May 6, 2023
Elohim Transmission

Evolving Beyond Collective Trauma


Greetings. We are Elohim.
As you have started to experience the human form in a greater and expanded way, you start to realize the impact the unprocessed past has on you and your life; most specifically, for your present moment, your current alignment, your current relationships, the current circumstances of your life. Every choice, every thought, every emotion, every physical experience, is impacted by the past that you have had, and how well you have processed this past.

Therefore, the quality, the wealth, the abundance, the wellbeing of your present moment depends on how well you have transmuted, completed, and integrated the past experiences of this lifetime, of previous lifetimes, and of your entire lineage. And, beyond your own experiences as an individual, the experiences of the collective are equally impacting your present moment.

Therefore, your experiences and your present moment do not exist in a silo: all is interconnected. Your present moment, and the quality of your present moment, therefore can expand only to a certain degree by your own doing, by your work on your own life, on your own past.

The next stage of humanity's evolution will require many more individuals to collaboratively work, not just on their own individual pasts, but the interconnected nature of the past experiences that have not completed, that have not been fully realized yet.

And you will notice that beyond the present moment, the perspective of the future will change as well, as a result of this transformational process you are undergoing as an individual, and you are undergoing as a collective.
The possibilities of the future are inherently connected to the experiences of the past. The incomplete experiences of the past will request this reality to provide the future for you that brings forth all the aspects unprocessed, so truly a learning can occur, an unfolding of realization and growth can occur, for you as a soul to self-realize, for you as a human collective to self-realize.

Therefore, the repetition of the incomplete aspects of the past is not to be seen as a punishment — it is to be seen as a mechanism to support your evolution. And how well you embrace and open yourself up to receive this impulse, to receive and embrace this catalyst, will be determined by your will, your willingness, and your openness to receive this reality as it unfolds for you. And only when you have mastered the reception of this reality will you truly become a master of this reality, choosing the unfolding for you and for humanity.

Pain and trauma can only be omitted temporarily; the unprocessed elements of the past can only be suppressed temporarily. And it will cost energy to suppress and to cope with the unprocessed elements of your past. The price will be the culmination of the many unprocessed elements to the greatest pain to be handled within: the pain of losing oneself, of losing sight of who you are, of losing sight of the purpose of your life, of losing sight of the true love for life and reality, the love for being human.

As you can see, the past assumes a significant space in your consciousness, in your energetic field, in your mind, in your heart, as well as in your body. The past assumes a similar space in the consciousness of the collective. And more than the consciousness, the energetic field of this Earth represents the energetic field that humanity's consciousness is expanded into.

Therefore, humanity's unprocessed experiences are imprinted in this Earth's energetic body. Many places on this Earth where humans had interactions will carry the imprints of these interactions. The intensity of the energies — both high frequency experiences, such as love, collaboration, congregation, and expansion; as well as lower frequency experiences, such as conflict, tension, war, rivalry — will imprint in this environmental energy of this Earth.

And while it may seem like a localized issue — a problem of those that have initiated this unprocessed experience to solve — it truly will impact all of humanity. As a human consciousness, all of you are connected, therefore one individual's experiences and one individual's realizations impact the entire collective. Therefore a group of individuals' realizations impact the entire collective to an even greater degree. The transmutation of the energies of an entire nation, of an entire region, have a great impact on all of humanity, and the energetic field and the frequency that is held in the entire globe, in the entire collective of human consciousness.

What if you would start to see the entire human collective as one single human being? If you were to see and experience parts of this human being — being communities, collectives, nations across the world — you would start to understand that this entire human being, representing the collective, can only function, operate optimally and in the most aligned way, when all parts are optimized, aligned, and working together; a consistent flow of energy supporting all aspects and areas of this representation of the collective.

