November 4, 2023
Elohim Transmission

Earth & Humanity as Mother & Child


Greetings, we are Elohim.

The moment you step into untouched nature, a part of you is activated in awe; a curiosity, a love opens within you. Nature is a representation, an extension of this Earth itself, the way she presents herself to you in its material form, just the way your human form is your extension as you represent yourself as human consciousness. These, both material representations, are intrinsically connected. They do not exist without each other.

While the Earth itself has served many other forms before, and will continue to serve other forms after humanity has completed its experience on this planet, the Earth itself hosts its many children. At this current time, humanity is one of these children, the significant child that is here to learn a specific lesson, achieve a specific state of awareness, a specific state of maturity: the maturity of its consciousness.

This maturity is reflected by the actions and the creations of humanity. And while great developments, great creations, and technological, societal creations have been shared on this Earth, an aspect that has been forgotten is humanity's bond with this Earth, it's connection to this Earth.

A prerequisite for life itself, the Earth always provides its love and unconditional presence to you. It provides with the ecosystems that provide for life, and it provides, as a consciousness, a consistent flow of life force for all living beings on Earth, including humanity. Without this consistent flow of life force and the ecosystems that are fueled by this life force, humanity would not exist, no life would exist.

It is acceptable for you, as a consciousness, and as a materialized form, to receive this gift unconsciously, to accept this gift as a naturally given and granted right to all living beings on this Earth. And you may choose to utilize this gift to live the human experience in the ways that you choose to live. You may choose to create, you may choose to destruct.

And as you gain dominance on this Earth as a species, your impact is greater than most other species. Understanding that this impact will be detrimental to the many ecosystems and the life force that is provided to you in your own evolutionary process is an aspect of your learning. And while humanity may learn through its own self-destruction, the evolution of consciousness in human form is an important milestone for all of consciousness. And at this stage of human evolution, an important milestone is close to be[ing] completed.

Will you self-destruct before the completion of this milestone? Will you learn quick[ly] enough to bring your consciousness to an understanding and awareness of the impact of your choices and your actions on this planet? Will you adjust? Will you change your course of action? Will you learn that all life is sacred?

Will you learn what it means to create environments that are life-enabling, life-supporting? Or will you continue to act in destructive ways in creating environments that are life-destructing, including human life?

Environments that are life-enabling allow a fertile ground for both material life, as well as the life force of creation, to move through these environments with ease. This increased energy that moves through the Earth at these places, these spaces, and these constructs, provide for humans as well as other forms in material and in non-material form.

This life force allows you to operate in balance, in health. This life force enables the expansion of your consciousness beyond this Earthly plane. And in itself, this life force is fuel: pure, delivered to you as an unconditional gift for all life on Earth, a gift that provides the energy to operate as a human being — the energy to see, to observe, to feel, to sense, the energy to be well and alive, expansive and generative, to be creative.

Human beings that spend predominant amount of time in untouched nature will understand the impact of this life force on themselves, the energy of the Earth flowing through them without obstruction, consistently providing, consistently healing and reconstructing the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the energetic-spiritual aspects of your being, consistently supporting a greater alignment within yourself.

This construct, therefore, as it is established, is perfect. You may choose to take the resources that this Earth provides, manipulate and create new resources that are utilized to create your creations. That in itself is understood to be a natural expansion of consciousness in human form, as many other forms in this world, as well as other worlds, have equally learned to utilize the physical reality and the resources delivered to create their own creations, their own worlds, their own expansions of the physical reality given to them.

Yet this creative power is merely an early-stage development of human existence. More than the ability to manipulate the material realm, humanity will learn how this realm operates, how reality is constructed, how energy is formed into matter, and how matter is returned into energy, how this reality consistently is created and recreated for you to experience a moment after a moment, for you to have a great variety and diversity of experiences to fuel your consciousness, as the many circumstances are fuel for learning. You have discovered this power, yet very few have acted upon it.

You may choose to receive this material realm, this Earth itself, the way it was given to you. You may choose to manipulate and change this material realm based on your understanding of matter. And, in a further development, you may choose to understand how consciousness creates matter, how consciousness truly can change matter, and create worlds by itself. This is the creative seed that is within you as a human being.

