February 17, 2024
Becoming a Conscious Creator

Awakening the Creator Within - Marina del Rey


Greetings. We are Elohim.

Throughout time and your personal human experience, you have witnessed and learned the spectrum of the human form: the many lessons, the many emotions, the many thoughts, the many relationships you have lived in this particular incarnation. Challenges and beautiful experiences, all of which provide the perfect balance for life to be experienced. And every soul that enters the human form learns specific lessons dedicated to this lifetime.

Through every lifetime, through every experience, while every soul learns, humanity as a collective learns as well. Therefore, your experiences contribute to the collective's learning.

While occasionally it may seem that humanity's challenges are expanding, they truly merely are coming to surface to be learned and completed. Many lessons incomplete, many generations having carried experiences that have not come to realization yet.

The expanded states of consciousness you enter in this very present moment are an opportunity for you to come to realizations and to serve through these realizations, your life, your soul's journey, and humanity's evolution.

These realizations may occur at times like an insight of a small, insignificant nature, and occasionally they may be life-changing realizations, shifting the way you think you feel and you act.

All parts of you shift as a realization emerges, as your alignment changes. The frequency that you hold in your mind, your heart, your physical body, your energetic body, changes. The frequency itself is the resonance that connects individuals to each other.

What you perceive as attraction, as magnetism, is truly the match or the connection point of your resonance. And occasionally incomplete lessons will serve as this resonance factor to connect you to complete a learning with an individual that has an important and similar learning to go through.

Consciously, the human mind will operate to avoid discomfort, to avoid experiences that challenge all aspects of your being, to avoid aspects where you do not seem to be in control, aspects of life that you fear based on the experiences you've had in the past, aspects of life that are seemingly your desires and wants for how life should unfold.

Yet this reality has significantly more to offer than to respond to your desires and wants in the current moment. Life experiences will carry important lessons to be had. And some lessons require a certain level of intensity, both in relation to yourself and relation to others.

The intensities yet can be observed and received with significant grace as you come to greater alignment within yourself, as you learn to expand your energetic body to connect strongly with the Earth itself, and expand your consciousness to connect with higher realms. This flow of energy will support your alignment, your ability to find yourself in a present moment of silence.

And this present moment, just the one right now, will serve you to learn significant lessons, realizations — to come to states of love, come to states of peace.

For a moment, witness yourself — your thoughts, your emotions, your projections onto yourself, the way you have described yourself to yourself, the way you have created a perspective of yourself, the image that you hold — an image that is truly established by all aspects of your life: by the unprocessed elements of the past, by the perspectives and opinions held by those that have supported you in your growth, the conditioning of society, the conditioning of previous generations, and the many lifetimes you have lived, all contribute to this image of yourself.

For a moment, as the energy rises in this space, allow this image of yourself to be softened, to be expanded, until you can release the image that you hold of yourself.

As the sense of identity starts to dissolve, who do you become? As you start to exist in this moment beyond space and time merely in presence, who do you become?

As every breath contributes to the continuation of your life, this moment provides everything you could ever need. In this moment you are held, in this moment you are whole. In this moment, you are loved. In this moment, the projection of reality, the projection of existence onto you is pure love.

In this field of projection, you are truly perfect. With all and everything you have lived, with all and everything you have not completed in learnings; with all aspects of your thoughts, emotions, and physical misalignments you truly are perfect.

In this moment, all aspects of defining who you need to be, who you will be, are released so that you can be who you are in its all expanded state in this very present moment. No past and no future; pure presence.

The seed of creation is within you. As you are the human collective represented in human form, you carry the seed of creators as a consciousness within you. And as your consciousness expands, you will start to realize this power that has been given and gifted to you that is inherently yours, intrinsically within this human form.

The consistent journey to alignment, to consciousness, evolution, and growth, will support the empowerment of this seed within you. You will start to realize and understand the power that you have sought outside has always been within you.

And this awakening power within you will naturally challenge the way you see yourself, the way you see others, the way you see this reality and life. The awakening power within you will therefore be a catalyst of your continued evolution and expansion.

Our presence here in this moment is merely a moment of support in your continued alignment and expansion, in your awakening and empowerment, so you can serve, assist, and support your life and the lives of those around you, the lives of the awakening humanity.

These energetic adjustments that will be delivered are an unconditional gift from us to you so that you can start to feel that power that is within you, the possibilities and the potential that is ready to emerge through you into your life and the lives of many others.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the energetic adjustments.
Thank you for receiving this gift of ours, for the continued evolution of your being, the continued evolution of humanity as a consciousness collective.

May the transformation that you undergo support your life to find yourself in greater potential and possibilities than before. May your transformation be the key to the collective's evolution. This transmission is complete.
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