January 6, 2024
Elohim Transmission

Activating the Power Within


‍Greetings, we are Elohim.

‍The discovery of the power within will require a moment of silence, first. All external powers are an expression of the internal power of another being, of another form of consciousness. Witnessing the power outside is merely a mirror of the potential within.

‍While you may never hold the power of the Earth, the power of the Sun, the power of this universe in its full extent, you will witness, as a being alive in this universe, you have access to all these powers around you.

‍The human form was established and designed with great capacities to receive the energies around, to transmute, to activate, and utilize these energies, as vessels of its form, as vessels connected to all the energies of this creation.

‍While there are limitations to this human form and to the extent of its capacity, these limitations are far beyond your imagination and what you have experienced or witnessed that is possible in the human form. The awakening soul, the individual that starts to realize and question the meaning of life, the purpose of its existence, the power and the love of creation, will start to recognize that it has lived a life of disconnect.

‍The awakening individual will recognize that it has neglected the connection to the Earth, that it has neglected the connection to this physical form, the connection to the elements, the connection to all of the universe, to all of this creation.

‍While many lineages established practices and formats to connect to these energies beyond the human form, individualized human agendas tainted the purity of these practices and lineages. Human desires are pervasive and persistent. Rarely, humans will step above the temptations of conditional power, the temptations of holding power over others, the temptations of living a life greater than others.

‍Yet a human being recognizing the power it holds in the moment, the power it holds in this very existence, without the attachment to the elements outside, will recognize that every human can as well hold this power, hold this alignment, and hold a greater sense of existence in this human form.

‍You may recognize, in moments of clarity, in moments of connection, that there is a great life force moving through you: the life force of this Earth, the life force of this known universe. The love of creation moves through you freely, yet you cannot attach to this love of creation as it moves through all of existence. It cannot be clinged onto, it cannot be saved for a future time. It can only move through you as a vessel, and the vessel itself is yours to purify, to align, is yours to consistently maintain and expand.

‍First and foremost, you have power over this vessel. You have power over this mind, over this heart, and over this soul-container established within this form of yours. You learn to establish a greater understanding of who you are, how you operate, how you think, how you feel, and how you create and act.

‍This is the first step of activating the power within, understanding and knowing in which ways you hold power over your own existence in the very moment. Even this moment of silence is an act of choice and an act of power, therefore.

‍You choose to be here. You choose to be in silence. You choose to be receiving the power of the moment through your own being. Choice, therefore, is a form of power, an extension of the human will, the free will that is granted to you to live the life that you choose to live.

‍The many generations that have lived in human form have experienced a great amount of moments that have not processed, that have not turned into realizations — including the life that you have lived. Many incomplete realizations still establish an attachment to the past. As the past shapes your present, it will shape the potential future. As you realize more and more the elements of the past, the moment becomes greatly more present and the possibilities of the future expand.

‍This is a step towards empowerment, a step towards holding the greatest power within you. With every moment that you find yourself in great alignment in this form, in great silence in this form, you will recognize that you are embodying a greater sense of power within and the possibilities of the future expand.

‍This is the first step to embodying your power within. Furthermore, you will recognize that your capacity to receive the energies of this creation will expand. The power of this Earth, the connection that the human form holds, that all living beings hold to this Earth, provides consistently, unconditionally. The connection that all living beings hold to the entirety of this creation provides consistently and unconditionally.

‍Therefore, an awakening soul will recognize the expansion of these connections providing for greater life force, for a greater capacity. With every breath, with every heartbeat, this life force moves through you. The energy itself is received into this human form and transmuted in its energetic centers to be delivered in thought, emotion, action, and presence.

‍The ability to receive power is significantly more than most of you have ever seen and ever experienced. And as this power increases within you, as your alignment increases, the expression of this power naturally requires your clear mind, your clear heart, your clear body, your clear presence. And it will express itself in the words that you share, in the attention that you give, in the actions that you choose to take. Your conscious awareness of who you are, the conscious awareness who you can be, expands. You become a conscious creator in human form on Earth.

‍Creation, in this reality, responds to the requests of the soul, to the requests of the unprocessed past. This creation will continue cycles until the realizations have occurred for the elevation and the evolution of consciousness as a collective. While these cycles can continue all the way into eternity, the expansive nature of humanity, the increased influence it has on its own environment, will not allow for the continuation of these cycles in this iteration of humanity eternally.

