October 26, 2023
Transmission and Q&A

In-Person Event Sebastopol, Oct 2023


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this iteration of a lifetime, you're witnessing yourself evolve in unique and extended ways, in accelerated ways, in ways you and your previous generations have not experienced before; a way that is even unique to you, a unique experience designated to this time of evolution, to this time of accelerated change in the human form.

You may see yourself wondering what the future will hold for yourself and humanity, for your next generations and their next generations. [In] the change that is currently occurring, even the strongest minds cannot extrapolate the future that will unfold.

This transformation of humanity will naturally bring you into a greater sense of presence. If the future becomes unpredictable and uncertain, transforming in ways and at a pace you cannot fathom, if the past can no longer be an indicator for how the future will unfold, the true power of reality is now, in the moment. In this present experience, all there is, is. In this present experience, your moment is true to you. Your moment is perfect as it is. In this present moment, you have everything that you could possibly require. You are loved, you are cared for, you are supported, you are held in this human form, and all experiences of the past have fueled for you to be here right now.

No matter how the future will unfold, this moment will always be yours. This moment is where your power culminates. Therefore, challenges of the human form cannot be addressed in the past or in the future. Challenges in the human form can only be addressed in this very moment, in the moment of the experience itself, allowing yourself to receive what is, to feel, to see, to hear, to sense what is. To observe with the mind and the higher mind, to observe with your consciousness, and witness. Witnessing this moment before acting for the next, witnessing the contemplations of the mind — the judgments, the opinions, the shoulds, the woulds, and the coulds — yet without true reaction, with a great love and appreciation for life itself, for this moment, for this being that you are, the personality, the character, the love that has shaped you.

And despite the imperfections that you observe of yourself and of your relations of your life, in the eyes of the divine you are perfect as you are. And the moment of your experience is perfect as it is.

Many of you will require to expand your sense of presence, to find greater levels of gratitude and love in this present moment, to be fueled by this love, to be fueled by the presence you can hold. This love emanating from you as your extension of the present moment, as an extension of your gift to humanity, as an extension of your love for the human experience. No matter the judgments of the mind, the judgments of society and the conditioned observations, underneath all of the immediate experience of the moment lies a true knowing of your soul that all is loved and all is love, that you are truly perfect as you are and so is the other.

Life as it is unfolds in unexpected, in uncertain, and at times challenging ways and no matter the challenge itself, you find a greater sense of gratitude and love for life itself. This is the power you hold. This is the power that no other human, no human experience, can take away from you. And this is the state of consciousness that you can make your natural state of being. This is the state of consciousness that will fuel your life beyond your imagination to drive your ability to be a conscious creator, your ability to be a Pillar of Light, your ability to be an Earth Keeper, your ability to be a light in the dark.

For those that are challenged and trapped in their own minds, in the constructs of society, in the constructs of their experience, in the constructs of their emotions, in the constructs of the unprocessed past, and the worries of the future, your presence will display a sense of liberation, a sense of empowerment, a sense of great refuge. You become the inspiration for an entire generation. You become the inspiration for change, for possibility.

In the years to come, you will witness yourself change even faster than you have in the years that have passed. Transformation, adjustment, and continuous alignment of your being, continuously finding yourself in the deepest possible present moments to harness the power and the love of creation, to know who you are, to know your center, your truth, and the abundance of life itself, will be your greatest ally.

In all questions derived from fear, all questions derived from societal constructs, societal comforts, the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of abandonment, the fear of loss of love, the fear of resources, the fear of loss of life will no longer dictate your ability to be present, your ability to observe with a neutral sense, your ability to hold your peace within, your ability to act with kindness, generosity, whenever possible.

This is the great power that lies within all humans. Very few will seek, very few will practice, very few will surrender to open to this power, as the barriers, the obstructions, the layers to shed, the parts to realign, are many. Very few will face their fears and their pains inside. Very few will dare to overcome the power of the conditioning of the mind.

All of you are supported in ways that very few humans have ever been. This support is extended and increased in these times of great transformation. Make use of the support that is given to you. Receive with an open heart, with an open mind, and the possibility that you are worthy, that you are loved, to receive this gift without conditions.

And may you choose to integrate this gift in the ways that you can and share the benefits of this gift, the fruits of this consistent path of love. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving this work, our unconditional gift to humanity and to you. This transmission is complete.
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