct. Therefore, many aspects of these learning opportunities occur in the background.

In subtle ways, the reality adjusts and consistently reproduces opportunities to complete the learning that has been started. You are faced with challenges. You are repeating some of these challenges in slightly different ways. You are brought to feel the emotions attached to the challenges, and thoughts arise as a result of these challenges. All these aspects — some within your conscious control, and others within your unconscious operations — naturally moving you forward in your evolution and in your learning process with the ultimate goal of a realization to complete, for your soul to feel the fulfillment of the choices it has made to guide you through this learning.

The learning process itself can indeed be accelerated and can be supported by you: a conscious choice of yours to find presence, to find moments of silence, to find the space to dedicate your energy towards the processing of your past, and towards the learning and the completion of these realizations. This is one aspect of choosing, consciously, to evolve, to heal, to align, and to grow as an individual and as a collective

Another aspect of supporting this evolutionary process that you're in, is your attunement to the energies that are moving through this Earthly plane. In simple ways, these energies can be considered like streams that are moving through this reality. And if attuned in the right frequency, you will perceive and receive these streams of energy. Your capacity to receive will be directly correlated to your ability of your energetic system to receive the potency of these streams.

The Sun itself carries an energetic stream of multiple frequencies. The Moon itself, as a reflector, adjusts the frequencies of the Sun and provides its unique streams. The Earth itself delivers its own unique streams of energy. All celestial bodies, all stars, provide unique streams of energy that are moving through this physical reality and impacting all of existence.

You are impacted by these streams of energies, yet if you are attuned to the frequency of the stream, the stream itself will carry you in a powerful way, will move through your entire being — will impact all cells within your being, all thoughts, all emotions, all areas of your energetic-spiritual construct are touched — if attuned correctly to the frequency of a specific stream of energy.

And many of you have been practicing without knowing the specifics. Many lineages have understood to take advantage of certain celestial alignments, of cosmological circumstances like the full Moon and the new Moon, the Solstices and the Equinoxes, the many alignments within this solar system, and beyond this solar system, with other solar systems.

As many lineages have understood before the importance of finding a moment of silence to attune to these significant moments in your space-time construct, these lineages have provided a gift to all of you. Yet merely observing this moment of alignment is a significant, yet not complete experience of the power that is embedded within this alignment, that is potentiated within this alignment.

An individual consciousness, human consciousness as a collective, a group of individuals as a community, and a field of consciousness can attune to any frequency in this known universe. You can attune to all frequencies available with the consciousness that you hold, yet this attunement is often an unconscious aspect that naturally occurs when the individual spends enough time in the presence of this frequency. You attune naturally to the energy of a forest when enough time has been spent within this forest. You attune naturally to the circumstances of a certain society and the frequency that they hold.

One aspect, therefore, is your natural ability to sit in silence and in presence to attune to the frequency that is present. A secondary aspect is your conscious choice to request within yourself, within the mechanisms that operate your individualized being, to attune to the frequency that is moving through your present moment.

This opening to the star system of Sirius as an alignment is such high potentiated frequency and energy stream that is available to you and all of humanity. Some will feel this energetic stream merely by being subjected to the energy that moves through this plane. Some will feel this energetic stream in their meditations. Some will feel the power and the potency within themselves as thoughts, emotions; and physical misalignments will come to surface in this high frequency, high potential stream of energy. And some of you will consciously attune to this stream, will allow your entire being in alignment to receive this stream in its full power and full capacity.

Such opportunities occur often within this Earthly plane, yet rarely in this high potential, rarely in this wide spectrum of frequencies that will move in a synchronized way through this Earthly plane, and in combination with the Sun of your solar system, impact all of humanity.

What is the benefit to the individual that is attuned to this stream of energy? First, you are set into a state of silence and presence with many individuals that understand the importance and the power of this alignment. Merely this act of being in alignment with yourself, with the Earth, with the Sun and with other suns, is a great act in service to yourself. You find yourself in alignment with many other human beings seeking the same evolutionary process through a collective choice of alignment. This in itself is a great gift to you and to humanity.