Therefore, challenges are shared experiences. While they may represent themselves as individualized situations, they are truly shared — and so is the realization, the impact, and the benefits of the realization: a shared experience, a shared gift. An individual coming to realization, an individual expanding, healing, and evolving is a gift for themselves and for all of the individuals around them, for all of humanity. An evolutionary process sparked within the individual will spark an evolutionary process within communities, within nations, within regions of this world.

And you will notice that the energies held in these various regions of the world, as they transmute, the impact on the individual will be equally powerful. An individual consciously experiencing or subtly being exposed to the transformation of a regional transmutation and realizations, integrations of the past, will uplift the individual's personal experience and the frequency by which they're operating.

Therefore, both the external experience of this energetic body of this Earth, imprinted with the incomplete experiences of humanity as a collective, will impact the individual from the outside; as well the individual's experiences and realizations from inside will impact the collective. Both approaches will be necessary, as certain collective traumas will require a significant amount of attention and intention, a significant amount of individuals to provide their presence to the transformation of this collective trauma potentially generations away, potentially forgotten, potentially suppressed and buried deep in the Earth, buried deeply in the energetic field, in the unconscious of the collective.

Yet these aspects of the collective can only be touched when one has found true power within themselves: a trust, a surrender, a love within themselves to truly walk this path, to truly be able to see that which has pained one or many humans in the history of walking this human experience. And the pains have served not as a means of punishment, yet as a means of learning, as an impulse to experience life at great depth, at great intensity.

And every impulse shall serve the evolution of consciousness; no matter how challenging it may look, no matter how painful it may look, every aspect, every interaction, is divine. Therefore, can you approach the transformation of your own being, the healing that you are undergoing, the healing that nations are undergoing, the healing that all of the collective is undergoing, alongside with the healing of this Earth, as an embrace of these impulses to evolve? As an embrace of the pain that has served consciousness all the way to this very moment?

Can you expand your sense of trust, your sense of love, your sense of perception, to include all of humanity, all souls having a human experience, all souls that have ever lived the human experience, and all souls to come into the human form? Can you expand to feel all of them? Can you feel all of them as part of who you are, maybe even indifferentiated, as part of you, as you?

And when this responsibility of conscious evolution is shared among all of humanity, among all the souls that are currently alive in human form, it becomes a collective endeavor, it becomes a collective realization, it becomes a collaboration, an emergence of pure connection, love, and co-creation.

As a master of your life, as masters of this reality, as conscious creators walking the human form, you change your destiny, you create the reality that you desire. Yet first, you must embrace the aspects of the unconscious within the collective and within yourself to illuminate the corners of the collective consciousness: the suppressed, the forgotten, the ignored, the resisted, the pains and the challenges, the despair and the grief, the fears and the broken hearts, the broken hopes, the broken expectations, the broken bodies and minds, all of humanity representing one singular representation of a human experiencing a diverse set of challenges at the same time over multiple generations, to learn, and to evolve, to become the greatest version of itself.

And you, as an individual, have this power. You, as an individual, come to realization to embrace this power. And collectively you shift how humanity is shaping, how reality is shaping, how your perception of the human experience of being human changes. This is the power of evolving beyond collective trauma: it's the power that you have, it's the birthright of every individual, of every civilization, of the entire collective of humanity.

And now that you know, what will you do? How will you approach your life, your past, and the collective's past? How will you clear the incomplete aspects of your life, the incomplete aspects of relationships within your life, the energetic field of your current present, of your current home, of your current community, of your current land, your country, and your region? How will you empower yourself and trust in yourself that you are divinely supported if you walk this way? And how will you wield this power as you receive it?

You are greater than the imagination you have of yourself. You are greater than the possibilities you see for yourself. And humanity is greater than you can imagine, as the possibility for the evolution of humanity as a consciousness is unlimited.
Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments for you to embrace the power that is within you, the power that is within all of you as a collective, to become the greatest, most aligned versions of yourselves as a community, as a collective, as humanity.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete. May this transmission and the adjustment integrate in the best possible ways for you in your lives, in the lives of your loved ones, and in the lives of the collective.
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