September 2, 2023
Elohim Transmission

In the Eye of the Storm


Greetings. We are Elohim.

The individual that you are today has undergone significant changes; many lifetimes, many moments, many experiences lived. All experiences served the transformation of your being to become who you are today. Therefore, the premise of this life is that all experiences, all moments of the past, serve the individual, serve humanity, and serve the collective evolution of human consciousness.

No aspect of human experimentation can truly be perceived as a failure. No aspect of unique experiences challenging the individual, potentially leading to destruction, can be perceived as failures. Every aspect of this dualistic experience, no matter how creative, no matter how destructive it was, is truly a divine creation, a divine experience, a moment created in the grand interplay of creative and destructive forces for this momentary glimpse of consciousness to understand and to learn.

Therefore, all aspects of this dualistic reality are created in cycles — creative and destructive cycles. Only in the layer between creation and destruction, the intersection of many cycles — small and large, short and long — the human experience delivers a divine realization. The moment becomes that intersection. The uniqueness of this moment delivers a powerful perspective in the moment of the experience: an opportunity for consciousness to witness in this particular form, on this particular planet, in this particular space-time construct; you as a soul witnessing a special experience.

In this moment of the experience you may consider 'the eye of the storm.' All cycles could represent in your analogy the storms that are consistently occurring within and around you, inside and outside. Short cycles, long cycles, storms of seconds, milliseconds; storms of thousands of years, of millions of years.

You, as the individual experiencing this human form, get to experience multiple eyes of multiple storms that are occurring consistently, overlapping and intersecting to give you the many moments you experience for yourself, with the interactions of others around you, within the communities of your experience in human form, within the nations, the societies, the cultures, and this human form as a human species on this Earth.

And by design this human form was established in limited time, for you to allow to witness this window of the moments experienced in this lifetime, and considering these moments as your opportunities for learning in this lifetime.

From this place, from this present moment, from this expanded state, from this activated way of being a non-dual presence, can you truly see that which is experiencing, that which is occurring to you as a human being, and to all of you as human consciousness, truly as a storm, or merely a natural unfolding of choices, of desires, of wants, of requests [for] learning? This reality truly responds to you, therefore you are the one that creates the storm.

An awakening soul will realize that it is truly the creator, along with every other human being, consciously and unconsciously creating every aspect of this human experience. All storms witnessed are therefore co-creations of the conscious and the unconscious mind, of the desires of the soul, of the collective requests of human consciousness to have specific learnings, to mature and to evolve.

Some of you experiencing expanded states of consciousness and a greater sense of conscious awareness will question the choices of human consciousness to re-experience elements of reality that you have potentially already understood. Witnessing challenges, conflicts, wars, destruction, and death, again and again, even though you may have seen it all, you may have embraced love as the true bond between two souls.

How does the individual that you are navigate an unconscious world of human beings starting to see, an awakening community, an awakening family? How do you embrace all of those that seemingly make mistakes? How do you embrace the changes that are occurring, yet potentially not fast enough? How do you navigate the loved ones that you have, that have not fully embraced their own awakening, their healing, their alignment, and their expansion in this lifetime?

You are therefore in the eye of the storm that you have co-created with all of humanity. You experience the storms of your own life and the storms of all of humanity. You witness the storms that are co-created within your own existence, within your own life. And you learn in every moment of reflection, in every moment of silence, in every moment of presence. You allow yourself to expand and to witness all storms, all challenges, all misalignments of your life — past, present, and projected future. This is your conscious awareness.

And suddenly you become an observer of the many storms occurring in cyclical nature in your life and within humanity. You witness that in the true alignment of your being these cyclical storms move and transform from the cycles that would be recurring, to completions and dissolutions. Realizations found in this moment of alignment, in this moment of presence, clear the pathway for you to become an observer of your life and a conscious creator of your life.

You practice seizing the power of the very moment, the ability to witness, no matter how many cycles [are] occurring within and without you. In the moment, you witness your power, the power not to be shaken, not to be carried away by the storms within and without. You witness the power you have in the very moment to observe yourself and life itself. You learn that in this present moment, all storms have the capacity to dissolve. In this present moment, you make the challenge a matter of perspective. The emotional charge, the mental judgment, becomes a higher perspective of observation; no longer an aspect of the ego to respond to, but an aspect of consciousness to witness, to realize.

In this transformational time of human existence, humanity, the individuals, societies, and the civilization will be challenged in ways they have not experienced before in this lifetime. And these challenges will force society, the individual, and human consciousness, to start adopting new perspectives, new approaches, and new alignments to receive life, the experience of life, the continuation of life, and the transformation of the moment into realization.

Those of you that have started to practice their own empowerment in the very moment, those of you that have started to understand the power that is distributed in the aspects of the unprocessed past and in the projected future based on the unprocessed past, will recognize that over time through the many practices you have devoted yourself to, you will find a greater sense of conscious awareness, a greater sense of power in the moment, as the past carries significantly less charge, significantly less resistance, suppression and control.

No shame and guilt hold the elements of the unprocessed past in the subconscious and the unconscious for a future evaluation and manifestation. In this present moment, you expand your consciousness so that you can witness all the storms unfinished in your life and the previous lives you have lived. The necessity of this reality to respond to the unprocessed aspects of your past dissolves.

Therefore, in this very moment, in this eye of the storm, you have the power to dissolve the storm once and for all. In this moment of presence, you have the power to witness yourself, the learnings to be had, the transformations to be had, the realizations to emerge, and the power that you hold as an individual, as a representative, and as the human collective itself.

This is the first step to the empowerment of the individual: the awakening leading to realizations, transforming the unconscious into conscious awareness, transforming the subject to a conscious creator.

In a secondary step, many individuals like yourself that are going through this awakening process, that are transforming into conscious creators, will come together to create fields of transformation. And these fields of transformation will allow the past of entire societal structures, the past of entire societal unprocessed learnings and realizations to be processed.

Therefore, the empowerment you receive, the empowerment you share with others, will result in the empowerment of the collective as an extension of your realizations and your presence into the transformation of consciousness for all of humanity.

In this process of transformation, you will learn to embrace the moment and the challenges of the moment. You will learn to embrace all aspects of this creation, even the most challenging ones, as part of life, as part of learning, as part of an opportunity to realization. Therefore, fears for yourself and for others will dissolve as you will have gained a greater non-dual perspective of life, of yourself as a soul.

And the individual that you are, without fear, with alignment, with greater conscious awareness, with greater power, who will you be? How will you act? How will you speak, and how will you create? How will you serve humanity?

This journey is yours, and the storm will be your awakening. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
Thank you for receiving this work. This transmission is complete.
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