Evolution One Launches to Accelerate Humanity’s Awakening with Channeled Transmissions and Sacred Earth Gridwork

Evolution One, formerly known as Ascension One, is excited to announce its own transformation as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as it launches a new website today at evolution.one to deliver spiritual, consciousness-expanding experiences that catalyze personal transformation and support the evolution of human consciousness. Evolution One seeks to proliferate humanity’s awakening through supporting individuals on their journeys towards self-realization. The organization is led by Asil Toksal who is a channeler and conduit of transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher sources of non-dual consciousness/higher consciousness guides including Emmanuel, an archangelic being and the Elohim, a collective consciousness that has been instrumental in the proliferation of life. These guides share that humanity is undergoing an accelerated evolutionary process of its consciousness due to the Earth’s rising energies and our own innate impulse to awaken and self-realize. While we may ultimately find the power within ourselves to evolve into conscious creators to create our own reality, these higher consciousness beings are here to offer us unconditional assistance shared in various forms through Evolution One’s offerings as channeled wisdom, transmissions, and training, should we choose to accept support.

Meet Asil

Meet founder and host Asil and learn about his transformational experience meeting and learning to channel the benevolent guides that inspired Evolution One’s vision for supporting humanity’s awakening through channeled transmissions and sacred earth gridwork

Meet Elohim and Emmanuel

Asil channels the Elohim, a collective consciousness that has been instrumental in the proliferation of life, as they share in this brief transmission excerpt that they are “the architects of this reality, of space and time, of the material experience, of consciousness.” Asil also embodies an archangelic being named Emmanuel who serves as an ambassador to humanity on behalf of higher consciousness, “I have come into embodiment here to serve as a bridge between higher consciousness and your material form to support you in understanding our perspectives, our goals, and our ways of support, as well as to assist you in understanding the human experience.” These guides share that humanity is undergoing an accelerated transformation of consciousness due to the Earth’s rising energies and our own innate impulse to awaken and self-realize. They offer us unconditional support as the Elohim transmit a benevolent frequency called the “love of creation”, as well as ‘energy alignments’ or ‘personal adjustments’, which support individuals on their awakening journey and accelerate humanity’s collective evolution. Evolution One broadcasts these energy alignments through free transmission events both online and in person, as well as through its transformational programs for spiritual seekers and advanced practitioners. Those receiving energy transmissions often report feelings of inner peace, heart openings, and consciousness expansion as the energy provides personalized adjustments that may positively impact the physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies. Participants are also invited to ask questions of Emmanuel during our channeled wisdom and Q&A transmission events. 

Foundations - Evolution One Training Program for Awakening Souls and Practitioners

Individuals who resonate with the energies from transmissions can evolve through training programs as “Pillars of Light” and “Sacred Earth.” The training programs are designed to expand one’s consciousness, increase one’s capacity to hold higher and greater energy frequencies and embody their highest potential. Foundations is ideally suited for practitioners who support individuals and groups through transformational processes, as it enables a higher energetic capacity within the individual, as well as an expanded awareness of one’s consciousness as part of an evolving group consciousness. Offered as a month-long online training program for spiritual and energetic development, Foundations is the first level of two distinct three-level course pathways and one-year program. The course covers foundational concepts of what it truly means to be a spiritual-energetic being having a human, embodied experience – and is now open for pre-enrollment for the next session beginning in August. Foundations is an opportunity to connect with and learn alongside thousands of individuals from around the world who are seeking to evolve their consciousness towards alignment with their highest selves, the Earth and humanity. Discover the path to becoming a Pillar of Light or Sacred Earth Keeper. Evolution One’s admissions director, Emmanuel, is a higher consciousness guide who will assess whether the timing of your participation in the course during the upcoming training is optimal for your situation; pre-enroll to discover if you are eligible

Earth Is a Sacred Being Collaborating on the Evolution of Our Consciousness

The Earth is not only our home, she is also a conscious being whose purpose is to support both diversity of life and the consciousness of humanity. Through connection with the Earth we all can heal, align and evolve to our highest potential as human beings. In addition to working with individuals, groups and leaders, Asil provides energetic grid work through expeditions to global sacred sites and sites of global trauma. This program called Sacred Earth acknowledges the consciousness and evolutionary journey of the planet itself and the symbiotic role she plays in contributing energies and assistance for humanity’s evolution. Our Sacred Earth program is an online and in-person training that prepares individuals to strengthen their inherent connection and energetic bond with Earth, and eventually to assist with this earth grid work as an aspect of both their self-realization journey and path of service. We invite those who feel called to discover more on our website. 

We envision a world where all human beings are living as conscious creators, existing in harmony within themselves, in connection with each other, and in collaboration with Earth. 

Support Evolution One’s Mission to Empower, Inspire and Uplift Individuals Towards Their Highest Potential

Evolution One, as an organization, holds in its core the importance of this unprecedented time of transformation of humanity and the impact of this transformation on the individual, society, and humanity in its co-existence on this earth. Our mission is to empower, inspire and uplift individuals towards their highest potential. We utilize technology as well as the human connection as a medium to communicate presence, wisdom and energy. No matter the method of delivery, the individual’s subjective human experience is honored and accepted as their pathway to growth. We honor the sovereignty and free will of the individual, and acknowledge that how a person chooses to evolve remains their free will. Evolution One seeks to serve all those who feel called to partake of our resources, regardless of ability or means. Should the energy of our offerings and transmissions deeply resonate within your being, and you have the abundance and energetic capacity to contribute towards the Evolution One mission, we invite you to share generative resources in the form of financial donations to extend this work as widely and equitably as can be delivered.

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