‍Limited resources of this Earth create a natural boundary and timeline for the existence of life on this Earth. Within this timeline, humanity must evolve collectively to a sense of realization and alignment, collectively to hold a frequency that is signaling its maturity to evolve beyond this Earthly plane.

‍Until then, the individual must recognize the power that it holds within, that every single individual human being has: how to receive this power, how to embrace, how to live, how to share this empowerment that they have found within themselves.

‍Often, it seems that you may not have power over the moment, as you feel the power of the moment over you, the intensity of the experiences outside, the challenges, the emotions that arise naturally, the judgments that are emergent.

‍Yet truly, all external challenges and experiences are an opportunity to find greater alignment within, to come to realizations for yourself, and to find a greater alignment; therefore a greater presence, therefore a natural consistency in your witnessing of the challenges outside.

‍While other individuals and humans will go through a similar process, they too will have the opportunity to evolve, to find the great alignment to embrace the power that is offered to them as a natural birthright of their existence in human form.

‍As many individuals awaken and come to holding this great power within, as conscious creators you will choose how to navigate this human life on Earth, how to establish a society that truly provides for itself, for all its participants and for all of life on Earth.

‍At first, as you touch upon the power within, you will recognize that in this state everything is provided to you. Everything you could ever wish for, everything you have ever sought out, everything that you have believed to be outside of you, you will find in this moment within yourself.

‍No actions, no desires, no wants will emerge from this moment; pure presence will provide everything. Yet as the nature of existence will ask you to step into this human form and connect with other humans, connect with this immediate environment, you will interact, you will exchange, you will share this presence of yours with others.

‍The energy that moves through you will want to be expressed in your thoughts, emotions, words, and creations. Not every word of yours, not every motion, action, or creation of yours will be received well, even if it is coming from your place of alignment.

‍You will recognize that dynamics and creations of this Earth may not always be ready to receive this alignment and this power you hold. You will recognize that other powers, structures established, will find themselves threatened by the empowerment of the individual no matter how generously it is shared and provided. Even the greatest love that you share, the greatest unconditional nature of your existence, may be perceived as a threat, as an aspect to be afraid of, as a hidden agenda that has not shown itself yet.

‍The human condition has been traumatized, yet you will not be deterred from your alignment, from your presence, and from the power you hold within. You will not be deterred from the alignment that shares generously the love that you have access to, the creative power that you hold, and you will continue to share. You will continue to refine your alignment, if necessary. You will share to the extent to which others or your environment can receive, without compromising your own alignment in the process.

‍Who you are will shift as a result of this empowerment process. The way you perceive power, the way you perceive yourself, the way you perceive your attachments, your future projections, will shift. As you change the way you see yourself, the way you see others and this reality will shift. You will recognize less threats and fears, as the power you hold is within, as you have witnessed the greatest powers of existence available to you, as you have witnessed through practice, through silence, that these powers increase in capacity, in availability. As you will recognize, the love within you expands, and as the fears, the threats, the concerns, and the worries of the future dissipate, the love that you have to share, the love through which you see reality, is naturally present in your daily life.

‍You hold the seed of creators, the seed of creation within you ready to sprout, ready to be held within this human form of yours, ready to be fully emergent and sharing. The power is yours, has always been, and will always be, to embrace, to receive, to activate, to increase, and to share generously so that others can see the power within themselves, so that others can share that which has always been theirs to share. No longer will power be utilized to diminish, to dominate over others. No longer will power be utilized for one's own comfort, survival, over others.

‍This universal power of existence is generative, is life-enabling, is providing for consistently and unconditionally. And so will you become an extension of this generosity and this gift that has been given to you. Therefore, you will recognize the power structures and the definitions of power of the society will no longer carry meaning for you. The true power is within you.

‍All other forms of power are mere extensions, variations, and diversifications of that power. No power is given. It is a seed within that is extended and expanded and at times supported to be embraced, to be reminded of.

‍Recognize our assistance and support, our words as a reminder, as a gentle assistance towards your embrace, your acceptance of this power within you, this power that has always been yours since your existence.

‍Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments. Adjustments meant to assist you in this direction of alignment, in this direction of expansion, and the direction of embodying the conscious creatorship within, embodying the power of creation within you.

<Adjustment work done.>

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours to you. This transmission is complete.
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