The conscious request to attune to this frequency that is moving through the Earthly plane as a result of this alignment of your Sun and of the suns of the Sirius star system will result in your ability to find expanded states of consciousness, to fuel the evolutionary processes within your physical being, to attune your mental construct, to process elements of the past, to find a greater sense of presence, to align physically the misalignments of the physical form, to align emotionally the misalignments of the heart, to align energetically the misalignments of this energetic-spiritual construct. And through these many alignments that are fueled by this high potential stream of energy, you are uplifted to a new state of being.

Even though it may be temporary during the period that this alignment is present, you are receiving the changes, and the changes will truly be sustainable. The state of consciousness that you reach by yourself, or as a collective community, will be easier to reach even after this alignment is complete. Therefore a part of you will be activated as a result of this choice to be here — a part that was not active before, an extension of your being, an expansion of your being, an expansion of your consciousness.

The potential within you is sheer unlimited. Very few of you have understood the power of this energetic-spiritual construct that is attached to this physical form and the consciousness that you hold. Your ability to utilize this consciousness to expand in ways you have not before, to discover realities and planes of existence, other forms of consciousness in physical and in non-material form.

Many of you are merely starting to understand the power that is within this human experience and this human template, this consciousness of yours — how to utilize this power for an aligned and high potential existence as a human being, as an individual; how to heal, how to evolve, how to realize, how to expand, and how to serve; how to truly love being human, and how to truly love all other humans.

This potential is within all of you, and every single individual carries this seed of awakening, the impulse to see beyond its current present reality, the desire to evolve as a consciousness and as a soul — no matter the circumstances, no matter the hardships, no matter the age or the societal constructs.

You all have this seed of consciousness desiring and seeking to evolve. And many of you are here due to the call of this seed within you: the desire to evolve individually, collectively, as a community — the power of the collective in this very moment, this gathering itself, representing the collective, its unified field, its unified desire to expand, to evolve, to receive the benefits of this alignment; its unified desire to heal, to evolve and to serve as a beacon, as a pillar of light.

In this moment, no matter the uniqueness of the challenges that you face and the life that you have lived, you are one soul of a group of many and you will experience being one with this group of individuals. While you experience the uniqueness of who you are as a soul, you will experience the uniqueness of this field as a collective soul, as a collective consciousness momentarily established to receive the energy of this alignment.

And you will notice that the power that this collective is granted in this very moment, through the choice of aligning together, is distributed equally to every individual to receive the benefits of this alignment. And you will notice that you, as one being momentarily established, are serving yourself, all within this field, and all that are connected to this field through relationships and through lineages. Therefore, the alignment that results in healing within you is truly a healing for all of those that you all are connected to.

As the energies on this Earthly plane rise, these alignments truly will intensify, will carry a greater and even more potent energy. Your ability to receive the benefits of this stream will be defined by your ability to find these moments of silence practice, these moments of attunement in a collective, the ability to expand and align, the conscious choice that you make in this path of being human, will determine how well you receive these energies.

Energies well received will uplift and support. Energies received from a place of unconscious may challenge and destabilize the individual in this field subjected to the energy without conscious awareness.

Even a small moment of conscious awareness can truly make a difference in receiving the energy that is moving through this Earthly plane, through this and other alignments, with grace. And so, all of you will learn to witness the changes around you, the cycles around you, the alignments and the constellations around you, this great powerful construct of reality that you are part of that impacts all aspects of your being.

You will learn to appreciate the conscious choice that you have. You will learn to receive the energies through conscious attunement. You will learn to come together as individuals representing human consciousness, to receive these energies together, to attune, to align together, to learn what it means to be one unified consciousness, one unified field.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
Thank you for receiving these adjustments. This transmission is complete. The effects and the impact of this transmission, of this alignment, will continue until the completion of this alignment with the star system Sirius.

You will feel the increased potency of this energetic stream on a daily basis. It is recommended that when you feel the energy strongly, to pause with daily activities and find a moment of silence to truly receive the potent energetic stream that is available to you, to your life, and to all of humanity at this point in time.

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours.
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