Yet first you must shed the many layers that have left you heavy, that have left you scarred, as the many experiences of the past, incomplete, unrealized, have accumulated. The many waves of creation and destruction have served as learning impulses, yet seemingly have not completed. Therefore, the greatest waves of change will include great polarization within humanity, the polarization that is fueled by the incomplete and unprocessed aspects of the past.

The cycles of change, the cycles of creation and destruction, will only cease to exist when you as a human being have understood that this learning process can truly be attained through consciousness: that you can truly find an alignment within yourself to omit learning to be manifested into matter, for you to complete the unprocessed, the incomplete aspects of the past, through observation and contemplation as a consciousness; an observer that learns from all that has occurred within them, and all that is occurring within them and without them; an observer that understands that this observation is a key to evolution. And if observation is omitted, suppressed, resisted, then this reality will provide to you a manifestation that will require your physical being to be reminded of what is to be observed, of what is to be learned.

The greatest challenges on Earth, therefore, are important learnings that have not completed. The greatest challenges on Earth can truly be overcome by the collective learning to observe and collectively transform its own understanding and past experiences into realizations. And as the collective learns, manifestation of reality changes.

Wishing something to stop will not make it stop. Imagining conflicts to end will not make them end. Hoping for change to occur will not make change occur. You as an individual, and you as a collective must seek the misalignments within and understand that these misalignments shape your judgments and your creation of reality.

And at this stage, humanity is awakening to understand that it truly holds a great power, to understand that this Earth serves humanity and all life, that this Earth has always served as an unconditional source of love, the way a mother serves her child. Therefore, your relationship with the mother that has given you life, that has served you, that has fed you, is the closest relationship to symbolize humanity's relationship with this Earth.

Remember the love you have felt and you feel for your mother. Remember the love that she provides to you, as she has given you life, as she has fueled you, as she has protected you. Remember the unconditional nature of this love. Despite the many human aspects and complex interpersonal dynamics between child and parental units, the true bond between mother and child is unaffected.

Nature always provides the mother with the unconditional life force to serve her child, for the child with the unconditional receptivity of this service. Can you return to this unconditional receptivity and feel the love of this Earth again? Can you return to feel this energetic and spiritual connection between yourself and the Earth?

Can you touch the Earth again? Can you serve the Earth again? Can you feel the Earth again? In this gained love within you, this emerging gratitude that has always been naturally present will fuel a change of perspective and a change of action.

Humans will return to nature. The societal constructs that have provided for comfort, for increased chance of survival, for protection, will no longer carry the same appeal that they once have. Humanity will recognize the importance and the purity, the potency of this Earth's bond with them, and humanity will seek nature again, will seek to receive nature's gifts in their purest forms, without the manipulation that has occurred, to receive and to protect the waters of this Earth, to receive and protect the food, to receive and protect the organisms that make life possible, to receive and protect the ecosystems that have provided for life for millions of years.

Will you be the one to walk this path, to remember again? Will you be the one to open yourself to this connection and understand that this connection is a transformative power for you? And will you, as you receive the benefits of this remembering, share with the ones that have forgotten the free gifts of Earth, the free gifts of this mother for you, so you could live the human experience, so you could evolve and emerge as a conscious collective in its maturation in material form?

All of you are the ones that have for many lifetimes experimented, that have for many lifetimes created experiences to remember again. All of you are the ones that will change humanity as it is now, today and tomorrow, one moment at a time, every opportunity that comes to expand slightly into great awareness, to expand to receive this life force of the Earth at greater capacity, allowing the Earth and its energy to provide an alignment, a healing, and understanding that the Earth is your life line, that no construct of society can truly replace this life line, that without this life force that moves through this Earthly plane, humanity will cease to exist.

Therefore, understand your priorities of comfort, your priorities as societies, as creators, as stewards of this Earth. And allow these priorities to be reorganized as you find greater alignment within yourself.

This will be your gift to yourself, your gift to your children, your gift to all life on Earth, your gift to humanity as a collective as it is emerging into its new stage of awareness, of awakening, and of existence.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments to support you on this journey to finding and expanding your connection with this Earth.
Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.
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