February 11, 2024
Special Workshop

Age of Conscious Creators


Greetings. We are Elohim.

This life that you have been living, this life that you have lived, with the many challenges, with the many opportunities, with the many moments before and to come, has always been a gift. Yet not always have you seen it as a gift; not always have you perceived life and its moments — the pains and the sufferings, the challenges — as gifts.

Yet in order for life to provide the great experiences of love, connection, and depth, you are required to understand the opposite; as without this duality, this experience would not provide the same value of connection, love, and depth.

The duality is a required aspect of the physical reality and of this particular human form. It is a way for the human consciousness as a collective to learn through individualized experiences — that is you. And every experience, every life, carries equal value, equal importance in the learning of consciousness.

In the learning and the evolution, the maturation of the collective, you are the key. As souls, you choose to come to this human form to represent human consciousness so that you as a soul can learn, so that human consciousness as a seeded consciousness can evolve, so that all of consciousness learns and evolves through your experience and participation in this form.

The human form will have served its purpose after the completion of this iteration of humanity. The evolution and the maturation of consciousness is occurring at an accelerated pace as the energies on this Earthly plane are rising. The Earth will make these rising energies represented.

The rising energies will be felt within you, within others, within relationships, within the circumstances that emerge. A slight increase in intensity and polarity is an expected byproduct of increased energies, yet how you hold yourself in increased energy remains entirely up to your alignment, your ability to hold yourself aligned in the midst of increased energies.

This alignment is an aspect, a combination of your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual construct. This alignment can be consciously assisted. This alignment can be assisted through non-material means by accessing the blueprints of this human form. The alignments that we provide are in order to assist you, assist those that understand the evolution of consciousness, are a required element for all of humanity to succeed in evolution, an expansion in maturation and in the completion of this form with the finalization through ascension.

Therefore, everyone that is a soul in an evolutionary journey already serving will be supported in greater alignment so they can flourish and receive the greater power that is available to them. And even if your service is to your family, to your immediate relationships, to your loved ones, to your creations, your service will be recognized and felt, delivered from a more increased alignment, delivered holding a higher frequency of presence. The depth and quality of your presence is recognizable beyond the human senses of this physical reality.

As individuals, you are recognizing — potentially remembering — the many lives you have lived, the many forms you have lived, as all aspects of the past, do imprint and influence the present moment. Consciously or unconsciously, you are all of it, yet certain aspects are filtered so that you can process your immediate reality as new; as unflavored, unbiased as possible.

Yet in these evolutionary processes where your consciousness is expanding into the unconscious aspects of your being, you will start to recognize the past lives, the past forms. This expansion of consciousness will allow even greater connection to higher realms of existence.

Powers that are emergent intrinsic to the human form will come to fruition, known only as the powers of the ancient masters, all byproducts of the continued journey of self-realization and alignment. You are therefore the recipient, the initiator, and the one that shares the gifts of life; the gifts of this opening.

As the power increases within you through the greater alignment you hold, how will you hold the power itself? What thoughts, emotions, and self-perception will emerge as a result of holding power?

Power that is intrinsic to the human form can only be sustainably held through strengthened and true alignment: a soul that has learned through the aspects of its unprocessed past to hold an alignment strong enough, to hold an energy strong enough to open the aspects of this human template to be perceived as powers beyond the human form in standard operation.

As you hold greater and greater power, will you perceive yourself as more powerful than others, as more worthy and deserving than others? And will you share your gifts freely and generously as they emerge from within you, allowing everyone that truly requires support and assistance to be receiving the benefits that you have once received?

Will you carry this power that you hold with grace so that all of humanity can benefit, especially the ones that you have not expected to receive from you, especially the ones that you have judged to be not deserving, not worthy of your attention and your energy, especially the ones that have challenged you in the greatest ways? Are you ready to share that which is given to you with grace and love, compassion, without any condition?

The emergent power within you is therefore an extension of the divine through you. The responsibilities of this vessel are and always will be yours. It is your expression. At your will you shall live this life and experience this human form. Therefore, it is your journey of evolution and learning how to hold power and the evolution of your consciousness with grace, how to carry your service forward in humanity. The standards to which you hold yourself are yours, and always will be your consequences to bear.

