April 22, 2024
Sacred Earth

Conscious Earth - Global Earth Day 2024


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In the course of your existence on Earth, you will recognize that your relationship with this planet, with this environment, with this love of this Mother, will change.

As your conscious awareness and your conscious understanding of life itself, of your existence in human form transforms and expands, your understanding of the Earth will shift as well.

You will recognize the great gift, the great love, and the great availability she has for you as a conscious form: the way she provides the perfect incubation space for an evolving consciousness, the way she provides the perfect environment to experience a variety of possibilities in human form, and the way she promotes diversity, the way she enables various forms of life, various forms of environments that serve this grand ecosystem.

As such, this ecosystem is a service to you, to this human form as well. You start to recognize that you are significantly more than this human form, that you are a consciousness, you are a collective part of a great ecosystem of collectives and consciousness.

Yet the human form is the form that you understand, the form that you have accustomed to, the form that you were born into. Yet it is not the only form you have ever lived and you will live. It is a temporary experience. It is a temporary moment in your development as an individualized soul container, as a collective of human consciousness.

The human form has always been tied to the human consciousness in its development as its inception has occurred here on Earth. Therefore, imagining life beyond Earth is unnatural. Yet the expansion of your consciousness will bring forth memories of living in different environments, in different forms, in different physical and nonphysical experiences.

You will start to recognize that life is diverse as it is on Earth, in this universe, and this plane of existence. In higher dimensional planes of existence many forms of conscious awareness exist. Many forms develop, proliferate, expand, and evolve. Many forms consistently go through their evolutionary processes, their maturation and transformation into new forms.

You are not entirely different in that way. Therefore, the physical human experience has an expiration date on Earth. Yet the Earth itself must, and will, continue to provide for life for as long as possible for humanity to continue to evolve and mature on Earth in human form for as long as it needs to.

Currently, your maturation of your consciousness is evolving at an accelerated pace as this accelerated pace is a natural, evolutionary process. The rising energies that move through this Earthly plane support the Earth's evolution, as well as all forms of consciousness, including her evolution in an accelerated way.

Humanity recognizes that it has great power to manipulate, to utilize the resources of the Earth, to create based on its technological understanding, based on its consistent desire to evolve, invent, innovate, and explore.

This is a natural aspect embedded in human consciousness: a desire to evolve, a desire to expand, a desire to learn. Yet this desire, this consistent evolutionary pull, will result in creations that are occasionally detrimental to life: detrimental to human life, detrimental to forms in material existence on Earth, detrimental to nonmaterial beings on Earth.

And while the Earth itself, as well as other forms of consciousness, can partially adjust and mitigate, compensate, for these actions of humanity, there is a certain tolerance that may not be overstepped to continue the balance of life and the way the Earth provides for all life, including yours.

Therefore, the evolution of consciousness in human form, the transformation of human mind, human heart, human body and human action will occur as part of your evolution; and you will recognize that you can truly evolve, you can truly learn, expand, while also taking care of all life, while also taking care of this Earth.

Your evolution can occur without the compromises, without the shortcuts that you have taken. You can serve yourself and you can serve others. You can serve all life in your growth and evolution.

You can continue to learn, you can continue to witness in all the ways that you are more than this human; you are a great consciousness connected to all life in existence.

Yet these connections that you seek outside require a solid internal state, a solid state of understanding your connection and bond with this Earth.

You will learn to lean on her. You will learn to receive the benefits of her existence. You will learn that this place that you call home is truly unique and special; and a greater sense of appreciation, a greater sense of gratitude will drive your actions. Naturally, effortlessly, you will make choices that are benefiting all life, that are benefiting a greater harmony and balance on this Earth.

Witnessing yourself as you are evolving, noticing and understanding that this Earth may be — just as this human form — a temporary experience, you will recognize that the ultimate display of maturation of your consciousness is having fully understood the beauty and the benefits of this life, this form, and this environment.

The way you take care of yourself is a display of your alignment. The way you take care of this Earth is a display of your alignment with all of existence.

Your life, your alignment, is a service to all life, is life promoting, is life enabling, as in this alignment you receive the unlimited resources of existence, as in this alignment you have access to everything you need, everything you could ever require, as in this alignment you are a creator of your own.

As an empowered creator that has access to unlimited resources, how could these resources not be shared with all of life, with all of existence? How could this newly found balance within you, this expanded state of true possibility, not be everyone else's, all lives, and the Earth's, naturally received and naturally given, naturally shared, and naturally in service?

This is who you are becoming as you are evolving into your greatest state of alignment, expansion, and maturation, both as an individual and as a collective.

The gifts of this state will be manyfold: physical wellbeing; mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellbeing. And this alignment will be a required step as the energies rise on this Earthly plane. The ability to have a stronger alignment increases your capacity to receive these energies with grace.

Ultimately, the energy moves through your system activating and invigorating all aspects of your energetic, physical, emotional, mental bodies; and the excess energy moves through you just the way rivers flow through the many lands of this Earth, supporting life as it moves and continuing its journey.

This is the flow of energy. What you require stays with you. What you do not require moves through you and creates life wherever you go, wherever you position your consciousness to be, wherever you project your attention to go.

Therefore, learn to focus. Learn to direct your consciousness and your attention in conscious ways so that this flow of excess energy can move to the places, to the people, to the life, to the Earth, to all beings, supporting life naturally as a gift of yours, as an extension of yours, as a service of yours.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
Thank you for receiving this work, our gift to you as an evolving consciousness in human form. This transmission is complete.
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