Humanity's evolution at this rapid state requires individuals like yourselves to evolve equally at accelerated pace, to achieve states of sustained focus, concentration, expansion, and increased capacity so that your service can carry the impact required.

For the many that are awakening at this very moment, many more will be a awakened the moments to come. And humanity is preparing, in moments like these, to receive the gifts of their own, expanded, activated, and multiplied by the assistance of higher realms, including us.

You walk the path to become a conscious creator, understanding that the seed of creation is within you, that this world and reality is yours to shape, that beyond the experiences you have had and experienced, that you were subjected to, that you truly carry the creative power to shape any and all aspects of this reality. And all aspects that are not consciously shaped, will be shaped by the mechanisms to provide for a full experience.

Other conscious creators, as well as unconscious collective creations, as well as natural creations that follow certain established rules, will provide for a reality for you to experience, no matter if you choose to consciously create or not. Yet true conscious creation must emerge from alignment. Manifesting your wants and desires into fruition at the expense of others and other creations of this collective, will make your creation merely another unconscious creation.

Alignment emerges from the understanding of your mental, emotional, physical, energetic-spiritual construct. The expanded understanding, the expanded experience of the mind, of the heart, of the body, of your energetic- spiritual construct will allow you to hold a stronger alignment within. This stronger alignment will allow you to increase your capacity within. This capacity will hold you stable as the energies rise and arrive on this Earthly plane, at their own time, in waves of your experience.

This alignment, this capacity that is emergent, will naturally bring forth memories of experiences of the past, of lives lived; will naturally expand your emotional capacity beyond the pains you have felt, the pains unprocessed. Your emotional capacity will truly flourish, holding a greater compassion for every human living, every life that you see, experience — including the compassion you hold for yourself. Your heart will expand in the sense of experiencing a true unconditional love, naturally emerging from within you, by merely being present and being you.

The physical body will recognize this alignment and this increased energy and will start to replenish, rejuvenate, recreate the perfect vessel for you to live the life that you have always meant to live as the conscious creator that you are.

And as many conscious creators are emerging, awakening in this world, standing into service to humanity in this great evolution, in this great awakening, in this great ascension process, many of you will be tested: tested by the aspects of your unprocessed, tested by the power dynamics and personal relationships established by society, by the rules, the morals and the ethics that you have created, the beliefs that you have held. This journey will test all aspects of your reality.

And you will learn; and through you, others will. You will share their learnings and express the gifts that you have received. Yet understand the perspective you hold, no matter the state that you have achieved, is and will always be your perspective: a unique, yet valuable perspective. And truth is held [by] significantly more than just one perspective. Absolute truth requires all perspectives to be present; until then, it is a subjective, individual truth of experience.

The conscious creators to emerge will be the key to this civilization's success — or demise. The completion of this civilization will occur within some of your lifetimes. Therefore, how will you utilize this life that you have been given, the moments that you're gifted, the gifts that are given to you without condition? How will you receive, integrate, and live these gifts? How will you choose the steps and the life that you have shaped for yourself and planned for your future? Who are you becoming as you are given the power to become anything you choose?

Will you still serve in the way you have been? Will you still serve unconditionally and lovingly? This power is given to you, as you are recognized to be that seed of creation, as you are recognized to hold this power with grace, as we understand and see the potential within you, beyond all unprocessed aspects of the past, beyond the personal desires and wants that every single individual human holds, a greater desire to serve evolution of yourself and the evolution of humanity as a collective is what brings you here into this life, into this space.

This alignment that we will provide is one step in many steps that will assist you in your evolution, in your service, in your journey to become a conscious creator.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
You are recognized as an individual, as an individualized soul that has come to this place by its own choosing, by the many choices you have made, despite the others you could have made, by the alliances you have created, by the options you said "no" to, by the sacrifices you have made in this and in many lifetimes before.

The person that you are today is the one that chooses the next step, the one that chooses to evolve even further; evolve beyond the capacities you have that most humans have not seen, capacities that are here to serve humanity in its greatest evolutionary process.

This evolutionary process will require as many humans aligned with increased capacity, with conscious creatorship serving the awakening, the evolution, and the ascension of humanity.

Thank you for making that choice again. This transmission is complete.
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